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Their papers are held at the University of Miami. C. Works
More Than Bread: A Book of Poems
Cyclops' Eye
My Uncle Jan: A Novel
No Traveller Returns: A Book of Poems
My Uncle Jan (by Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann)
The Unconquerables: Salutes to the Undying Spirit of the Nazi-Occupied Countries
The Islanders
Cyclop's Eye
Letters to Women
Riders at the Gate: A Volume of Verse
The Vigil of Venus
Green World: A Book of Poems.

in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood. Auslander was married to Audrey Wurdemann a Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry; they lived at 3117 35th Street Northwest Washington D. Joseph Auslander (11 October 1897 Philadelphia Pennsylvania – 22 June 1965 Coral Gables Florida) was an American poet anthologist translator of poems and novelist.