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February, 2nd

Image Author Type Birthyear
Casey Abrams Quotes Casey Abrams Musician 1991
Ansel Adams Quotes Ansel Adams Photographer 1902
Edward Albert Actor 1951
Amy Alcott Athlete 1956
Svetlana Alliluyeva Quotes Svetlana Alliluyeva Celebrity 1926
Robert Altman Quotes Robert Altman Director 1925
Lauren Ambrose Quotes Lauren Ambrose Actress 1978
Sparky Anderson Quotes Sparky Anderson Coach 1934
Peter Andre Quotes Peter Andre Musician 1973
Mario Andretti Quotes Mario Andretti Celebrity 1940
Aziz Ansari Quotes Aziz Ansari Comedian 1983
Mary Antin Activist 1909
Darren Aronofsky Quotes Darren Aronofsky Director 1969
Paddy Ashdown Quotes Paddy Ashdown Politician 1941
Margot Asquith Quotes Margot Asquith Author 1864
Roberto Assagioli Psychologist 1888
Sean Astin Quotes Sean Astin Actor 1971
Christopher Atkins Quotes Christopher Atkins Actor 1961
Lee Atwater Politician 1951
W. H. Auden Quotes W. H. Auden Poet 1907
Berthold Auerbach Quotes Berthold Auerbach Author 1812
Tex Avery Quotes Tex Avery Cartoonist 1908
David Axelrod Quotes David Axelrod Public Servant 1955
Jose Maria Aznar Quotes Jose Maria Aznar Statesman 1953
W. E. B. Du Bois Quotes W. E. B. Du Bois Writer 1868
Howard Bach Athlete 1979
Jim Backus Quotes Jim Backus Actor 1913
Robert Baden-Powell Quotes Robert Baden-Powell Soldier 1857
Adam Baldwin Quotes Adam Baldwin Actor 1962
Billy Baldwin Designer 1963
William Baldwin Quotes William Baldwin Actor 1963
Hugo Ball Quotes Hugo Ball Author 1886
Ed Balls Quotes Ed Balls Politician 1967
Ehud Barak Quotes Ehud Barak Statesman 1942
Charles Barkley Quotes Charles Barkley Athlete 1963
Majel Barrett Quotes Majel Barrett Actress 1932
Drew Barrymore Quotes Drew Barrymore Actress 1975
Stephanie Beacham Quotes Stephanie Beacham Actress 1947
August Bebel Quotes August Bebel Politician 1840
Walter Becker Musician 1950
Max Beckmann Quotes Max Beckmann Artist 1884
William Rose Benet Quotes William Rose Benet Poet 1886
Joan Bennett Quotes Joan Bennett Actress 1910
Anna Benson Celebrity 1976
Georges Bernanos Quotes Georges Bernanos Author 1888
Raymond Berry Athlete 1933
Elizabeth Bibesco Quotes Elizabeth Bibesco Poet 1897
Buffalo Bill Quotes Buffalo Bill Celebrity 1846
Kelly Bishop Actress 1944
Hugo Black Quotes Hugo Black Judge 1886
Kenneth Blackwell Quotes Kenneth Blackwell Politician 1948
Steve Blake Quotes Steve Blake Athlete 1980
Sara Blakely Quotes Sara Blakely Businesswoman 1971
Brenda Blethyn Quotes Brenda Blethyn Actress 1946
Corbin Bleu Quotes Corbin Bleu Actor 1989
Judy Blume Quotes Judy Blume Author 1938
James Blunt Quotes James Blunt Musician 1977
Emily Blunt Quotes Emily Blunt Actress 1983
Tom Bodett Author 1955
Arrigo Boito Poet 1842
Michael Bolton Quotes Michael Bolton Musician 1954
Erma Bombeck Quotes Erma Bombeck Journalist 1927
Bobby Bonilla Athlete 1963
Lesley Boone Actress 1968
Barry Bostwick Quotes Barry Bostwick Actor 1946
Omar N. Bradley Quotes Omar N. Bradley Soldier 1893
Andrew Coyle Bradley Judge 1844
Christie Brinkley Quotes Christie Brinkley Model 1954
Peter Brock Quotes Peter Brock Celebrity 1945
Josh Brolin Quotes Josh Brolin Actor 1968
Gordon Brown Quotes Gordon Brown Politician 1951
Dee Brown Novelist 1908
Luis Bunuel Quotes Luis Bunuel Director 1900
Anthony Burgess Quotes Anthony Burgess Novelist 1917
