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The stake entitles Primary Wave to a portion of all royalties on the catalogue. Film
Lennon's first-ever tour in the spring of 1985 was documented as part of the film Stand By Me: A Portrait Of Julian Lennon — a film profile started by Sam Peckinpah but completed by Martin Lewis after Peckinpah's death. Recalling his renewed relationship with his father in the mid-1970s he said

Dad and I got on a great deal better then.

He is the only child of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell (John Lennon's first wife). He is also devoted to philanthropic endeavors most notably his own White Feather Foundation and the Whaledreamers Organization both of which promote the co-existence of all species and the health and well-being of the Earth. He remains close friends with his father's former bandmate Paul McCartney.