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Chief amongst the films which exemplify Hu's blend of Chan Buddhism and unique Chinese aesthetics is his trilogy A Touch of Zen which won the Technical Prize in 1975 Cannes Film Festival and which many regard as his masterpiece. The action choreography in both these films was the work of Sammo Hung. Come Drink with Me is his first success and remains a classic of the wuxia genre catapulting the then 20-year-old starlet Cheng Pei-pei to fame.

His films Come Drink with Me (1966) Dragon Gate Inn (1967) and A Touch of Zen (1969-1971) inaugurated a new generation of wuxia films in the late 1960s. Hu Jinquan (29 April 1932 – 14 January 1997) better known as King Hu was a Chinese film director based in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Apart from being a film director Hu was also a screenwriter and set designer.