John Burke Lawyer 1859
James E. Burke Businessman 1925
William Allen Butler Lawyer 1825
Judith Butler Quotes Judith Butler Philosopher 1956
Jonathan Cain Quotes Jonathan Cain Musician 1950
Jeanne Calment Quotes Jeanne Calment Celebrity 1875
Thomas Campion Composer 1567
Milton Caniff Quotes Milton Caniff Cartoonist 1907
Mary Chapin Carpenter Quotes Mary Chapin Carpenter Musician 1958
Enrico Caruso Quotes Enrico Caruso Musician 1873
Johnny Cash Quotes Johnny Cash Musician 1932
John Graham Chambers Celebrity 1843
Michael Chang Quotes Michael Chang Athlete 1972
Duane Chapman Quotes Duane Chapman Celebrity 1953
Mary Ellen Chase Educator 1887
Dominic Chianese Quotes Dominic Chianese Actor 1931
Chris Chocola Politician 1962
Rae Dawn Chong Actress 1961
Steven Chu Quotes Steven Chu Scientist 1948
Charlotte Church Quotes Charlotte Church Musician 1986
Helen Clark Quotes Helen Clark Statesman 1950
Chelsea Clinton Quotes Chelsea Clinton Celebrity 1980
Kurt Cobain Musician 1967
Rory Cochrane Quotes Rory Cochrane Actor 1972
Roy Cohn Quotes Roy Cohn Lawyer 1927
Robin G. Collingwood Philosopher 1889
Fairfax Cone Businessman 1903
John Connally Quotes John Connally Politician 1917
Robin Cook Quotes Robin Cook Politician 1946
Jilly Cooper Quotes Jilly Cooper Author 1937
Colin Cooper Athlete 1967
Peter Cooper Quotes Peter Cooper Inventor 1791
F. M. Cornford Poet 1874
Bernard Cornwell Novelist 1944
John Cornyn Quotes John Cornyn Politician 1952
Emile Coue Quotes Emile Coue Psychologist 1857
Tom Courtenay Quotes Tom Courtenay Actor 1937
Cindy Crawford Quotes Cindy Crawford Model 1966
George William Curtis Quotes George William Curtis Author 1824
Tyne Daly Quotes Tyne Daly Actress 1946
Anthony Daniels Quotes Anthony Daniels Actor 1946
Charles Darwin Quotes Charles Darwin Scientist 1809
Sam Dash Lawyer 1925
Samuel Dash Lawyer 1925
Kristin Davis Quotes Kristin Davis Actress 1965
Anthony Davis Composer 1951
Ahmet Davutoglu Quotes Ahmet Davutoglu Diplomat 1959
Les Dawson Comedian 1933
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Quotes Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Diplomat 1754
Margaret Deland Quotes Margaret Deland Novelist 1857
Leo Delibes Quotes Leo Delibes Composer 1836
Michael Dell Quotes Michael Dell Businessman 1965
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Quotes Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Writer 1463
Jonathan Demme Quotes Jonathan Demme Director 1944
Morarji Desai Quotes Morarji Desai Politician 1896
Timothy Dexter Quotes Timothy Dexter Businessman 1748
James Dickey Quotes James Dickey Novelist 1923
Barry Diller Quotes Barry Diller Businessman 1942
Thomas M. Disch Quotes Thomas M. Disch Author 1940
Charles Van Doren Quotes Charles Van Doren Celebrity 1926
Rachel Dratch Quotes Rachel Dratch Comedian 1966
Janez Drnovsek Quotes Janez Drnovsek Statesman 2008
Rene Dubos Quotes Rene Dubos Scientist 1901
John Foster Dulles Quotes John Foster Dulles Public Servant 1888
Todd Duncan Quotes Todd Duncan Actor 1903
Sandy Duncan Quotes Sandy Duncan Musician 1946
Joey Dunlop Quotes Joey Dunlop Celebrity 1952
Charles Durning Quotes Charles Durning Actor 1923
Terry Eagleton Quotes Terry Eagleton Critic 1943
Abba Eban Quotes Abba Eban Diplomat 1915
Herb Elliott Athlete 1938
Sean Elliott Athlete 1968
Havelock Ellis Psychologist 1859
