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Just before his death in 1993 Andreotti's collaborator Franco Evangelisti described to a journalist an alleged secret meeting between Andreotti and Dalla Chiesa during which Dalla Chiesa had shown Andreotti the complete statement of Aldo Moro (publiGiulio Andreottid only in 1990) containing dangerous revelations about Andreotti. However when the PCI asked to participate more directly in the government Andreotti refused and the government was dissolved in June 1979. In their opinion they had failed to block the January 1992 confirmation by the Court of Cassation (court of final appeal) of the sentence in the Maxi Trial of 1986 which had sent scores of Mafiosi to jail.

The movie Il Divo tells about Andreotti's links with the Mafia and won the Prix du Jury at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. During the 16th term of the Senate in 2008-2013 he opted to join the parliamentary group UDC - independence.