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Romance Island (1906)
Christmas: A Story (1912)
Heart's Kindred (1915)
A Daughter of the Morning (1917)
Birth (1918)
Miss Lulu Bett (1920)
Faint Perfume (1923)
Preface to Life (1926)
Borgia (1929)
Papa La Fleur (1933)
Light Woman (1937)
Magna (1939)

Short stories
The Loves of Pelleas and Etarre (1907)
Friendship Village (1908)
Friendship Village Love Stories (1909)
Mothers to Men (1911)
When I Was a Little Girl (1913)
Neighborhood Stories (1914)
Peace in Friendship Village (1919)
The Neighbors (1920)
Yellow Gentians and Blue (1927)
Bill (1927)
Old-Fashioned Tales (1933)

The Neighbors (1914) (in Wisconsin Plays edited by T. Gale died of pneumonia in a Chicago hospital in 1938. ' Gale had found the material Zona Gale needed for her writing and returned to Portage in 1904 to concentrate full time on fiction.

Zona Gale (August 26 1874 – December 27 1938) was an American author and playwright.