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August, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Sheldon Adelson Quotes Sheldon Adelson Businessman 1933
Felix Adler Educator 1851
Casey Affleck Quotes Casey Affleck Actor 1975
Ben Affleck Quotes Ben Affleck Actor 1972
Giovanni Agnelli Quotes Giovanni Agnelli Designer 1866
Brian Aldiss Quotes Brian Aldiss Writer 1925
Luther Allison Quotes Luther Allison Musician 1939
Jorge Amado Quotes Jorge Amado Writer 1912
Idi Amin Quotes Idi Amin Statesman 2003
Wladyslaw Anders Quotes Wladyslaw Anders Politician 1892
Anthony Anderson Quotes Anthony Anderson Actor 1970
Ian Anderson Quotes Ian Anderson Musician 1947
Princess Anne Quotes Princess Anne Royalty 1950
Devon Aoki Quotes Devon Aoki Model 1982
Adam Arkin Quotes Adam Arkin Actor 1956
Rosanna Arquette Quotes Rosanna Arquette Actress 1959
Sri Aurobindo Quotes Sri Aurobindo Philosopher 1872
Kevin Ayers Quotes Kevin Ayers Composer 1944
Ibrahim Babangida Quotes Ibrahim Babangida Statesman 1941
Russell Baker Journalist 1925
Janet Baker Quotes Janet Baker Musician 1933
Ginger Baker Quotes Ginger Baker Musician 1939
Bob Balaban Quotes Bob Balaban Actor 1945
Antonio Banderas Quotes Antonio Banderas Actor 1960
Ethel Barrymore Quotes Ethel Barrymore Actress 1879
Bernard Baruch Quotes Bernard Baruch Businessman 1870
Abu Bakar Bashir Activist 1938
Count Basie Quotes Count Basie Musician 1904
Angela Bassett Quotes Angela Bassett Actress 1958
Katharine Lee Bates Quotes Katharine Lee Bates Author 1859
Kathleen Battle Quotes Kathleen Battle Actress 1948
Aubrey Beardsley Quotes Aubrey Beardsley Artist 1872
Emmanuelle Beart Quotes Emmanuelle Beart Actress 1965
Menachem Begin Quotes Menachem Begin Statesman 1913
Catherine Bell Quotes Catherine Bell Model 1968
Brian Michael Bendis Quotes Brian Michael Bendis Artist 1967
Jill Bennett Actress 1975
Bill Bennett Politician 1932
Bruce Beresford Director 1940
Rick Berg Quotes Rick Berg Politician 1959
William Bernbach Businessman 1911
Halle Berry Quotes Halle Berry Actress 1968
Judy Biggert Quotes Judy Biggert Politician 1937
Richard Parks Bland Quotes Richard Parks Bland Politician 1835
H. P. Blavatsky Quotes H. P. Blavatsky Philosopher 1831
Earl Blumenauer Quotes Earl Blumenauer Politician 1948
Louise Bogan Quotes Louise Bogan Poet 1897
Tommy Bolin Quotes Tommy Bolin Musician 1951
Usain Bolt Quotes Usain Bolt Athlete 1986
Robert Bolt Playwright 1924
Danny Bonaduce Quotes Danny Bonaduce Actor 1959
Napoleon Bonaparte Leader 1769
Elayne Boosler Quotes Elayne Boosler Comedian 1952
Mikhail Botvinnik Quotes Mikhail Botvinnik Celebrity 1911
Rick Boucher Quotes Rick Boucher Politician 1946
Pierre Bourdieu Quotes Pierre Bourdieu Sociologist 1930
Marvin Bower Quotes Marvin Bower Businessman 1903
Chris Brasher Athlete 1928
Carol Moseley Braun Quotes Carol Moseley Braun Politician 1947
Stephen Breyer Quotes Stephen Breyer Judge 1938
Sarah Brightman Quotes Sarah Brightman Musician 1961
Sergey Brin Quotes Sergey Brin Businessman 1973
David Brooks Politician 1961
Julie Brown Quotes Julie Brown Actress 1958
Tammy Bruce Quotes Tammy Bruce Author 1962
Doyle Brunson Quotes Doyle Brunson Celebrity 1933
