Authors Born on April , 2nd

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April, 2nd

Image Author Type Birthyear
Frank Abagnale Celebrity 1948
Hasil Adkins Quotes Hasil Adkins Musician 1937
Andre Agassi Quotes Andre Agassi Athlete 1970
Anouk Aimee Quotes Anouk Aimee Actress 1932
Jessica Alba Quotes Jessica Alba Actress 1981
Vicente Aleixandre Quotes Vicente Aleixandre Poet 1898
Manal al-Sharif Quotes Manal al-Sharif Activist 1979
Kingsley Amis Quotes Kingsley Amis Novelist 1922
Hans Christian Andersen Quotes Hans Christian Andersen Author 1805
Hans Christian Anderson Quotes Hans Christian Anderson Author 1805
Marc Andreessen Quotes Marc Andreessen Businessman 1971
John Arbuthnot Quotes John Arbuthnot Physicist 1667
Pietro Aretino Quotes Pietro Aretino Poet 1492
Richard Armitage Quotes Richard Armitage Politician 1945
John James Audubon Quotes John James Audubon Scientist 1785
Ken Auletta Quotes Ken Auletta Journalist 1942
Eric Avery Quotes Eric Avery Musician 1965
Alan Ayckbourn Quotes Alan Ayckbourn Playwright 1939
Hank Azaria Quotes Hank Azaria Actor 1964
Philip James Bailey Quotes Philip James Bailey Poet 1816
Fredrik Bajer Quotes Fredrik Bajer Writer 1837
James Baker Quotes James Baker Politician 1930
Dennis Banks Educator 1932
Robert Barany Quotes Robert Barany Scientist 1876
Lionel Barrymore Quotes Lionel Barrymore Actor 1878
Bob Bartlett Politician 1904
William Bartram Quotes William Bartram Environmentalist 1739
Harold Bauer Quotes Harold Bauer Musician 1873
Felix Baumgartner Quotes Felix Baumgartner Athlete 1969
Peter S. Beagle Quotes Peter S. Beagle Author 1939
Thomas Beecham Quotes Thomas Beecham Composer 1879
Ed Belfour Quotes Ed Belfour Athlete 1965
Ludwig Bemelmans Author 1898
Dan Benishek Quotes Dan Benishek Politician 1952
A. C. Benson Author 1862
Daisy Berkowitz Musician 1968
Valerie Bertinelli Quotes Valerie Bertinelli Actress 1960
Josh Billings Quotes Josh Billings Comedian 1818
Fanny Blankers-Koen Quotes Fanny Blankers-Koen Athlete 1918
Eric Bogosian Quotes Eric Bogosian Actor 1953
Roberto Bolano Quotes Roberto Bolano Novelist 1953
Cory Booker Quotes Cory Booker Politician 1969
Nicholas Brendon Quotes Nicholas Brendon Actor 1971
William J. Brennan Quotes William J. Brennan Judge 1906
William J. Brennan, Jr. Judge 1906
Jordana Brewster Quotes Jordana Brewster Actress 1980
Eric Bristow Quotes Eric Bristow Celebrity 1957
Charlotte Bronte Quotes Charlotte Bronte Novelist 1816
Mo Brooks Politician 1954
Charles Farrar Browne Quotes Charles Farrar Browne Writer 1834
Gro Harlem Brundtland Quotes Gro Harlem Brundtland Politician 1939
Robert Brustein Educator 1927
John Buchanan Lawyer 1931
James Buchanan Quotes James Buchanan President 1791
Melvin Burgess Author 1954
Carol Burnett Quotes Carol Burnett Actress 1933
Arthur Frank Burns Quotes Arthur Frank Burns Economist 1904
Nicholas M. Butler Quotes Nicholas M. Butler Philosopher 1862
Robert Byrne Celebrity 1928
Ken Caminiti Quotes Ken Caminiti Athlete 1963
Glen Campbell Quotes Glen Campbell Musician 1936
Cass Canfield Publisher 1897
Richard Carlson Quotes Richard Carlson Author 1912
Alice Cary Quotes Alice Cary Poet 1820
Giacomo Casanova Quotes Giacomo Casanova Celebrity 1725
David Cassidy Quotes David Cassidy Actor 1950
Paul Cellucci Quotes Paul Cellucci Politician 1948
David Chalmers Quotes David Chalmers Philosopher 1966
