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The Final Diagnosis (1959) – hospital politics as seen from the pathology department
In High Places (1960) – Cold War Era politics in North America
Hotel (1965) – hotels
Airport (1968) – airport politics
Wheels (1971) – automobile industry
The Moneychangers (1975) – banks
Overload (1979) – power crisis in California
Strong Medicine (1984) – pharmaceutical industry
The Evening News (1990) – newscasters
Detective (1997) – investigation politics

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List of novelists. Hailey died in his Bahamian home at the age of 84. Taylor.

Most of the novels are set within one major industry such as hotels banks or airlines and explore the particular human conflicts sparked-off by that environment. Arthur Hailey (5 April 1920 – 24 November 2004) was a British/Canadian novelist whose works have sold more than 170 million copies in 40 languages.