Robert Williams Buchanan Quotes Robert Williams Buchanan Poet 1841
Jack Buck Quotes Jack Buck Celebrity 1924
Eustace Budgell Quotes Eustace Budgell Writer 1686
Vincent Bugliosi Quotes Vincent Bugliosi Author 1934
Charles Bukowski Quotes Charles Bukowski Author 1920
Columba Bush Quotes Columba Bush Celebrity 1953
Austin Butler Actor 1991
James Cameron Quotes James Cameron Director 1954
Eddie Campbell Quotes Eddie Campbell Artist 1955
Steve Carell Quotes Steve Carell Actor 1963
William Carey Clergyman 1761
Belinda Carlisle Quotes Belinda Carlisle Musician 1958
Vanessa Carlton Quotes Vanessa Carlton Musician 1980
Marcel Carne Quotes Marcel Carne Director 1906
Rosalynn Carter Quotes Rosalynn Carter First Lady 1927
Lillian Gordy Carter Quotes Lillian Gordy Carter Celebrity 1898
Steve Case Businessman 1958
Roy Castle Musician 1932
Kim Cattrall Quotes Kim Cattrall Actress 1956
Camillo di Cavour Quotes Camillo di Cavour Statesman 1810
Arthur Cayley Quotes Arthur Cayley Mathematician 1821
John Cazale Quotes John Cazale Actor 1935
Wilt Chamberlain Quotes Wilt Chamberlain Athlete 1936
Coco Chanel Quotes Coco Chanel Designer 1883
Erwin Chargaff Scientist 1905
Lynne Cheney Quotes Lynne Cheney Celebrity 1941
Julia Child Quotes Julia Child Chef 1912
Erika Christensen Quotes Erika Christensen Actress 1982
Claudia Christian Quotes Claudia Christian Actress 1965
Madonna Ciccone Quotes Madonna Ciccone Musician 1958
Bobby Clarke Quotes Bobby Clarke Athlete 1949
Eldridge Cleaver Quotes Eldridge Cleaver Activist 1935
Roberto Clemente Quotes Roberto Clemente Athlete 1934
William J. Clinton Quotes William J. Clinton President 1946
Frances Bean Cobain Celebrity 1992
James Coburn Quotes James Coburn Actor 1928
Jonathan Coe Quotes Jonathan Coe Novelist 1961
Benjamin Cohen Journalist 1982
Norm Coleman Politician 1949
Suzanne Collins Quotes Suzanne Collins Novelist 1962
Jay Cooke Quotes Jay Cooke Businessman 1821
Anna Julia Cooper Quotes Anna Julia Cooper Educator 1858
Bill Copeland Athlete 1929
Jerome Corsi Author 1946
Jim Courier Quotes Jim Courier Athlete 1970
Robin Cousins Athlete 1957
James Gould Cozzens Novelist 1903
Walter Crane Quotes Walter Crane Artist 1845
Robert Cray Quotes Robert Cray Musician 1953
Davy Crockett Quotes Davy Crockett Explorer 1786
David Crosby Quotes David Crosby Musician 1941
Robert Culp Quotes Robert Culp Actor 1930
Jim Dale Quotes Jim Dale Musician 1935
Hugh Dalton Quotes Hugh Dalton Politician 1887
John Cotton Dana Quotes John Cotton Dana Author 1856
Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Lawyer 1815
Paula Danziger Author 1944
Francis Darwin Quotes Francis Darwin Scientist 1848
Viola Davis Quotes Viola Davis Actress 1965
Fred Davis Celebrity 1913
George Mercer Dawson Quotes George Mercer Dawson Scientist 1849
Stockwell Day Quotes Stockwell Day Politician 1950
Pierre Jean de Beranger Quotes Pierre Jean de Beranger Musician 1780
Saint Francis de Sales Quotes Saint Francis de Sales Clergyman 1567
John Deacon Quotes John Deacon Musician 1951
Jimmy Dean Quotes Jimmy Dean Actor 1928
Rick Dees Quotes Rick Dees Entertainer 1950
Dom DeLuise Quotes Dom DeLuise Actor 1933
Cecil B. DeMille Quotes Cecil B. DeMille Producer 1881
Dorothy Denning Public Servant 1945
