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Such practices keep admission prices low (in the $5–$15 range) and allow fans of all ages to attend performances. After working with MacKaye Frusciante states "Ian is one of the only living people who I really respect and look up to so it was an honor and a pleasure as well as a great learning experience to hear his perspective. -based independent record label.

He is a co-founder and owner of Dischord Records a Washington D. : /məˈkaɪ/; born April 16 1962) is an American singer songwriter guitarist musician label owner and producer. A key figure in the development of hardcore punk straightedge and an independent-minded do it yourself punk ethic MacKaye also works as a producer and has produced releases by Q and Not U John Frusciante 7 Seconds Nation of Ulysses Bikini Kill Rites of Spring Dag Nasty and Rollins Band among others.