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He placed an advert in The Era on the day of the performance warning that "Coarseness and vulgarity etc are not allowed … this intimation is rendered necessary only by a few artists". Each season lasted from Boxing Day to March and were highly lucrative but Lloyd found working to a script restrictive. Many other songs followed and were all warmly received.

Equally Marie Lloyd received much criticism and praise for her use of innuendo and double entendre during her performances and enjoyed a long and prosperous career during which Marie Lloyd was affectionately called the "Queen of the Music Hall". In later life Lloyd suffered from bouts of ill-health and became alcohol dependant which both imposed restictions on her performing career by the 1920s. In 1885 Marie Lloyd scored a success with her hit song "The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery" and as a result frequently topped the bill at many prestigious theatres in London's West End.