John Derek Quotes John Derek Actor 1926
Jackie DeShannon Quotes Jackie DeShannon Musician 1944
William F. DeVault Poet 1955
Loretta Devine Quotes Loretta Devine Actress 1949
David Dewhurst Quotes David Dewhurst Politician 1945
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Politician 1954
Alfred Doblin Quotes Alfred Doblin Novelist 1878
Austin Dobson Celebrity 1912
Henry Drummond Writer 1851
John Dryden Quotes John Dryden Poet 1631
Andre Dubus Quotes Andre Dubus Writer 1936
Elaine Dundy Novelist 1921
Adam Duritz Quotes Adam Duritz Musician 1964
Lawrence Eagleburger Quotes Lawrence Eagleburger Diplomat 1930
Joycelyn Elders Quotes Joycelyn Elders Public Servant 1933
Mohamed El-Erian Quotes Mohamed El-Erian Businessman 1958
Linda Ellerbee Journalist 1944
Joe Elliott Quotes Joe Elliott Musician 1959
Larry Ellison Quotes Larry Ellison Businessman 1944
Richard Ernst Scientist 1933
Jerry Falwell Quotes Jerry Falwell Clergyman 1933
Suzanne Farrell Dancer 1945
W. Mark Felt Quotes W. Mark Felt Public Servant 1913
Leo Fender Quotes Leo Fender Businessman 1909
Edna Ferber Quotes Edna Ferber Novelist 1885
Gianfranco Ferre Designer 1944
Marshall Field Quotes Marshall Field Businessman 1834
Dan Fogelberg Quotes Dan Fogelberg Musician 1951
Just Fontaine Athlete 1933
Malcolm Forbes Quotes Malcolm Forbes Publisher 1917
Lukas Foss Composer 1922
Jonathan Frakes Quotes Jonathan Frakes Actor 1952
Jonathan Franzen Quotes Jonathan Franzen Novelist 1959
Pauline Frederick Quotes Pauline Frederick Actress 1883
Will Friedle Actor 1976
Samuel Fuller Quotes Samuel Fuller Director 1911
Peter Gallagher Quotes Peter Gallagher Actor 1955
Mavis Gallant Author 1922
George Galloway Quotes George Galloway Politician 1954
John Galsworthy Quotes John Galsworthy Author 1867
Jerry Garcia Quotes Jerry Garcia Musician 1942
Marcus Garvey Quotes Marcus Garvey Publisher 1887
Melinda Gates Quotes Melinda Gates Businesswoman 1964
Timothy Geithner Quotes Timothy Geithner Public Servant 1961
Pam Gems Playwright 1925
Richard Gere Quotes Richard Gere Actor 1949
Hugo Gernsback Quotes Hugo Gernsback Inventor 1884
Ben Gibbard Quotes Ben Gibbard Musician 1976
Debbie Gibson Quotes Debbie Gibson Musician 1970
Kathie Lee Gifford Quotes Kathie Lee Gifford Entertainer 1953
Frank Gifford Quotes Frank Gifford Athlete 1930
L. Wolfe Gilbert Musician 1886
Ed Gillespie Quotes Ed Gillespie Politician 1962
Arthur Godfrey Quotes Arthur Godfrey Entertainer 1903
Robert F. Goheen Quotes Robert F. Goheen Educator 1919
Louie Gohmert Quotes Louie Gohmert Politician 1953
William Goldman Quotes William Goldman Novelist 1931
Samuel Goldwyn Producer 1882
Austan Goolsbee Quotes Austan Goolsbee Public Servant 1969
Tipper Gore Quotes Tipper Gore Celebrity 1948
Eydie Gorme Quotes Eydie Gorme Musician 1931
Larry Graham Quotes Larry Graham Musician 1946
Frederick The Great Quotes Frederick The Great Royalty 1786
Duff Green Politician 1791
Bruce Greenwood Quotes Bruce Greenwood Actor 1956
Jimmy Griffin Musician 1943
George Grove Quotes George Grove Writer 1820
Umberto Guidoni Quotes Umberto Guidoni Astronaut 1954
Jean Guitton Philosopher 1901
Buddy Hackett Quotes Buddy Hackett Comedian 1924
