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Gernsback wrote fiction including the novel Ralph 124C 41+ in 1911; the title is a pun on the phrase "one to foresee for many"("one plus"). A year later due to Depression-era financial troubles the two were merged into Wonder Stories which Gernsback continued to publish until 1936 when it was sold to Thrilling Publications and renamed Thrilling Wonder Stories. He also played a key role in starting science fiction fandom by publishing the addresses of people who wrote letters to his magazines.

Wells and Jules Verne he is one person sometimes called "The Father of Science Fiction". Hugo Gernsback (August 16 1884 – August 19 1967) born Hugo Gernsbacher was a Luxembourgian American inventor writer editor and magazine publiHugo Gernsbackr best known for publications including the first science fiction magazine. G.