Joan Chen Quotes Joan Chen Actress 1961
Linford Christie Quotes Linford Christie Athlete 1960
Walter Chrysler Quotes Walter Chrysler Inventor 1875
Tom Clancy Quotes Tom Clancy Novelist 1947
Melinda Clarke Quotes Melinda Clarke Actress 1969
Kelly Clarkson Quotes Kelly Clarkson Musician 1982
Henry Clay Quotes Henry Clay Statesman 1777
Jane Clayson Journalist 1967
Beverly Cleary Author 1916
Adam Clymer Journalist 1937
Claud Cockburn Journalist 1904
George Cole Actor 1925
Tom Cole Quotes Tom Cole Politician 1949
David Coleman Journalist 1926
Charles Cotton Quotes Charles Cotton Poet 1630
Jenny Craig Quotes Jenny Craig Celebrity 1971
Donald Cram Quotes Donald Cram Scientist 1919
Stafford Cripps Quotes Stafford Cripps Politician 1889
Oliver Cromwell Quotes Oliver Cromwell Soldier 1599
Randy Cross Quotes Randy Cross Athlete 1954
Johan Cruijff Quotes Johan Cruijff Athlete 1947
Penelope Cruz Quotes Penelope Cruz Actress 1974
Paul Cullen Clergyman 1803
Imogen Cunningham Photographer 1883
Betty Cuthbert Quotes Betty Cuthbert Athlete 1938
Richard M. Daley Quotes Richard M. Daley Politician 1942
Claire Danes Quotes Claire Danes Actress 1979
Simin Daneshvar Quotes Simin Daneshvar Novelist 1921
Tony Danza Quotes Tony Danza Actor 1951
W. H. Davies Quotes W. H. Davies Poet 1871
Paul Davies Quotes Paul Davies Writer 1946
Dorothy Salisbury Davis Writer 1916
Judy Davis Quotes Judy Davis Actress 1955
Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes Daniel Day-Lewis Actor 1957
Brooklyn Decker Quotes Brooklyn Decker Model 1987
Sandra Dee Quotes Sandra Dee Actress 1944
Eugene Delacroix Quotes Eugene Delacroix Artist 1798
Robert Delaunay Quotes Robert Delaunay Artist 1885
Chauncey Depew Politician 1834
Toi Derricotte Poet 1941
Ajay Devgan Quotes Ajay Devgan Actor 1967
Bernadette Devlin Quotes Bernadette Devlin Politician 1947
Joyce DeWitt Quotes Joyce DeWitt Actress 1949
Milovan Djilas Quotes Milovan Djilas Politician 1995
James C. Dobson Quotes James C. Dobson Psychologist 1936
James Dobson Quotes James Dobson Psychologist 1936
Shannen Doherty Quotes Shannen Doherty Actress 1971
Arielle Dombasle Quotes Arielle Dombasle Actress 1955
Lonnie Donegan Quotes Lonnie Donegan Musician 1931
J. P. Donleavy Dramatist 1926
Richard Donner Quotes Richard Donner Director 1930
Stephen Douglas Quotes Stephen Douglas Politician 1813
K. Eric Drexler Quotes K. Eric Drexler Scientist 1955
Tim Duncan Quotes Tim Duncan Athlete 1976
Nora Dunn Actress 1952
Dale Earnhardt Quotes Dale Earnhardt Celebrity 1951
Sheena Easton Quotes Sheena Easton Musician 1959
Buddy Ebsen Quotes Buddy Ebsen Actor 1908
Larry Elder Quotes Larry Elder Journalist 1952
Carmen Electra Quotes Carmen Electra Actress 1972
Duke Ellington Quotes Duke Ellington Musician 1899
Cedric the Entertainer Quotes Cedric the Entertainer Comedian 1964
Max Ernst Quotes Max Ernst Artist 1891
Janet Evanovich Quotes Janet Evanovich Writer 1943
Michael Fassbender Quotes Michael Fassbender Actor 1977
James Fenton Poet 1949
Henry Fielding Quotes Henry Fielding Novelist 1707
David Filo Quotes David Filo Businessman 1966
Bram Fischer Lawyer 1908
Joschka Fischer Quotes Joschka Fischer Politician 1948
Michael Fish Celebrity 1944
Ella Fitzgerald Quotes Ella Fitzgerald Musician 1918
Tom Flynn Celebrity 1931
Henri La Fontaine Lawyer 1854
Duncan Forbes Writer 1798
Steve Fossett Quotes Steve Fossett Aviator 1944