Alex Haley Quotes Alex Haley Novelist 1921
Radclyffe Hall Quotes Radclyffe Hall Poet 1880
Edith Hamilton Quotes Edith Hamilton Writer 1867
Scott Hamilton Athlete 1958
Henry Hampton Activist 1940
Marcia Gay Harden Quotes Marcia Gay Harden Actress 1959
Florence Harding Quotes Florence Harding First Lady 1860
Angie Harmon Model 1972
Marvin Harris Quotes Marvin Harris Scientist 1927
Bobby Hatfield Musician 1940
John C. Hawkes Novelist 1925
Benjamin Hawkins Quotes Benjamin Hawkins Diplomat 1754
Robin Hayes Politician 1945
Hermann von Helmholtz Quotes Hermann von Helmholtz Physicist 1821
Chris Hemsworth Quotes Chris Hemsworth Actor 1983
Thierry Henry Quotes Thierry Henry Athlete 1977
Natasha Henstridge Quotes Natasha Henstridge Actress 1974
Georgette Heyer Quotes Georgette Heyer Novelist 1902
Taufik Hidayat Quotes Taufik Hidayat Athlete 1981
Rudolf Hilferding Quotes Rudolf Hilferding Economist 1877
Wendy Hiller Quotes Wendy Hiller Actress 1912
Alfred Hitchcock Quotes Alfred Hitchcock Director 1899
Alun Hoddinott Quotes Alun Hoddinott Composer 1929
Hulk Hogan Quotes Hulk Hogan Celebrity 1953
Ben Hogan Quotes Ben Hogan Athlete 1912
Geoffrey Holder Quotes Geoffrey Holder Actor 1930
Francois Hollande Quotes Francois Hollande Statesman 1954
Herbert Hoover Quotes Herbert Hoover President 1874
Harry Hopkins Quotes Harry Hopkins Diplomat 1890
Paul Horgan Author 1903
John Howe Artist 1957
Glenn Hughes Quotes Glenn Hughes Musician 1952
Ted Hughes Quotes Ted Hughes Poet 1930
Tim Hutchinson Politician 1949
Timothy Hutton Quotes Timothy Hutton Actor 1960
Jacques Ibert Quotes Jacques Ibert Composer 1890
Frederick II Quotes Frederick II Royalty 1786
Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes Robert Green Ingersoll Lawyer 1833
Laura Innes Quotes Laura Innes Actress 1957
Marvin Isley Musician 1953
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Quotes Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Coach 1778
Richard D. James Quotes Richard D. James Musician 1971
Ma Jian Writer 1953
Jill St. John Actress 1940
Betsey Johnson Quotes Betsey Johnson Designer 1942
Rafer Johnson Athlete 1935
Magic Johnson Quotes Magic Johnson Athlete 1959
Sam J. Jones Actor 1954
Mother Jones Activist 1837
Dave Jones Coach 1956
Diana Wynne Jones Quotes Diana Wynne Jones Writer 1934
Mary Harris Jones Quotes Mary Harris Jones Activist 1837
Vernon Jordan Quotes Vernon Jordan Businessman 1935
Donald Justice Quotes Donald Justice Poet 1925
Meir Kahane Quotes Meir Kahane Clergyman 1932
Roy Keane Quotes Roy Keane Athlete 1971
Eugene Kennedy Psychologist 1928
Francis Scott Key Quotes Francis Scott Key Author 1779
Sue Monk Kidd Writer 1948
Aaron Klug Quotes Aaron Klug Physicist 1926
Mark Knopfler Quotes Mark Knopfler Musician 1949
Robert Kocharian Quotes Robert Kocharian Statesman 1954
Peter Krause Quotes Peter Krause Actor 1965
Mila Kunis Quotes Mila Kunis Actress 1983
Arthur Laffer Economist 1940
Jules Laforgue Quotes Jules Laforgue Poet 1860
Bert Lahr Quotes Bert Lahr Actor 1895
Letitia Elizabeth Landon Quotes Letitia Elizabeth Landon Poet 1802
Mitch Landrieu Quotes Mitch Landrieu Politician 1960
Walter Lang Director 1896
Gary Larson Cartoonist 1950
Steig Larsson Quotes Steig Larsson Author 1954
