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Puccini died in Brussels on 29 November 1924 from complications after the treatment; uncontrolled bleeding led to a heart attack the day after surgery. The libretto for Turandot was based on a play by Carlo Gozzi also called Turandot. This gumption in musical experimentation was the essence of Puccini's style as evidenced in his diverse settings and use of the motif to express ideas beyond those in the story and text.

Giacomo Puccini (full name: Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini) (Italian: [ˈdʒaːkomo putˈtʃiːni]; 22 December 1858 – 29 November 1924) was an Italian composer whose operas are among the most frequently performed in the standard repertoire. While his early work was rooted in traditional late-19th century romantic Italian opera he successfully developed his work in the 'realistic' verismo style of which he became one of the leading exponents.