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They must be. Bibliography
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From No Man's Land to Plaza del Lago (October 1987) Amer. His novels include: Shike set in medieval Japan; All Things Are Lights a story that entwines the fate of Cathars of southern France with the occult traditions of Courtly Love and the troubadours; The Saracen describing the intricate politics of medieval Italy through the eyes of an Islamic warrior; Shaman tracing the fate of the survivors of the Black Hawk War in 19th century Illinois; Lady Yang a tragic story of an idealistic empress of medieval China.

It became a cult success and was later turned into a marathon-length stage show put on at the British National Theatre and elsewhere. Robert Joseph Shea (February 14 1933 - March 10 1994) was an American novelist and former journalist best known as co-author with Robert Anton Wilson of the science fantasy trilogy Illuminatus!. In 1986 it won the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award.