Authors Born on December , 9th

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December, 9th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Roland Allen Clergyman 1868
Kurt Angle 1968
Joan Armatrading Quotes Joan Armatrading Musician 1950
Ashleigh Banfield Journalist 1967
Alice Barrett Actress 1956
Jennifer Beals Quotes Jennifer Beals Actress 1963
Joshua Bell Quotes Joshua Bell Musician 1967
Leonid I. Brezhnev Quotes Leonid I. Brezhnev Statesman 1906
Beau Bridges Quotes Beau Bridges Actor 1941
Vera Brittain Quotes Vera Brittain Writer 1893
Jean de Brunhoff Writer 1899
Phil Bryant Quotes Phil Bryant Politician 1954
Dick Butkus Quotes Dick Butkus Athlete 1942
R. A. Butler Politician 1902
Pablo Casals Quotes Pablo Casals Musician 1876
John Cassavetes Quotes John Cassavetes Actor 1929
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Quotes Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Statesman 1920
Patricia Clarkson Quotes Patricia Clarkson Actress 1959
Tre Cool Quotes Tre Cool Musician 1972
Eric Allin Cornell Quotes Eric Allin Cornell Physicist 1961
Broderick Crawford Quotes Broderick Crawford Actor 1911
Beatrice Dalle Quotes Beatrice Dalle Actress 1964
Rick Danko Quotes Rick Danko Musician 1943
Ted Danson Quotes Ted Danson Actor 1947
Tom Daschle Quotes Tom Daschle Politician 1947
Judi Dench Quotes Judi Dench Actress 1934
Michael Dorn Quotes Michael Dorn Actor 1952
Kirk Douglas Quotes Kirk Douglas Actor 1916
William A. Drake Writer 1899
Jakob Dylan Quotes Jakob Dylan Musician 1969
Jennifer Ehle Actress 1969
Samuel G. Engel Writer 1904
Marianne Faithfull Quotes Marianne Faithfull Musician 1946
Mary Fallin Quotes Mary Fallin Politician 1954
Minnie Maddern Fiske Quotes Minnie Maddern Fiske Actress 1865
Redd Foxx Quotes Redd Foxx Actor 1922
Ford Frick Quotes Ford Frick Journalist 1894
Klaus Fuchs Quotes Klaus Fuchs Physicist 1911
William Gaddis Quotes William Gaddis Novelist 1922
Ernest Gellner Philosopher 1925
Jean Genet Quotes Jean Genet Dramatist 1910
Hermione Gingold Quotes Hermione Gingold Actress 1897
William E. Gladstone Quotes William E. Gladstone Leader 1809
Charles Goodyear Quotes Charles Goodyear Inventor 1800
Benny Green Musician 1927
George Grossmith Quotes George Grossmith Actor 1847
Mel Gussow Critic 1933
Jake Gyllenhaal Quotes Jake Gyllenhaal Actor 1980
Margaret Hamilton Quotes Margaret Hamilton Actress 1902
Doug Harvey Quotes Doug Harvey Athlete 1924
Bob Hawke Quotes Bob Hawke Statesman 1929
Thorstein Heins Businessman 1957
Buck Henry Actor 1930
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Author 1916
Grace Hopper Quotes Grace Hopper Scientist 1906
Felicity Huffman Quotes Felicity Huffman Actress 1962
Josefa Iloilo Quotes Josefa Iloilo Statesman 1920
John James Ingalls Quotes John James Ingalls Politician 1833
Neil Innes Quotes Neil Innes Writer 1944
Derrick Jensen Author 1960
Andrew Johnson Quotes Andrew Johnson President 1808
Al Kaline Quotes Al Kaline Athlete 1934
Emmett Kelly Quotes Emmett Kelly Entertainer 1898
Henry W. Kendall Quotes Henry W. Kendall Scientist 1926
Don King Celebrity 1932
Gelsey Kirkland Dancer 1952
Tom Kite Quotes Tom Kite Athlete 1949
Louis Kronenberger Critic 1904
Peter Kropotkin Quotes Peter Kropotkin Revolutionary 1842
Joe Lando Quotes Joe Lando Actor 1961
Jude Law Quotes Jude Law Actor 1972
Richard Leakey Quotes Richard Leakey Environmentalist 1944
Alvin Lee Quotes Alvin Lee Musician 1944
Jane Levy Quotes Jane Levy Actress 1989
LaToya London Quotes LaToya London Musician 1978
Mike Lookinland Quotes Mike Lookinland Actor 1960
John Malkovich Quotes John Malkovich Actor 1953
Princess Masako Quotes Princess Masako Royalty 1964
Alyssa Milano Quotes Alyssa Milano Actress 1972
John Milton Quotes John Milton Poet 1608
Katherine Moennig Quotes Katherine Moennig Actress 1977
Mary Tyler Moore Quotes Mary Tyler Moore Actress 1936
Walter Murphy Musician 1952
James Patrick Murray Journalist 1919
Lee Myung-bak Quotes Lee Myung-bak Statesman 1941
Joseph Needham Quotes Joseph Needham Scientist 1900
Ray Nitschke Quotes Ray Nitschke Athlete 1936
Phil Ochs Quotes Phil Ochs Musician 1940
Thomas P. O'Neill Politician 1912
Donny Osmond Quotes Donny Osmond Musician 1957
Dick Van Patten Quotes Dick Van Patten Actor 1928
Dave Pelzer Quotes Dave Pelzer Writer 1960
Edith Piaf Quotes Edith Piaf Musician 1915
Albert Pike Quotes Albert Pike Lawyer 1809
Ricky Ponting Quotes Ricky Ponting Athlete 1974
Eleanor Porter Quotes Eleanor Porter Novelist 1868
Rob Portman Quotes Rob Portman Politician 1955
Paula Poundstone Quotes Paula Poundstone Comedian 1959
James Rainwater Quotes James Rainwater Scientist 1917
Tim Reid Quotes Tim Reid Actor 1944
Ralph Richardson Quotes Ralph Richardson Actor 1902
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Quotes Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Musician 1915
Sam Sheppard Scientist 1923
Robert B. Sherman Quotes Robert B. Sherman Musician 1925
H. Allen Smith Quotes H. Allen Smith Journalist 1907
Marla Sokoloff Quotes Marla Sokoloff Actor 1980
Edwin M. Stanton Quotes Edwin M. Stanton Lawyer 1814
Barbara Steele Actress 1937
Italo Svevo Quotes Italo Svevo Businessman 1861
Kristy Swanson Quotes Kristy Swanson Actress 1969
Carmen Sylva Quotes Carmen Sylva Royalty 1843
Alberto Tomba Quotes Alberto Tomba Athlete 1966
Joanna Trollope Quotes Joanna Trollope Novelist 1943
Dalton Trumbo Quotes Dalton Trumbo Novelist 1905
Cicely Tyson Quotes Cicely Tyson Actress 1933
Jon Voight Quotes Jon Voight Actor 1938
Andy Wachowski Quotes Andy Wachowski Director 1967
Reggie White Quotes Reggie White Athlete 1961
Carter G. Woodson Quotes Carter G. Woodson Historian 1875