Recep Tayyip Erdogan Quotes Recep Tayyip Erdogan Politician 1954
Ralph Erskine Architect 1914
Julius Erving Quotes Julius Erving Athlete 1950
Marc Faber Businessman 1946
John Fahey Quotes John Fahey Musician 1939
Dakota Fanning Quotes Dakota Fanning Actress 1994
Dennis Farina Quotes Dennis Farina Actor 1944
James T. Farrell Quotes James T. Farrell Novelist 1904
Farrah Fawcett Quotes Farrah Fawcett Actress 1947
Mike Figgis Quotes Mike Figgis Director 1948
Guy Finley Writer 1949
Charles O. Finley Businessman 1918
Irving Fisher Quotes Irving Fisher Economist 1867
Terence Fisher Director 1904
Ric Flair Quotes Ric Flair Celebrity 1949
Peter Fonda Quotes Peter Fonda Actor 1940
Edward Forbes Quotes Edward Forbes Scientist 1815
Don Fraser Politician 1924
Bill Frist Quotes Bill Frist Politician 1952
Jenny Frost Quotes Jenny Frost Musician 1978
Hayden Fry Quotes Hayden Fry Coach 1929
Joe Garagiola Quotes Joe Garagiola Athlete 1926
Jeff Garcia Quotes Jeff Garcia Athlete 1970
Marc Garneau Quotes Marc Garneau Astronaut 1949
Greg Garrison Director 1924
Ina Garten Quotes Ina Garten Author 1948
Gordon Gee Quotes Gordon Gee Educator 1944
David Geffen Businessman 1943
Frank Gehry Quotes Frank Gehry Architect 1929
Larry Gelbart Quotes Larry Gelbart Writer 1928
Elizabeth George Author 1949
Jim Gerlach Quotes Jim Gerlach Politician 1955
Ricky Gervais Quotes Ricky Gervais Writer 1961
Stan Getz Quotes Stan Getz Musician 1927
Park Geun-hye Quotes Park Geun-hye Politician 1952
Eric Gill Quotes Eric Gill Sculptor 1882
Hubert de Givenchy Quotes Hubert de Givenchy Designer 1927
Jackie Gleason Quotes Jackie Gleason Actor 1916
Carlo Goldoni Quotes Carlo Goldoni Playwright 1707
James Goldsmith Businessman 1933
Dexter Gordon Quotes Dexter Gordon Musician 1923
Gale Gordon Quotes Gale Gordon Actor 1906
Edward Gorey Quotes Edward Gorey Author 1925
Gilbert Gottfried Quotes Gilbert Gottfried Comedian 1955
Kelsey Grammer Quotes Kelsey Grammer Actor 1955
Anne Grant Poet 1755
Jimmy Greaves Quotes Jimmy Greaves Athlete 1940
Ashley Greene Quotes Ashley Greene Actress 1987
Wilfred Grenfell Activist 1865
Josh Groban Quotes Josh Groban Musician 1981
Sacha Guitry Quotes Sacha Guitry Director 1885
Steve Hackett Quotes Steve Hackett Writer 1950
George Halas Quotes George Halas Coach 1895
Arsenio Hall Quotes Arsenio Hall Comedian 1955
Alice Hamilton Quotes Alice Hamilton Scientist 1869
Chelsea Handler Quotes Chelsea Handler Comedian 1975
Phil Hare Politician 1949
Edward H. Harriman Quotes Edward H. Harriman Businessman 1848
Michael Harrington Quotes Michael Harrington Writer 1928
Jerry Harrison Quotes Jerry Harrison Musician 1949
George Harrison Quotes George Harrison Musician 1943
Anthony Head Quotes Anthony Head Actor 1954
Patty Hearst Quotes Patty Hearst Celebrity 1954
Ben Hecht Quotes Ben Hecht Writer 1894
Mitch Hedberg Quotes Mitch Hedberg Comedian 1968
Jascha Heifetz Quotes Jascha Heifetz Musician 1901
Claude Adrien Helvetius Quotes Claude Adrien Helvetius Philosopher 1715
Josephine K. Henry Quotes Josephine K. Henry Activist 1846
Jay Hernandez Actor 1978
Lleyton Hewitt Quotes Lleyton Hewitt Athlete 1981
Jennifer Love Hewitt Quotes Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress 1979
Steven Hill Quotes Steven Hill Actor 1922
Joel Hodgson Quotes Joel Hodgson Entertainer 1960
