Authors Born on August , 6th

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August, 6th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Idi Amin Quotes Idi Amin Statesman 2003
Piers Anthony Writer 1934
Guillaume Apollinaire Quotes Guillaume Apollinaire Novelist 1880
Kevin Ayers Quotes Kevin Ayers Composer 1944
Bob Balaban Quotes Bob Balaban Actor 1945
Lucille Ball Quotes Lucille Ball Comedian 1911
Angela Bassett Quotes Angela Bassett Actress 1958
Menachem Begin Quotes Menachem Begin Statesman 1913
Judah Philip Benjamin Quotes Judah Philip Benjamin Politician 1811
Bruce Beresford Director 1940
Rick Berg Quotes Rick Berg Politician 1959
Earl Blumenauer Quotes Earl Blumenauer Politician 1948
Benjamin C. Bradlee Quotes Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor 1921
Ben Bradlee Quotes Ben Bradlee Editor 1921
Carol Moseley Braun Quotes Carol Moseley Braun Politician 1947
John Buchan Quotes John Buchan Politician 1875
Charles Bukowski Quotes Charles Bukowski Author 1920
Chris Burke Actor 1965
Eileen Caddy Quotes Eileen Caddy Celebrity 1917
James Cameron Quotes James Cameron Director 1954
Steve Carell Quotes Steve Carell Actor 1963
Vanessa Carlton Quotes Vanessa Carlton Musician 1980
Arthur Cayley Quotes Arthur Cayley Mathematician 1821
Madonna Ciccone Quotes Madonna Ciccone Musician 1958
Luc de Clapiers Quotes Luc de Clapiers Writer 1715
Paul Claudel Quotes Paul Claudel Dramatist 1868
Bill Copeland Athlete 1929
Julio Cortazar Quotes Julio Cortazar Writer 1914
Macaulay Culkin Quotes Macaulay Culkin Actor 1980
Robert Culp Quotes Robert Culp Actor 1930
Hugh Dalton Quotes Hugh Dalton Politician 1887
Francis Darwin Quotes Francis Darwin Scientist 1848
Ron Davies Politician 1946
Stockwell Day Quotes Stockwell Day Politician 1950
William F. DeVault Poet 1955
Barbara Ehrenreich Quotes Barbara Ehrenreich Writer 1941
Suzanne Farrell Dancer 1945
Geraldine Ferraro Quotes Geraldine Ferraro Politician 1935
Alexander Fleming Quotes Alexander Fleming Scientist 1881
Lee De Forest Quotes Lee De Forest Inventor 1873
Charles Fort Quotes Charles Fort Writer 1874
Nat Friedman Quotes Nat Friedman Businessman 1977
Soleil Moon Frye Quotes Soleil Moon Frye Actress 1976
Zona Gale Quotes Zona Gale Playwright 1874
George Galloway Quotes George Galloway Politician 1954
Melissa George Quotes Melissa George Actress 1976
Hugo Gernsback Quotes Hugo Gernsback Inventor 1884
Hoot Gibson Quotes Hoot Gibson Actor 1892
Hutton Gibson Writer 1918
Kathie Lee Gifford Quotes Kathie Lee Gifford Entertainer 1953
Frank Gifford Quotes Frank Gifford Athlete 1930
Eydie Gorme Quotes Eydie Gorme Musician 1931
Norman Granz Quotes Norman Granz Musician 1918
Charlie Haden Quotes Charlie Haden Musician 1937
Geri Halliwell Quotes Geri Halliwell Musician 1972
Pauline Hanson Quotes Pauline Hanson Politician 1954
James Harden Quotes James Harden Athlete 1989
Georgette Heyer Quotes Georgette Heyer Novelist 1902
Howard Hodgkin Quotes Howard Hodgkin Artist 1932
Richard Hofstadter Quotes Richard Hofstadter Historian 1916
