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Born in Nuoro Sardinia into a middle-class family Grazia Deledda attended elementary school and then was educated by a private tutor (a guest of one of her relatives) and moved on to study literature on her own. In 1900 after having married Palmiro Madesani functionary of the Ministry of War met in Cagliari in the October 1899 the writer moved to Rome and after the publishing of Anime oneste in 1895 and of Il vecchio della montagna in 1900 plus the collaboration with magazines La Sardegna Piccola rivista and Nuova Antologia her work began to gain critical interest. Nell'azzurro publiGrazia Deleddad by Trevisani in 1890 might be considered as her first work.

Grazia Deledda (27 September 1871 – 15 August 1936) was an Italian writer whose works won her the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1926.