Rupert Holmes Composer 1947
Winslow Homer Quotes Winslow Homer Artist 1836
Larry Hovis Quotes Larry Hovis Musician 1936
Robert Huber Quotes Robert Huber Scientist 1937
Chad Hugo Quotes Chad Hugo Musician 1974
Victor Hugo Quotes Victor Hugo Author 1802
Muriel Humphrey Celebrity 1912
Nelson Bunker Hunt Businessman 1926
Holly Hunter Quotes Holly Hunter Actress 1958
Charlayne Hunter-Gault Journalist 1942
Betty Hutton Quotes Betty Hutton Actress 1921
Pope Paul III Quotes Pope Paul III Clergyman 1468
Donnie Iris Quotes Donnie Iris Musician 1943
Michael Ironside Quotes Michael Ironside Actor 1950
Julius Irving Quotes Julius Irving Athlete 1950
Steve Irwin Quotes Steve Irwin Scientist 1962
Brion James Actor 1945
Barbara Januszkiewicz Quotes Barbara Januszkiewicz Artist 1955
Karl Jaspers Quotes Karl Jaspers Psychologist 1883
Steve Jobs Quotes Steve Jobs Businessman 1955
Daymond John Quotes Daymond John Businessman 1969
Sonia Johnson Activist 1936
Brian Jones Quotes Brian Jones Musician 1942
Barbara Jordan Quotes Barbara Jordan Politician 1936
Neil Jordan Quotes Neil Jordan Director 1950
Frank Jordan Politician 1935
James Joyce Quotes James Joyce Novelist 1882
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Athlete 1977
Louis Kahn Quotes Louis Kahn Architect 1901
Otto Hermann Kahn Quotes Otto Hermann Kahn Businessman 1867
Tim Kaine Quotes Tim Kaine Politician 1958
Leon Kass Quotes Leon Kass Educator 1939
Erich Kastner Quotes Erich Kastner Author 1899
Christine Keeler Quotes Christine Keeler Model 1942
John Harvey Kellogg Quotes John Harvey Kellogg Businessman 1852
Edward Kennedy Quotes Edward Kennedy Politician 1932
Michael Kennedy Celebrity 1958
Adam Kinzinger Quotes Adam Kinzinger Politician 1978
Martin Kippenberger Quotes Martin Kippenberger Artist 1953
Nestor Kirchner Quotes Nestor Kirchner Statesman 1950
Bill Klem Quotes Bill Klem Athlete 1874
Roger Knapman Politician 1944
Phil Knight Quotes Phil Knight Businessman 1938
Philip Knight Quotes Philip Knight Businessman 1938
Kenneth Koch Poet 1925
Horst Koehler Quotes Horst Koehler Statesman 1943
Fritz Kreisler Quotes Fritz Kreisler Composer 1875
Marta Kristen Actress 1945
Paul Krugman Quotes Paul Krugman Economist 1953
Bela Kun Quotes Bela Kun Politician 1886
Karolina Kurkova Quotes Karolina Kurkova Model 1984
Ray Kurzweil Quotes Ray Kurzweil Inventor 1948
Burton Lane Composer 1912
Stefano Langone Quotes Stefano Langone Musician 1989
Ali Larter Quotes Ali Larter Model 1976
Bill Laswell Quotes Bill Laswell Musician 1955
Niki Lauda Quotes Niki Lauda Athlete 1949
Denis Law Quotes Denis Law Athlete 1940
Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Quotes Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin Revolutionary 1807
Michel Legrand Quotes Michel Legrand Composer 1932
Lotte Lehmann Musician 1888
Mike Leigh Director 1943
Tony Lema Athlete 1934
Tea Leoni Quotes Tea Leoni Actress 1966
John Lewis Quotes John Lewis Politician 1940
John L. Lewis Quotes John L. Lewis Leader 1880
Joe Lieberman Quotes Joe Lieberman Politician 1942
Abraham Lincoln Quotes Abraham Lincoln President 1809
Eric Lindros Athlete 1973
Norman Lindsay Quotes Norman Lindsay Artist 1879
Brian Littrell Quotes Brian Littrell Musician 1975
Gary Lockwood Quotes Gary Lockwood Actor 1937
Donal Logue Quotes Donal Logue Actor 1966
Alfred Loisy Quotes Alfred Loisy Clergyman 1857