Michael Franti Quotes Michael Franti Musician 1967
Ace Frehley Quotes Ace Frehley Musician 1951
Clement Freud Quotes Clement Freud Writer 1924
Bruce Jay Friedman Novelist 1930
James Anthony Froude Quotes James Anthony Froude Historian 1818
Serge Gainsbourg Quotes Serge Gainsbourg Poet 1928
Leon Gambetta Quotes Leon Gambetta Politician 1838
Andy Garcia Quotes Andy Garcia Actor 1956
Jorge Garcia Quotes Jorge Garcia Actor 1972
Stephen Gardiner Quotes Stephen Gardiner Architect 1924
Jean Paul Gaultier Quotes Jean Paul Gaultier Designer 1952
Marvin Gaye Quotes Marvin Gaye Musician 1939
Jim Geringer Quotes Jim Geringer Politician 1944
Anne Louise Germaine de Stael Author 1766
John Gibbon Quotes John Gibbon Soldier 1827
Edward Gibbon Quotes Edward Gibbon Historian 1737
Vince Gill Quotes Vince Gill Musician 1957
April Glaspie Diplomat 1942
Crispin Glover Quotes Crispin Glover Actor 1964
Kim Gordon Quotes Kim Gordon Musician 1953
Elizabeth Goudge Writer 1900
Sue Grafton Quotes Sue Grafton Novelist 1940
Ulysses S. Grant Quotes Ulysses S. Grant President 1822
Catherine the Great Quotes Catherine the Great Royalty 1729
Edward Grey Politician 1862
John Grierson Director 1898
Paul Guilfoyle Quotes Paul Guilfoyle Actor 1955
Alec Guinness Quotes Alec Guinness Actor 1914
William Hall Soldier 1827
James Norman Hall Quotes James Norman Hall Author 1887
Lee H. Hamilton Politician 1931
Lionel Hampton Quotes Lionel Hampton Musician 1908
Herbie Hancock Quotes Herbie Hancock Musician 1940
Barry Hannah Novelist 1942
Garrett Hardin Quotes Garrett Hardin Environmentalist 1915
Georgia Harkness Quotes Georgia Harkness Theologian 1891
Emmylou Harris Quotes Emmylou Harris Musician 1947
Jan de Hartog Quotes Jan de Hartog Writer 1914
William Randolph Hearst Quotes William Randolph Hearst Publisher 1863
Willie Herenton Politician 1940
Georg Hermes Theologian 1775
Emperor Hirohito Quotes Emperor Hirohito Royalty 1901
Celeste Holm Quotes Celeste Holm Actress 1919
Hugh Hopper Quotes Hugh Hopper Musician 1945
Rogers Hornsby Quotes Rogers Hornsby Athlete 1896
Allan Houston Quotes Allan Houston Athlete 1971
King Hu Director 1931
Isabella I Quotes Isabella I Royalty 1451
David Icke Quotes David Icke Athlete 1952
Queen Elizabeth II Quotes Queen Elizabeth II Royalty 1926
Catherine II Quotes Catherine II Statesman 1729
Elizabeth II Quotes Elizabeth II Royalty 1926
Guillermo Cabrera Infante Quotes Guillermo Cabrera Infante Novelist 1929
Jill Ireland Actress 1936
Kevin James Comedian 1965
Louise Jameson Quotes Louise Jameson Actress 1951
Tama Janowitz Novelist 1957
Antony Jay Writer 1930
Daniel Johns Quotes Daniel Johns Musician 1979
Diane Johnson Novelist 1934
Curtis Jones Quotes Curtis Jones Musician 1968
Curtis Joseph Quotes Curtis Joseph Athlete 1967
William Joyce Quotes William Joyce Author 1906
Peter Jurasik Quotes Peter Jurasik Actor 1950
Elena Kagan Quotes Elena Kagan Judge 1960
Immanuel Kant Quotes Immanuel Kant Philosopher 1724
Casey Kasem Quotes Casey Kasem Actor 1932
Thomas H. Kean Quotes Thomas H. Kean Politician 1935
John Keble Quotes John Keble Clergyman 1792
Penelope Keith Actress 1940
Alexander Kerensky Quotes Alexander Kerensky Public Servant 1881
Rodney King Quotes Rodney King Celebrity 1965
Albert King Quotes Albert King Musician 1923
Jaime King Quotes Jaime King Actress 1979
Coretta Scott King Quotes Coretta Scott King Activist 1927
