Authors Born on April , 8th

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April, 8th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kathy Acker Quotes Kathy Acker Activist 1947
Jessica Alba Quotes Jessica Alba Actress 1981
Justin Amash Quotes Justin Amash Politician 1980
Kofi Annan Quotes Kofi Annan Statesman 1938
Patricia Arquette Quotes Patricia Arquette Actress 1968
James Baker Quotes James Baker Politician 1930
Lionel Barrymore Quotes Lionel Barrymore Actor 1878
Harold Bauer Quotes Harold Bauer Musician 1873
Andre Bazin Critic 1918
Maria Bello Quotes Maria Bello Actress 1967
Daisy Berkowitz Musician 1968
Roberto Bolano Quotes Roberto Bolano Novelist 1953
Wynn Bullock Photographer 1902
Melvin Calvin Quotes Melvin Calvin Scientist 1911
Emma Caulfield Quotes Emma Caulfield Actress 1973
Ilka Chase Quotes Ilka Chase Actress 1903
Dennis Chavez Quotes Dennis Chavez Politician 1888
Emile M. Cioran Philosopher 1911
Tom Cole Quotes Tom Cole Politician 1949
Charles Cotton Quotes Charles Cotton Poet 1630
Penelope Cruz Quotes Penelope Cruz Actress 1974
Harvey Cushing Quotes Harvey Cushing Scientist 1869
Simin Daneshvar Quotes Simin Daneshvar Novelist 1921
Clarence Darrow Quotes Clarence Darrow Lawyer 1857
Richard Harding Davis Quotes Richard Harding Davis Journalist 1864
Evan Davis Quotes Evan Davis Economist 1962
Tom DeLay Quotes Tom DeLay Politician 1947
Royston Drenthe Quotes Royston Drenthe Athlete 1987
Jeff Dunham Quotes Jeff Dunham Entertainer 1962
Susan Faludi Quotes Susan Faludi Writer 1959
America Ferrera Quotes America Ferrera Actress 1984
Duncan Forbes Writer 1798
Betty Ford Quotes Betty Ford First Lady 1918
Jorge Garcia Quotes Jorge Garcia Actor 1972
John Gavin Quotes John Gavin Actor 1931
Kim Gordon Quotes Kim Gordon Musician 1953
Vartan Gregorian Quotes Vartan Gregorian Educator 1934
Lisa Guerrero Quotes Lisa Guerrero Journalist 1964
Paul Guilfoyle Quotes Paul Guilfoyle Actor 1955
William Hall Soldier 1827
E. Y. Harburg Quotes E. Y. Harburg Musician 1896
Saad Hariri Quotes Saad Hariri Politician 1970
Melissa Joan Hart Quotes Melissa Joan Hart Actress 1976
John Havlicek Athlete 1940
Sonja Henie Quotes Sonja Henie Athlete 1912
Seymour Hersh Quotes Seymour Hersh Journalist 1937
Michael D. Higgins Quotes Michael D. Higgins Politician 1941
Catfish Hunter Quotes Catfish Hunter Athlete 1946
Samuel P. Huntington Quotes Samuel P. Huntington Sociologist 1927
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Quotes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Model 1987
Edmund Husserl Quotes Edmund Husserl Philosopher 1859
Henry Hyde Politician 1924
Diane Johnson Novelist 1934
Elena Kagan Quotes Elena Kagan Judge 1960
Barbara Kingsolver Novelist 1955
Taylor Kitsch Quotes Taylor Kitsch Actor 1981
Robert Kiyosaki Quotes Robert Kiyosaki Author 1947
Yves Klein Quotes Yves Klein Artist 1928
Nigel Kneale Quotes Nigel Kneale Writer 1922
Mort Kondracke Journalist 1939
Karl Kraus Writer 1874
Chris Kyle Soldier 1974
Jim Lampley Celebrity 1949
Harper Lee Quotes Harper Lee Novelist 1926
Julian Lennon Quotes Julian Lennon Musician 1963
Jay Leno Quotes Jay Leno Comedian 1950
George Henry Lewes Quotes George Henry Lewes Philosopher 1817
Alistair Maclean Quotes Alistair Maclean Novelist 1922
Aristide Maillol Quotes Aristide Maillol Artist 1861
Eric McCormack Quotes Eric McCormack Actor 1963
Mary McDonnell Quotes Mary McDonnell Actress 1952
Thomas Middleton Poet 1580
Hayley Mills Actress 1946
James Monroe Quotes James Monroe President 1758
Gwen Moore Quotes Gwen Moore Politician 1951
Rick Moranis Quotes Rick Moranis Actor 1953
Lewis Morris Quotes Lewis Morris Statesman 1726
Edward Mulhare Quotes Edward Mulhare Actor 1923
Mike Murdock Clergyman 1946
Larry Norman Quotes Larry Norman Musician 1947
Conan O'Brien Entertainer 1963
Robin Wright Penn Quotes Robin Wright Penn Actress 1966
Thomas Perry Musician 1963
Mary Pickford Quotes Mary Pickford Actress 1893
John Podhoretz Writer 1961
Terry Porter Quotes Terry Porter Coach 1963
Terry Prachett Quotes Terry Prachett Author 1948
Terry Pratchett Quotes Terry Pratchett Author 1948
Gavrilo Princip Quotes Gavrilo Princip Revolutionary 1918
David Ricardo Quotes David Ricardo Economist 1772
David Rittenhouse Quotes David Rittenhouse Scientist 1732
Eric Roberts Quotes Eric Roberts Actor 1956
Elisabeth Rohm Quotes Elisabeth Rohm Actress 1973
Dave Rowntree Quotes Dave Rowntree Musician 1963
Oskar Schindler Quotes Oskar Schindler Businessman 1908
Menachem Mendel Schneerson Quotes Menachem Mendel Schneerson Leader 1902
Alia Shawkat Quotes Alia Shawkat Actress 1989
Christian Slater Quotes Christian Slater Actor 1968
Ian Smith Quotes Ian Smith Politician 1919
Aaron Stanford Quotes Aaron Stanford Actor 1977
J. Christopher Stevens Quotes J. Christopher Stevens Diplomat 1960
Leopold Stokowski Quotes Leopold Stokowski Musician 1882
Charles Sturt Quotes Charles Sturt Explorer 1795
Hal Sutton Athlete 1958
Jeffrey Tate Musician 1943
Douglas Trumbull Quotes Douglas Trumbull Director 1942
George Villiers Quotes George Villiers Politician 1592
Vivienne Westwood Quotes Vivienne Westwood Designer 1941
James Woods Quotes James Woods Actor 1947
David Wu Politician 1955