Yves Saint Laurent Quotes Yves Saint Laurent Designer 1936
Jennifer Lawrence Quotes Jennifer Lawrence Actress 1990
T. E. Lawrence Quotes T. E. Lawrence Soldier 1888
Denis Leary Quotes Denis Leary Actor 1957
Michael Ledeen Writer 1941
John F. Lehman, Jr. Businessman 1942
Alan Jay Lerner Quotes Alan Jay Lerner Dramatist 1918
Bernard Levin Quotes Bernard Levin Journalist 1928
Meriwether Lewis Quotes Meriwether Lewis Explorer 1774
Tom Leykis Quotes Tom Leykis Entertainer 1956
Karl Liebknecht Quotes Karl Liebknecht Politician 1871
Billy Long Quotes Billy Long Politician 1955
Jack Lynch Quotes Jack Lynch Statesman 1917
Evanna Lynch Quotes Evanna Lynch Actress 1991
Jean-Francois Lyotard Quotes Jean-Francois Lyotard Philosopher 1924
Rose Macaulay Quotes Rose Macaulay Novelist 1881
Hugh MacDiarmid Quotes Hugh MacDiarmid Poet 1892
Bernard Manning Quotes Bernard Manning Comedian 1931
Wellington Mara Quotes Wellington Mara Businessman 1916
Princess Margaret Quotes Princess Margaret Royalty 1930
Tom Marino Quotes Tom Marino Politician 1952
Julia Marlowe Quotes Julia Marlowe Actress 1866
Steve Martin Quotes Steve Martin Comedian 1945
Mary Matalin Quotes Mary Matalin Celebrity 1953
Christy Mathewson Quotes Christy Mathewson Athlete 1880
Benjamin E. Mays Quotes Benjamin E. Mays Educator 1895
Debi Mazar Quotes Debi Mazar Actress 1964
Francis John McConnell Activist 1871
Frank McCourt Quotes Frank McCourt Author 1930
Ian McDiarmid Quotes Ian McDiarmid Actor 1944
Trevor McDonald Quotes Trevor McDonald Journalist 1939
Josh McDowell Quotes Josh McDowell Writer 1939
Joseph McKenna Quotes Joseph McKenna Politician 1843
Jim McMahon Quotes Jim McMahon Athlete 1959
Gerald McRaney Quotes Gerald McRaney Actor 1947
George Meany Quotes George Meany Activist 1894
Ken Mehlman Politician 1966
Herman Melville Quotes Herman Melville Novelist 1819
Sam Mendes Quotes Sam Mendes Director 1965
Carlos Mesa Quotes Carlos Mesa Statesman 1953
Debra Messing Quotes Debra Messing Actress 1968
Pat Metheny Quotes Pat Metheny Musician 1954
Debbie Meyer Athlete 1952
Jules Michelet Quotes Jules Michelet Historian 1798
Stanley Milgram Psychologist 1933
Czeslaw Milosz Quotes Czeslaw Milosz Poet 2004
Alan Minter Athlete 1951
Maria Mitchell Scientist 1818
David Mixner Activist 1946
Mark Mobius Businessman 1936
Tina Modotti Quotes Tina Modotti Photographer 1896
Thomas S. Monson Quotes Thomas S. Monson Clergyman 1927
Luc Montagnier Quotes Luc Montagnier Scientist 1932
Maria Montessori Quotes Maria Montessori Educator 1870
Van Morrison Quotes Van Morrison Musician 1945
Edwin Moses Quotes Edwin Moses Athlete 1955
Carrie-Anne Moss Quotes Carrie-Anne Moss Actress 1967
Martin Mull Quotes Martin Mull Actor 1943
Carolyn Murphy Model 1975
Story Musgrave Quotes Story Musgrave Astronaut 1935
Pervez Musharraf Quotes Pervez Musharraf Statesman 1943
V. S. Naipaul Novelist 1932
Johnny Nash Musician 1940
Ogden Nash Quotes Ogden Nash Poet 1902
James Nasmyth Quotes James Nasmyth Inventor 1808
Hassan Nasrallah Quotes Hassan Nasrallah Revolutionary 1960
Campbell Newman Quotes Campbell Newman Politician 1963
Hideo Nomo Quotes Hideo Nomo Athlete 1968
Edward Norton Quotes Edward Norton Actor 1969
