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Coupon election of 1918

In the "Coupon election" of December 1918 he led a coalition of Conservatives and his own faction of Liberals to a landslide victory. He may well have been reluctant especially at a time when his relations with the generals were so poor for a showdown with Carson a weak administrator who was as much the mouthpiece of the admirals as Derby was of the generals but who had played a key role in the fall of Asquith and who led a significant bloc of Conservative and Irish Unionist MPs. Lloyd George was President of the London Welsh Trust which runs the London Welsh Centre Gray's Inn Road from 1934 until 1935.

He is also so far the only British Prime Minister to have been Welsh and to have spoken English as a second language with Welsh being his first. Lloyd George is best known as the highly energetic Prime Minister (1916–22) who guided the Empire through the First World War to victory over Germany and its allies. Lloyd George's peerage title was hyphenated even though his family name was not.