Jack Kingston Quotes Jack Kingston Politician 1955
Felix Klein Quotes Felix Klein Mathematician 1849
Yves Klein Quotes Yves Klein Artist 1928
Richard Kline Quotes Richard Kline Actor 1944
Jack Klugman Quotes Jack Klugman Actor 1922
Lydia Ko Quotes Lydia Ko Athlete 1997
Mort Kondracke Journalist 1939
George Konrad Quotes George Konrad Novelist 1933
Willem de Kooning Quotes Willem de Kooning Artist 1904
Alexandra Kosteniuk Quotes Alexandra Kosteniuk Celebrity 1984
Karl Kraus Writer 1874
Nicholas D. Kristof Quotes Nicholas D. Kristof Writer 1959
Jon Kyl Quotes Jon Kyl Politician 1942
Tim LaHaye Clergyman 1926
Anthony Lake Quotes Anthony Lake Statesman 1939
Jessica Lange Quotes Jessica Lange Actress 1949
Charley Lau Quotes Charley Lau Athlete 1933
Amos Lawrence Quotes Amos Lawrence Businessman 1786
Aleksandr Lebed Quotes Aleksandr Lebed Politician 1950
Harper Lee Quotes Harper Lee Novelist 1926
Sheryl Lee Quotes Sheryl Lee Actor 1967
Francis Lee Quotes Francis Lee Athlete 1944
Jerry Leiber Musician 1933
Vladimir Lenin Quotes Vladimir Lenin Leader 1870
Jay Leno Quotes Jay Leno Comedian 1950
David Letterman Quotes David Letterman Comedian 1947
Flora Lewis Quotes Flora Lewis Journalist 1918
C. Day Lewis Quotes C. Day Lewis Poet 1904
Jet Li Quotes Jet Li Actor 1963
Carl J. Lindner, Jr. Businessman 1919
Harold Lloyd Quotes Harold Lloyd Actor 1893
Anita Loos Quotes Anita Loos Writer 1893
George Lopez Quotes George Lopez Comedian 1961
Leopoldo Lopez Quotes Leopoldo Lopez Politician 1971
Derek Luke Quotes Derek Luke Actor 1974
Patti LuPone Musician 1949
Jessica Lynch Quotes Jessica Lynch Soldier 1983
Robert Wilson Lynd Writer 1879
Andie MacDowell Quotes Andie MacDowell Actress 1958
Shirley MacLaine Quotes Shirley MacLaine Actress 1934
Alistair Maclean Quotes Alistair Maclean Novelist 1922
Bryan Magee Author 1930
Lee Majors Quotes Lee Majors Actor 1939
Bernard Malamud Quotes Bernard Malamud Novelist 1914
Nong Duc Manh Quotes Nong Duc Manh Politician 2001
Guglielmo Marconi Quotes Guglielmo Marconi Scientist 1874
Stanley Marcus Quotes Stanley Marcus Businessman 1905
Edwin Markham Quotes Edwin Markham Poet 1852
James Martineau Quotes James Martineau Philosopher 1805
Don Mattingly Quotes Don Mattingly Athlete 1961
Rollo May Psychologist 1909
Elaine May Quotes Elaine May Director 1932
Paul Mazursky Quotes Paul Mazursky Actor 1930
James McAvoy Quotes James McAvoy Actor 1979
Mary McDonnell Quotes Mary McDonnell Actress 1952
Rod McKuen Quotes Rod McKuen Poet 1933
Carrie P. Meek Politician 1926
Christopher Meloni Quotes Christopher Meloni Actor 1961
Yehudi Menuhin Quotes Yehudi Menuhin Musician 1916
Ann Miller Quotes Ann Miller Dancer 1923
Johnny Miller Athlete 1947
Charles Mingus Quotes Charles Mingus Musician 1922
Joan Miro Quotes Joan Miro Artist 1893
Issey Miyake Quotes Issey Miyake Designer 1935
James Monroe Quotes James Monroe President 1758
Shemar Moore Quotes Shemar Moore Actor 1970
Greg Moore Celebrity 1975
Michael Moore Quotes Michael Moore Activist 1954
Bobby Moore Quotes Bobby Moore Athlete 1941
Marguerite Moreau Quotes Marguerite Moreau Actress 1977
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Quotes Jeffrey Dean Morgan Actor 1966
Giorgio Moroder Quotes Giorgio Moroder Producer 1940
Samuel Morse Quotes Samuel Morse Inventor 1791
John Mortimer Novelist 1923
John Muir Quotes John Muir Environmentalist 1838
Kate Mulgrew Quotes Kate Mulgrew Actress 1955