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poet 1807
Alice Roosevelt Longworth Quotes Alice Roosevelt Longworth Author 1884
Samuel Lover Artist 1797
James Russell Lowell Quotes James Russell Lowell Poet 1819
Henri de Lubac Clergyman 1896
Brian Lumley Quotes Brian Lumley Writer 1937
Mary Lyon Quotes Mary Lyon Educator 1797
Kelly Macdonald Quotes Kelly Macdonald Actress 1976
Kyle MacLachlan Quotes Kyle MacLachlan Actor 1959
Gavin MacLeod Quotes Gavin MacLeod Actor 1930
Roger Mahony Quotes Roger Mahony Clergyman 1936
Ella Maillart Quotes Ella Maillart Writer 1903
Ellen Malcolm Activist 1947
Kazimir Malevich Quotes Kazimir Malevich Artist 1878
Ray Manzarek Quotes Ray Manzarek Musician 1939
Kate Mara Quotes Kate Mara Actress 1983
Kenny Marchant Politician 1951
Marino Marini Sculptor 1901
Christopher Marlowe Quotes Christopher Marlowe Dramatist 1564
Vincent Massey Quotes Vincent Massey Politician 1887
Cotton Mather Quotes Cotton Mather Theologian 1663
Rue McClanahan Quotes Rue McClanahan Actress 1934
Mitch McConnell Quotes Mitch McConnell Politician 1942
Barry McGuigan Athlete 1961
George H. Mead Quotes George H. Mead Philosopher 1863
George Herbert Mead Quotes George Herbert Mead Philosopher 1863
Peter Medawar Quotes Peter Medawar Scientist 1915
Sid Meier Quotes Sid Meier Scientist 1954
George Meredith Quotes George Meredith Novelist 1828
Ralph Merkle Quotes Ralph Merkle Scientist 1952
Zell Miller Quotes Zell Miller Politician 1932
Mick Miller Comedian 1950
Perry Miller Historian 1905
Dan Millman Author 1946
John Mills Quotes John Mills Actor 1908
Vincente Minnelli Quotes Vincente Minnelli Director 1903
Michel de Montaigne Quotes Michel de Montaigne Philosopher 1533
Sun Myung Moon Quotes Sun Myung Moon Clergyman 1920
George A. Moore Quotes George A. Moore Novelist 1852
Hannah More Quotes Hannah More Writer 1745
Robert Mugabe Quotes Robert Mugabe Statesman 1924
Eddie Murray Quotes Eddie Murray Athlete 1956
Li Na Quotes Li Na Athlete 1982
Jerry Nachman Journalist 1946
Ralph Nader Quotes Ralph Nader Lawyer 1934
Ajay Naidu Actor 1972
Graham Nash Quotes Graham Nash Musician 1942
Knute Nelson Quotes Knute Nelson Politician 1843
Howard Nemerov Quotes Howard Nemerov Poet 1920
John Henry Newman Quotes John Henry Newman Clergyman 1801
John George Nicolay Writer 1832
Chester W. Nimitz Quotes Chester W. Nimitz Soldier 1885
Anais Nin Quotes Anais Nin Author 1903
Tricia Nixon Quotes Tricia Nixon Celebrity 1946
Robert Novak Quotes Robert Novak Journalist 1931
Bob Novak Quotes Bob Novak Entertainer 1931
Nancy O'Dell Celebrity 1963
Sean O'Faolain Writer 1900
Edward James Olmos Quotes Edward James Olmos Actor 1947
Ken Olsen Quotes Ken Olsen Businessman 1926
Jennifer O'Neill Actress 1948
Tom Osborne Quotes Tom Osborne Politician 1937
Marcel Pagnol Quotes Marcel Pagnol Dramatist 1895
Chuck Palahniuk Quotes Chuck Palahniuk Novelist 1961
Teresa Palmer Quotes Teresa Palmer Actress 1986
Seymour Papert Quotes Seymour Papert Mathematician 1928
Linus Pauling Quotes Linus Pauling Scientist 1901
James Payn Quotes James Payn Novelist 1830
Hesketh Pearson Actor 1887
John Pearson Theologian 1612
Sam Peckinpah Director 1925
Samuel Pepys Quotes Samuel Pepys Writer 1633
Mike Peters Cartoonist 1959
Bernadette Peters Quotes Bernadette Peters Actress 1948
