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With the financial assistance of Standard Oil and the Guggenheim Foundation Beebe establiWilliam Beebed his next research station in Caripito a small city in Venezuela around 100 miles (160 km) west of Trinidad. A week after her divorce from Beebe Blair was remarried to their next-door neighbor Robin Niles suggesting that the true reason for the divorce may have been cuckoldry. In 1953 Beebe donated both properties to the New York Zoological Society for one dollar giving him the position of one of the society's "Benefactors in Perpetuity".

During the course of his expeditions Beebe gradually developed an interest in marine biology ultimately leading to his 1930s dives in the Bathysphere off the coast of Bermuda along with the Bathysphere's inventor Otis Barton. He quickly distinguiWilliam Beebed himself in his work for the zoo first with his skill in designing habitats for its bird population and soon also with a series of research expeditions of increasing length including an expedition around the world to document the world's pheasants.