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Books include:
Outfoxed (2000)
Hotspur (2002)
Full Cry (2003)
The Hunt Ball (2005)
The Hounds and the Fury (2006)
The Tell-Tale Horse (2007)
Hounded to Death (2008)

Brown has publiRita Mae Brownd the nonfiction Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writer's Manual and the autobiographies Rita Will: Memoir of a Literary Rabble-Rouser and "Animal Magnetism - My Life with Creatures Great and Small. I think we're all degrees of bisexual. Early life
Brown was born in Hanover Pennsylvania and grew up in Florida and as of 2012 lived outside Charlottesville Virginia.

Brown is also a mystery writer and screenwriter. PubliRita Mae Brownd in 1973 it dealt with lesbian themes in an explicit manner unusual for the time.