Dinah Maria Mulock Quotes Dinah Maria Mulock Novelist 1826
Edward R. Murrow Quotes Edward R. Murrow Journalist 1908
Vladimir Nabokov Quotes Vladimir Nabokov Novelist 1899
Mohammed Naguib Quotes Mohammed Naguib Statesman 1901
Jack Nicholson Quotes Jack Nicholson Actor 1937
Phillip Noyce Quotes Phillip Noyce Director 1950
Daniel Okrent Editor 1948
Frederick Law Olmsted Quotes Frederick Law Olmsted Architect 1822
Ed O'Neill Actor 1946
George Oppen Quotes George Oppen Poet 1908
J. Robert Oppenheimer Quotes J. Robert Oppenheimer Physicist 1904
Roy Orbison Quotes Roy Orbison Musician 1936
Al Pacino Quotes Al Pacino Actor 1940
Thomas Nelson Page Quotes Thomas Nelson Page Writer 1853
Bettie Page Quotes Bettie Page Model 1923
Camille Paglia Author 1947
Ron Palillo Quotes Ron Palillo Actor 1949
Norman Parkinson Quotes Norman Parkinson Photographer 1913
Wolfgang Pauli Quotes Wolfgang Pauli Physicist 1900
Stuart Pearce Quotes Stuart Pearce Coach 1962
Lester B. Pearson Quotes Lester B. Pearson Politician 1897
Arno Penzias Quotes Arno Penzias Scientist 1933
Thomas Perry Musician 1963
Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes Michelle Pfeiffer Actress 1958
Max Planck Quotes Max Planck Scientist 1858
Jesse Plemons Quotes Jesse Plemons Actor 1988
Henri Poincare Quotes Henri Poincare Mathematician 1854
Iggy Pop Quotes Iggy Pop Musician 1947
David Powers Quotes David Powers Politician 1912
Terry Prachett Quotes Terry Prachett Author 1948
Terry Pratchett Quotes Terry Pratchett Author 1948
Gavrilo Princip Quotes Gavrilo Princip Revolutionary 1918
Sergei Prokofiev Quotes Sergei Prokofiev Composer 1891
George Haven Putnam Quotes George Haven Putnam Soldier 1844
Anthony Quinn Quotes Anthony Quinn Actor 1915
Charlotte Rae Quotes Charlotte Rae Actress 1926
Ma Rainey Quotes Ma Rainey Musician 1886
Otto Rank Quotes Otto Rank Psychologist 1884
Amy Ray Quotes Amy Ray Musician 1964
Odilon Redon Quotes Odilon Redon Artist 1840
Thomas Reid Quotes Thomas Reid Philosopher 1710
Charles Richter Quotes Charles Richter Scientist 1900
Charles Francis Richter Quotes Charles Francis Richter Scientist 1900
Bridget Riley Quotes Bridget Riley Artist 1931
Pat Roberts Quotes Pat Roberts Politician 1936
Lord Robertson Diplomat 1946
Anwar Robinson Musician 1979
Elisabeth Rohm Quotes Elisabeth Rohm Actress 1973
Tony Romo Quotes Tony Romo Athlete 1980
James Rouse Businessman 1914
Otis Rush Quotes Otis Rush Musician 1934
Jim Ryun Athlete 1947
Rafael Sabatini Novelist 1875
Walter Salles Quotes Walter Salles Director 1956
Roselyn Sanchez Quotes Roselyn Sanchez Model 1973
Oskar Schindler Quotes Oskar Schindler Businessman 1908
Eric Schmidt Quotes Eric Schmidt Businessman 1955
Jerry Seinfeld Quotes Jerry Seinfeld Comedian 1955
Irene Mayer Selznick Producer 1907
Will Sergeant Quotes Will Sergeant Musician 1958
Andy Serkis Quotes Andy Serkis Actor 1964
William Shakespeare Quotes William Shakespeare Dramatist 1564
Teddy Sheringham Quotes Teddy Sheringham Athlete 1966
Talia Shire Actress 1946
Edward Rowland Sill Poet 1841
Douglas Sirk Director 1897
Enos Slaughter Quotes Enos Slaughter Athlete 1916
Robert Smith Musician 1959
Thomas Vernor Smith Philosopher 1890
Charles Ferguson Smith Quotes Charles Ferguson Smith Soldier 1807
Eric Snow Quotes Eric Snow Athlete 1973
Warren Spahn Quotes Warren Spahn Athlete 1921
Aaron Spelling Producer 1923
