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from what became the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University in 1920. Starting 1941 he also did Invitation to Learning a CBS radio show where as one of the experts he discussed great literature. He was made a Fellow in American Letters of the Library of Congress and also remained president of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Amongst his notable works many publiMark Van Dorend in The Kenyon Review include a collaboration with brother Carl Van Doren American and British Literature since 1890 (1939); critical studies The Poetry of John Dryden (1920) Shakespeare (1939) The Noble Voice (1945) and Nathaniel Hawthorne (1949); collections of poems including Jonathan Gentry (1931); stories; and the verse play The Last Days of Lincoln (1959). Mark Van Doren (June 13 1894 – December 10 1972) was an American poet writer and a critic apart from being a scholar and a professor of English at Columbia University for nearly 40 years where he inspired a generation of influential writers and thinkers including Thomas Merton Robert Lax John Berryman and Beat Generation writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. He remained literary editor of The Nation in New York City (1924–28) and its film critic 1935 to 1938.