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In Solving the Communion Enigma Strieber reflects on how advances in scientific understanding since his 1987 publication may Whitley Strieberd light on what he perceived noting "Among other things since I wrote Communion science has determined that parallel universes may be physically real and that time travel may in some way be possible". In the 1987 paperback edition Strieber states that Jonathan Barry is fictitious and that he is the sole author of Catmagic. He also chose to emphasize different subjects or aspects of the exchange according to how he surmised they could best be assimilated by his readers.

: /ˈstriːbər/; born June 13 1945) is an American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion a non-fiction account of his perceived experiences with non-human entities. He has maintained a dual career of author (of fiction) and advocate of alternative concepts (through non-fiction his Unknown Country website and his internet podcast Dreamland).