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He will have access to any royalties from books records and any financial remuneration for the use of his wife's photographs. Talking later about the medication used to treat her breast cancer Paul McCartney said: "If a drug has got to be used on humans then legally it has to be finally tested on an animal. Photography
McCartney started work as a receptionist for the Town & Country magazine and was the only unofficial photographer on board the SS Sea Panther yacht on the Hudson River who was allowed to take photographs of The Rolling Stones during a record promotion party.

Linda Louise McCartney Lady McCartney (née Eastman; formerly See; 24 September 1941 – 17 April 1998) was an American photographer musician and animal rights activist. Her father and mother were Lee Eastman a New York lawyer and Louise Sara Lindner Eastman. She wrote several vegetarian cookbooks became a business entrepreneur (starting the Linda McCartney Foods company) and was a professional photographer publishing Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era.