Ted Hughes Quotes Ted Hughes Poet 1930
Timothy Hutton Quotes Timothy Hutton Actor 1960
Laura Innes Quotes Laura Innes Actress 1957
Christopher Isherwood Quotes Christopher Isherwood Author 1904
Michael Jeter Quotes Michael Jeter Actor 1952
Diana Wynne Jones Quotes Diana Wynne Jones Writer 1934
George Kenney Quotes George Kenney Soldier 1889
Aleksandr Kuprin Quotes Aleksandr Kuprin Writer 1870
Jules Laforgue Quotes Jules Laforgue Poet 1860
Johann Heinrich Lambert Quotes Johann Heinrich Lambert Mathematician 1728
Mitch Landrieu Quotes Mitch Landrieu Politician 1960
Kenneth Scott Latourette Historian 1884
Antoine Lavoisier Quotes Antoine Lavoisier Scientist 1743
T. E. Lawrence Quotes T. E. Lawrence Soldier 1888
Jamal Lewis Quotes Jamal Lewis Athlete 1979
Abbey Lincoln Quotes Abbey Lincoln Musician 1930
Friedrich List Quotes Friedrich List Economist 1789
James Loeb Businessman 1867
Earl Long Quotes Earl Long Politician 1895
Evanna Lynch Quotes Evanna Lynch Actress 1991
Nicolas Malebranche Quotes Nicolas Malebranche Philosopher 1638
Shirley Manson Quotes Shirley Manson Musician 1966
Branford Marsalis Quotes Branford Marsalis Musician 1960
Melissa McCarthy Quotes Melissa McCarthy Actress 1970
Trevor McDonald Quotes Trevor McDonald Journalist 1939
James McGreevey Quotes James McGreevey Politician 1957
George Meany Quotes George Meany Activist 1894
Olivier Megaton Director 1965
Robert Mitchum Quotes Robert Mitchum Actor 1917
Kevin Mitnick Quotes Kevin Mitnick Businessman 1963
David Mixner Activist 1946
Tina Modotti Quotes Tina Modotti Photographer 1896
Scott Nearing Quotes Scott Nearing Activist 1883
Daniel O'Connell Politician 1776
Jon Postel Quotes Jon Postel Scientist 1943
Anthony Price Author 1928
Ted Rall Quotes Ted Rall Cartoonist 1963
Leon Redbone Quotes Leon Redbone Musician 1949
Charles Richet Quotes Charles Richet Scientist 1850
Tom Ridge Quotes Tom Ridge Politician 1946
Jules Romains Quotes Jules Romains Author 1885
Jimmy Rushing Quotes Jimmy Rushing Musician 1901
Barbet Schroeder Quotes Barbet Schroeder Director 1941
E. F. Schumacher Quotes E. F. Schumacher Economist 1911
Josh Schwartz Quotes Josh Schwartz Producer 1976
M. Night Shyamalan Quotes M. Night Shyamalan Director 1970
Valerie Simpson Musician 1946
William Slim Quotes William Slim Soldier 1891
Elliott Smith Quotes Elliott Smith Musician 1969
Amos Alonzo Stagg Quotes Amos Alonzo Stagg Athlete 1862
Ryan Sypek Actor 1982
Alfred Lord Tennyson Quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet 1809
Mother Teresa Quotes Mother Teresa Leader 1910
Jeff Tweedy Quotes Jeff Tweedy Musician 1967
Vinnie Vincent Musician 1952
Zerelda G. Wallace Quotes Zerelda G. Wallace Activist 1817
Robert Walpole Quotes Robert Walpole Statesman 1676
Tom Walsh Celebrity 1964
Andy Warhol Quotes Andy Warhol Artist 1928
Lesley Ann Warren Quotes Lesley Ann Warren Actress 1946
Mel Watt Quotes Mel Watt Politician 1945
Edward Witten Quotes Edward Witten Mathematician 1951
Wilhelm Wundt Quotes Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist 1832