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Notable works
My Theodosia (1941)
Dragonwyck (1944)
The Turquoise (1946)
The Hearth and Eagle (1948)
Foxfire (1951)
Katherine (1954)
The Mistletoe and Sword (1955)
The Winthrop Woman (1958)
Devil Water (1962)
Avalon (1965)
Green Darkness (1973)
Smouldering Fires (1975). The action of the novel moves back and forth between Northumberland Tyneside London and America. She was the daughter of English-born naturalist and pioneer of the Boy Scouts of America Ernest Thompson Seton and Grace Gallatin Seton.

Anya Seton (January 23 1904 (although the year is often misstated to be 1906 or 1916) - November 8 1990) was the pen name of Ann Seton Chase an American author of historical romances.