Herbert Spencer Quotes Herbert Spencer Philosopher 1820
Carl Spitteler Quotes Carl Spitteler Poet 1845
Steve Spurrier Quotes Steve Spurrier Coach 1945
George Allen, Sr. Coach 1918
Debbie Stabenow Quotes Debbie Stabenow Politician 1950
Madame de Stael Writer 1766
Koo Stark Actress 1956
George Steiner Critic 1929
Nicholas Stern Quotes Nicholas Stern Economist 1946
Ryan Stiles Quotes Ryan Stiles Actor 1959
John Stott Quotes John Stott Clergyman 1921
John Strachan Quotes John Strachan Clergyman 1778
Barbra Streisand Quotes Barbra Streisand Actress 1942
Maurice Strong Quotes Maurice Strong Businessman 1929
Charles Sturt Quotes Charles Sturt Explorer 1795
James Sullivan Politician 1744
Nicole Sullivan Quotes Nicole Sullivan Actress 1970
Don Sutton Quotes Don Sutton Athlete 1945
Hal Sutton Athlete 1958
Hippolyte Taine Critic 1828
George Takei Quotes George Takei Actor 1937
Jeffrey Tate Musician 1943
Roger Andrew Taylor Quotes Roger Andrew Taylor Musician 1960
Shirley Temple Quotes Shirley Temple Actress 1928
Sachin Tendulkar Quotes Sachin Tendulkar Athlete 1973
Lou Thesz Quotes Lou Thesz Athlete 1916
Toots Thielemans Quotes Toots Thielemans Musician 1922
John W. Thompson Quotes John W. Thompson Businessman 1949
Jeremy Thorpe Politician 1929
Uma Thurman Quotes Uma Thurman Actress 1970
Jan Tinbergen Quotes Jan Tinbergen Economist 1903
Andrew Tobias Journalist 1947
Sue Townsend Novelist 1946
Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes Aiden Wilson Tozer Clergyman 1897
Pat Travers Quotes Pat Travers Musician 1954
Charles Trevelyan Public Servant 1807
Anthony Trollope Quotes Anthony Trollope Author 1815
Scott Turow Novelist 1949
Kenneth Tynan Critic 1927
Bjorn Ulvaeus Quotes Bjorn Ulvaeus Musician 1945
Fred Upton Politician 1953
A. E. van Vogt Quotes A. E. van Vogt Author 1912
Luther Vandross Quotes Luther Vandross Musician 1951
Herve Villechaize Quotes Herve Villechaize Actor 1943
George Villiers Quotes George Villiers Politician 1592
Joan D. Vinge Quotes Joan D. Vinge Author 1948
Tony Visconti Quotes Tony Visconti Musician 1944
J. M. W. Turner Quotes J. M. W. Turner Artist 1775
Edward Walker Athlete 1837
Robert Penn Warren Quotes Robert Penn Warren Novelist 1905
Leonard Warren Quotes Leonard Warren Musician 1911
Barry Watson Actor 1974
Max Weber Quotes Max Weber Economist 1864
Felix de Weldon Sculptor 1907
Arthur Wellesley Quotes Arthur Wellesley Soldier 1769
Tom Welling Quotes Tom Welling Actor 1977
Morris West Writer 1916
Lynn Westmoreland Quotes Lynn Westmoreland Politician 1950
Lee Westwood Quotes Lee Westwood Athlete 1973
William H. Wharton Politician 1802
Benjamin Whorf Quotes Benjamin Whorf Scientist 1897
Edward Whymper Quotes Edward Whymper Explorer 1840
Jason Wiles Actor 1970
Carnie Wilson Musician 1968
August Wilson Quotes August Wilson Playwright 1945
Debra Wilson Quotes Debra Wilson Comedian 1970
Donald Wolfit Quotes Donald Wolfit Actor 1902
Mary Wollstonecraft Quotes Mary Wollstonecraft Writer 1759
Gary Wright Musician 1943
Paula Yates Quotes Paula Yates Entertainer 1960
Renee Zellweger Quotes Renee Zellweger Actress 1969
Vladimir Zhirinovsky Quotes Vladimir Zhirinovsky Politician 1946
Fred Zinnemann Quotes Fred Zinnemann Director 1907
Emile Zola Quotes Emile Zola Novelist 1840
Ernst Zundel Quotes Ernst Zundel Activist 1939
Hirohito Quotes Hirohito Leader 1901
Halston Quotes Halston Designer 1932