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In 1877 his mother died of pneumonia three months after a miscarriage and Jules never a good student failed his baccalaureate exams. In 1876 Jules's father took the family to Paris. ) Louis Untermeyer wrote "Prufrock publiJules Laforgued in 1917 was immediately hailed as a new manner in English literature and belittled as an echo of Laforgue and the French symbolists to whom Eliot was indebted.

Critics and commentators have also pointed to Impressionism as a direct influence and his poetry has been called "part-symbolist part-impressionist". Jules Laforgue (French: [ʒyl lafɔʁɡ]; 16 August 1860 – 20 August 1887) was an Franco-Uruguayan poet often referred to as a Symbolist poet.