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When 2Pac signed to Death Row upon his release from prison he recruited his step brother Mopreme Shakur and Big Syke from Thug Life. In October 1993 in Atlanta two brothers and off-duty police officers Mark and Scott Whitwell were with their wives celebrating Mrs. His stepfather Mutulu spent four years at large on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list beginning in 1982.

Both of his parents and several other of his family were members of the Black Panther Party whose ideals were reflected in his songs. Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16 1971 – September 13 1996) best known by his stage names 2Pac (or Pac for short) and Makaveli was an American rapper and actor. Shakur has sold over 75 million albums worldwide as of 2010 making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.