Jean Nouvel Quotes Jean Nouvel Architect 1945
Maureen O'Hara Actress 1920
Susan Olsen Quotes Susan Olsen Actress 1961
Buck Owens Quotes Buck Owens Musician 1929
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Quotes Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Diplomat 1900
Hayden Panettiere Quotes Hayden Panettiere Actress 1989
Melvin Van Peebles Quotes Melvin Van Peebles Actor 1932
Sean Penn Quotes Sean Penn Actor 1960
William Pepper Quotes William Pepper Scientist 1843
Shimon Peres Quotes Shimon Peres Statesman 1923
Itzhak Perlman Quotes Itzhak Perlman Musician 1945
Oscar Peterson Quotes Oscar Peterson Musician 1925
Roger Peyrefitte Diplomat 1907
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Quotes Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Writer 1844
Abbe Pierre Quotes Abbe Pierre Clergyman 1912
Gifford Pinchot Quotes Gifford Pinchot Politician 1865
Nelson Piquet Quotes Nelson Piquet Celebrity 1952
John Poindexter Quotes John Poindexter Public Servant 1936
Jorge Posada Quotes Jorge Posada Athlete 1971
Llewelyn Powys Writer 1884
Anthony Price Author 1928
David E. Price Quotes David E. Price Politician 1940
Thomas de Quincey Quotes Thomas de Quincey Author 1785
Giuliana Rancic Quotes Giuliana Rancic Journalist 1974
Paul Rand Quotes Paul Rand Designer 1914
Lee R. Raymond Quotes Lee R. Raymond Businessman 1938
Robert Redford Quotes Robert Redford Actor 1937
Marjorie Reynolds Quotes Marjorie Reynolds Actress 1917
Charles Reznikoff Poet 1894
Samuel Richardson Quotes Samuel Richardson Novelist 1689
Frieda von Richthofen Quotes Frieda von Richthofen Celebrity 1879
Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotes Mary Roberts Rinehart Novelist 1876
Herb Ritts Quotes Herb Ritts Photographer 1952
Larry Rivers Quotes Larry Rivers Musician 1923
Frank Robinson Quotes Frank Robinson Athlete 1935
Arthur Rock Businessman 1926
Gene Roddenberry Quotes Gene Roddenberry Producer 1921
Nicolas Roeg Quotes Nicolas Roeg Director 1928
Richard Roeper Quotes Richard Roeper Critic 1960
Joe Rogan Quotes Joe Rogan Comedian 1967
Kenny Rogers Quotes Kenny Rogers Musician 1938
Lil' Romeo Musician 1989
Julius Rosenwald Quotes Julius Rosenwald Businessman 1862
Carl T. Rowan Quotes Carl T. Rowan Journalist 1925
Gilbert Ryle Philosopher 1900
Muqtada al Sadr Clergyman 1973
Andy Samberg Quotes Andy Samberg Comedian 1978
Pete Sampras Quotes Pete Sampras Athlete 1971
Frederick Sanger Quotes Frederick Sanger Scientist 1918
Marilyn vos Savant Writer 1946
John Scarlett Quotes John Scarlett Celebrity 1948
Pierre Schaeffer Quotes Pierre Schaeffer Composer 1910
Dore Schary Producer 1905
Phyllis Schlafly Quotes Phyllis Schlafly Activist 1924
John G. Schmitz Politician 1930
Daniel Schorr Quotes Daniel Schorr Journalist 1916
Marge Schott Quotes Marge Schott Businesswoman 1928
Erwin Schrodinger Quotes Erwin Schrodinger Scientist 1887
E. F. Schumacher Quotes E. F. Schumacher Economist 1911
Frank Scott Poet 1899
Walter Scott Quotes Walter Scott Novelist 1771
Gene Scott Clergyman 1929
Kyra Sedgwick Quotes Kyra Sedgwick Actress 1965
Aarti Sequeira Chef 1978
Andres Serrano Quotes Andres Serrano Photographer 1950
Ernest Thompson Seton Quotes Ernest Thompson Seton Leader 1860
