Authors Born on December , 6th

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December, 6th

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Abercrombie Quotes John Abercrombie Musician 1944
Steve Allen Quotes Steve Allen Entertainer 1921
Norman Angell Quotes Norman Angell Writer 1872
Judd Apatow Quotes Judd Apatow Director 1967
Ernst Moritz Arndt Quotes Ernst Moritz Arndt Poet 1769
Jane Austen Quotes Jane Austen Writer 1775
Bill Ayers Quotes Bill Ayers Activist 1944
Charles Babbage Quotes Charles Babbage Mathematician 1792
Donovan Bailey Athlete 1967
Richard Harris Barham Quotes Richard Harris Barham Comedian 1788
Edward E. Barnard Quotes Edward E. Barnard Scientist 1857
Evan Bayh Quotes Evan Bayh Politician 1955
Julien Benda Philosopher 1867
Xander Berkeley Quotes Xander Berkeley Actor 1958
Yohan Blake Quotes Yohan Blake Athlete 1989
Steven Bochco Quotes Steven Bochco Producer 1943
Dion Boucicault Quotes Dion Boucicault Dramatist 1822
Benjamin Bratt Quotes Benjamin Bratt Actor 1963
Earle Brown Composer 1926
Dave Brubeck Quotes Dave Brubeck Musician 1920
Peter Buck Quotes Peter Buck Musician 1956
Edward B. Butler Quotes Edward B. Butler Businessman 1853
Timothy F. Cahill Athlete 1979
Donald L. Carcieri Quotes Donald L. Carcieri Politician 1942
Alejo Carpentier Quotes Alejo Carpentier Novelist 1904
Elizabeth Carter Quotes Elizabeth Carter Poet 1717
Arthur C. Clarke Quotes Arthur C. Clarke Writer 1917
Dennis Conner Quotes Dennis Conner Athlete 1942
Noel Coward Quotes Noel Coward Playwright 1899
Robert Crandall Businessman 1935
Candy Crowley Quotes Candy Crowley Journalist 1948
Andrew Cuomo Quotes Andrew Cuomo Politician 1957
Chris Daughtry Quotes Chris Daughtry Musician 1979
Elizabeth David Quotes Elizabeth David Writer 1913
Gray Davis Quotes Gray Davis Politician 1942
Morris Dees Lawyer 1936
Frank Deford Quotes Frank Deford Writer 1938
Norm Dicks Politician 1940
Alfred Eisenstaedt Quotes Alfred Eisenstaedt Photographer 1898
Susan Estrich Journalist 1952
Carlton Fisk Quotes Carlton Fisk Athlete 1947
Lynn Fontanne Quotes Lynn Fontanne Actress 1887
Ira Gershwin Quotes Ira Gershwin Musician 1896
Jim Gibbons Politician 1944
Billy Gibbons Quotes Billy Gibbons Musician 1949
Elian Gonzalez Quotes Elian Gonzalez Celebrity 1993
Lord George Gordon Politician 1751
Thomas Gray Quotes Thomas Gray Poet 1716
Peter Handke Quotes Peter Handke Novelist 1942
William S. Hart Quotes William S. Hart Actor 1864
Colleen Haskell Celebrity 1976
Bill Hicks Quotes Bill Hicks Comedian 1961
Geoff Hoon Quotes Geoff Hoon Politician 1953
Joyce Jillson Quotes Joyce Jillson Celebrity 1946
Murray Kempton Journalist 1917
Joyce Kilmer Quotes Joyce Kilmer Poet 1886
Alan King Quotes Alan King Comedian 1927
Jonathan King Quotes Jonathan King Musician 1944
Zoltan Kodaly Composer 1882
Richard Krajicek Quotes Richard Krajicek Athlete 1971
Jared Leto Quotes Jared Leto Actor 1971
O. Winston Link Quotes O. Winston Link Photographer 1914
Alicia Machado Celebrity 1976
Paul de Man Critic 1919
Johnny Manziel Quotes Johnny Manziel Athlete 1992
Lynn Martin Public Servant 1939
Margaret Mead Quotes Margaret Mead Scientist 1901
Henry Miller Quotes Henry Miller Author 1891
Susanna Moodie Quotes Susanna Moodie Author 1803
Max Muller Quotes Max Muller Educator 1823
Dick Murphy Quotes Dick Murphy Politician 1942
James Naughton Actor 1945
Bruce Nauman Quotes Bruce Nauman Sculptor 1941
Peter Orszag Quotes Peter Orszag Economist 1968
Miranda Otto Quotes Miranda Otto Actress 1967
Nick Park Quotes Nick Park Director 1958
William Perry Quotes William Perry Athlete 1962
George Porter Quotes George Porter Scientist 1920
V. S. Pritchett Writer 1900
Rene Redzepi Chef 1977
George Santayana Quotes George Santayana Philosopher 1863
David Sedaris Quotes David Sedaris Writer 1956
John Selden Statesman 1584
Barbara Smith Activist 1946
Ozzie Smith Quotes Ozzie Smith Athlete 1954
Phil Spector Businessman 1940
Lesley Stahl Quotes Lesley Stahl Journalist 1941
Jane Swisshelm Journalist 1815
William M. Thomas Quotes William M. Thomas Politician 1941
Jean Toomer Quotes Jean Toomer Author 1894
Janine Turner Quotes Janine Turner Actress 1962
Liv Ullman Quotes Liv Ullman Actress 1938
Liv Ullmann Quotes Liv Ullmann Actress 1938
Lars Ulrich Quotes Lars Ulrich Musician 1963
Evelyn Underhill Quotes Evelyn Underhill Writer 1875
Robert Urich Quotes Robert Urich Actor 1946
Remedios Varo Quotes Remedios Varo Artist 1908
Miroslav Vitous Musician 1947
John Walsh Quotes John Walsh Entertainer 1945
Arabella Weir Comedian 1957
Ryan White Quotes Ryan White Celebrity 1971
George Whitefield Quotes George Whitefield Clergyman 1714
Richard Widmark Quotes Richard Widmark Actor 1914
JoBeth Williams Quotes JoBeth Williams Actress 1948
Rose Mary Woods Quotes Rose Mary Woods Celebrity 1917
Steven Wright Quotes Steven Wright Comedian 1955
Mao Zedong Quotes Mao Zedong Leader 1893