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He both wrote and illustrated eight picture books and won two Caldecott Medals from the American Library Association recognizing the year's best-illustrated picture book. (1958) by Keith Robertson
Henry Reed's Journey (1963) by Robertson
Henry Reed's Babysitting Service (1966) by Robertson
Henry Reed's Big Show (1970) by Robertson
Henry Reed's Think Tank (1986) by Robertson

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Notes. Public art
Sculpture (completed 1935) Hamilton Ohio Municipal Building — McCloskey created models for relief bias[clarification needed][citation needed]
Murals (1939) including six currently housed in the Sloan Building (E52) on MIT campus — McCloskey assisted Francis Scott Bradford depicting Beacon Hill socialites in large murals commissioned by the Lever Brothers of Cambridge Massachusetts[citation needed]
Totem Pole[when?] now housed in the Hamilton Ohio Municipal Building museum — McCloskey carved the totem pole while a counselor at Camp Campbell Gard where it stood for over 50 years[citation needed]


As author and illustrator
Lentil (1940)
Make Way for Ducklings (1941) Caldecott Medal winner
Homer Price (1943)
Blueberries for Sal (1948) a Caldecott runner-up
Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price (1951); also issued as More Homer Price
One Morning in Maine (1952) a Caldecott runner-up
Time of Wonder (1957) Caldecott Medal winner
Burt Dow Deep-water Man (1963)

As illustrator only
Yankee Doodle's Cousins (1941) written by Anne Malcolmson
Tree Toad: Adventures of the Kid Brother (1942) by Bob Davis illus.

John Robert McCloskey (September 15 1914 – June 30 2003) was an American writer and illustrator of children's books. Four of those eight books were set in Maine: Blueberries for Sal One Morning in Maine Time of Wonder and Burt Dow Deep-water Man; the last three all on the coast.