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Commemorations and awards
Following his success at the Perth Commonwealth Games in 1962 Peter Snell was created a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). The two dollar stamp issued by New Zealand Post features a stylized photo of Peter Snell snapping the tape at the finish line of the 800 metres race at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. He was at the peak of his career in 1965 and promising much more when he stunned New Zealand and the athletics world by announcing his retirement to move on to other things.

He had one of the shortest careers of world famous international sportsmen yet achieved so much that he was voted New Zealand’s "Sports Champion of the (20th) Century" and was one of 24 inaugural members of the International Association of Athletics Federations Hall Of Fame named in 2012. A protégé of the great New Zealand athletics coach Arthur Lydiard Snell is known for the three Olympic and two Commonwealth gold medals he won and the several world records he set.