George Sewell Actor 1924
William Shawn Editor 1907
Alan Shearer Quotes Alan Shearer Athlete 1970
Norma Shearer Quotes Norma Shearer Actress 1900
George Shearing Quotes George Shearing Musician 1919
Ben Shneiderman Quotes Ben Shneiderman Scientist 1947
Bill Shoemaker Quotes Bill Shoemaker Athlete 1931
Louise Slaughter Quotes Louise Slaughter Politician 1929
Connie Smith Quotes Connie Smith Musician 1941
Goldwin Smith Quotes Goldwin Smith Historian 1823
Frederick W. Smith Businessman 1944
Rick Snyder Quotes Rick Snyder Politician 1958
Raymond Sokolov Quotes Raymond Sokolov Journalist 1941
Tabitha Soren Quotes Tabitha Soren Celebrity 1967
George Soros Quotes George Soros Businessman 1930
Robert Southey Quotes Robert Southey Poet 1774
Ronnie Spector Quotes Ronnie Spector Musician 1943
Amos Alonzo Stagg Quotes Amos Alonzo Stagg Athlete 1862
John Stamos Quotes John Stamos Actor 1963
John Starks Athlete 1965
Danielle Steel Novelist 1947
Robert Stone Novelist 1937
Lucy Stone Quotes Lucy Stone Activist 1818
Madeleine Stowe Quotes Madeleine Stowe Actress 1958
Joe Strummer Quotes Joe Strummer Musician 1952
Andrew Sullivan Quotes Andrew Sullivan Journalist 1963
Henry James Sumner Maine Quotes Henry James Sumner Maine Historian 1822
Dominique Swain Actress 1980
Patrick Swayze Quotes Patrick Swayze Actor 1952
Serj Tankian Quotes Serj Tankian Musician 1967
Tim Tebow Quotes Tim Tebow Athlete 1987
James Tenney Composer 1934
Leon Theremin Quotes Leon Theremin Inventor 1896
Justin Theroux Quotes Justin Theroux Actor 1971
William Thomas Athlete 1968
J. Lee Thompson Quotes J. Lee Thompson Director 1914
Fred Thompson Quotes Fred Thompson Politician 1942
Edward Thorndike Quotes Edward Thorndike Psychologist 1874
Chris Tucker Quotes Chris Tucker Actor 1972
Barry Unsworth Writer 1930
Elena Vesnina Quotes Elena Vesnina Athlete 1986
Bryan Volpenhein Athlete 1976
Hans Urs von Balthasar Theologian 1905
Sid Waddell Entertainer 1940
Donnie Wahlberg Quotes Donnie Wahlberg Actor 1969
David Wain Quotes David Wain Writer 1969
Robert James Waller Writer 1939
Kerri Walsh Quotes Kerri Walsh Athlete 1978
Lesley Ann Warren Quotes Lesley Ann Warren Actress 1946
Maxine Waters Quotes Maxine Waters Politician 1938
Earl Weaver Quotes Earl Weaver Coach 1930
Marc Webb Quotes Marc Webb Director 1974
Jimmy Webb Quotes Jimmy Webb Composer 1946
Gary Webb Quotes Gary Webb Journalist 1955
Caspar Weinberger Quotes Caspar Weinberger Public Servant 1917
Peter Weir Quotes Peter Weir Director 1944
Wim Wenders Quotes Wim Wenders Director 1945
Mae West Quotes Mae West Actress 1893
John Hay Whitney Publisher 1905
Raymond Williams Quotes Raymond Williams Novelist 1921
Angus Wilson Novelist 1913
Shelley Winters Quotes Shelley Winters Actress 1920
Alicia Witt Actress 1975
Lee Ann Womack Quotes Lee Ann Womack Musician 1966
Steve Wozniak Quotes Steve Wozniak Businessman 1950
Orville Wright Quotes Orville Wright Inventor 1871
Wilhelm Wundt Quotes Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist 1832
Charlotte Mary Yonge Quotes Charlotte Mary Yonge Novelist 1823
Jiang Zemin Quotes Jiang Zemin Leader 1926
Khaleda Zia Quotes Khaleda Zia Statesman 1945
Coolio Quotes Coolio Musician 1963