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and the Civil Rights Movement. Curtom went on to release most of Mayfield's landmark 1970s records as well as records by the Impressions Leroy Hutson The Staple Singers Mavis Staples and Baby Huey and the Babysitters a group which at the time included Chaka Khan. Mayfield produced many of the songs that helped shape and define the Black Power Movement and exemplify the workings of music in the BPM and their 1967 song "We’re a Winner" can be seen as one defining element of the movement.

He was also a multi-instrumentalist who played the guitar bass piano saxophone and drums. Mayfield is a winner of both the Grammy Legend Award (in 1994) and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (in 1995) and he was a double inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted as a member of The Impressions into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and again in 1999 as a solo artist.