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Lawrence Nancy Cunard and George Moore. In 1922 Arlen naturalized as a British citizen and legally changed his birth name Dikran Kouyoumdjian to Michael Arlen. I only stayed there a few months; jumbled months of elementary medicine political economy metaphysics theosophy--I once handed round programs at an Annie Besant lecture at the UMichael Arlenr Hall--and beer lots of beer.

Michael Arlen (Armenian: Մայքլ Արլեն; November 16 1895 – June 23 1956) original name Dikran Kouyoumdjian was an Armenian essayist short story writer novelist playwright and scriptwriter who had his greatest successes in the 1920s while living and writing in England. Sydney Horler (1888–1954) another popular author of the time is said to have called Arlen "the only Armenian who never tried to sell me a carpet" while Arlen half-jokingly described himself as "every other inch a gentleman"[citation needed].