William Petersen Quotes William Petersen Actor 1953
Sidney Poitier Quotes Sidney Poitier Actor 1924
Steve Powers Journalist 1934
William Prescott Quotes William Prescott Soldier 1726
Gerald Priestland Journalist 1927
Alain Prost Quotes Alain Prost Celebrity 1955
David Puttnam Quotes David Puttnam Producer 1941
Raymond Queneau Quotes Raymond Queneau Poet 1903
Ayn Rand Quotes Ayn Rand Writer 1905
Tony Randall Quotes Tony Randall Actor 1920
John Rawls Quotes John Rawls Educator 1921
Henry Reed Writer 1914
Ishmael Reed Poet 1938
Tracy Reese Quotes Tracy Reese Designer 1964
Ernest Renan Quotes Ernest Renan Philosopher 1823
Jules Renard Quotes Jules Renard Dramatist 1864
Auguste Renoir Quotes Auguste Renoir Artist 1841
Christina Ricci Quotes Christina Ricci Actress 1980
Bob Richards Athlete 1926
Patricia Richardson Quotes Patricia Richardson Actress 1951
Sanya Richards-Ross Quotes Sanya Richards-Ross Athlete 1985
Alan Rickman Quotes Alan Rickman Actor 1946
Paul Ricoeur Quotes Paul Ricoeur Philosopher 1913
Bobby Riggs Athlete 1918
Emmanuelle Riva Quotes Emmanuelle Riva Actress 1927
Tony Robbins Quotes Tony Robbins Author 1960
Harold Rosenberg Writer 1906
Gioachino Rossini Quotes Gioachino Rossini Composer 1792
Tiny Rowland Quotes Tiny Rowland Businessman 1917
Mercedes Ruehl Quotes Mercedes Ruehl Actress 1948
Nate Ruess Quotes Nate Ruess Musician 1982
Ja Rule Quotes Ja Rule Musician 1976
Joanna Russ Quotes Joanna Russ Writer 1937
Bill Russell Quotes Bill Russell Athlete 1934
Jeri Ryan Quotes Jeri Ryan Actress 1968
George Ryan Quotes George Ryan Politician 1934
Aaron Sanchez Quotes Aaron Sanchez Chef 1976
Justin Sane Quotes Justin Sane Musician 1973
Gene Sarazen Quotes Gene Sarazen Athlete 1902
David Sarnoff Quotes David Sarnoff Inventor 1891
Bob Schieffer Quotes Bob Schieffer Journalist 1937
Arthur M. Schlesinger Quotes Arthur M. Schlesinger Historian 1888
Neal Schon Musician 1954
Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes Arthur Schopenhauer Philosopher 1788
Zachary Scott Quotes Zachary Scott Actor 1914
Andres Segovia Quotes Andres Segovia Musician 1893
Terry Semel Quotes Terry Semel Businessman 1943
Ernest Shackleton Quotes Ernest Shackleton Explorer 1874
Ariel Sharon Quotes Ariel Sharon Leader 1928
Irwin Shaw Quotes Irwin Shaw Novelist 1913
John Shimkus Quotes John Shimkus Politician 1958
Michelle Shocked Quotes Michelle Shocked Musician 1962
Dinah Shore Quotes Dinah Shore Actress 1916
Grant Show Quotes Grant Show Actor 1962
Andrew Shue Quotes Andrew Shue Actor 1967
Julian Lincoln Simon Educator 1932
Nina Simone Quotes Nina Simone Musician 1933
Vijay Singh Quotes Vijay Singh Athlete 1963
Joshua Slocum Quotes Joshua Slocum Explorer 1844
Agnes Smedley Quotes Agnes Smedley Journalist 1892
Liz Smith Journalist 1923
Adrian Smith Quotes Adrian Smith Musician 1957
Walter Smith Athlete 1948
Bubba Smith Quotes Bubba Smith Athlete 1945
Dean Smith Quotes Dean Smith Athlete 1931
Tommy Smothers Quotes Tommy Smothers Comedian 1937
Olympia Snowe Quotes Olympia Snowe Politician 1947
Timothy Spall Quotes Timothy Spall Actor 1936
Arlen Specter Quotes Arlen Specter Politician 1930
Brent Spiner Quotes Brent Spiner Actor 1949
Ralph Stanley Quotes Ralph Stanley Musician 1927
John Steinbeck Quotes John Steinbeck Author 1902
James Stephens Poet 1882
Louis Stokes Politician 1925
Peter Stone Writer 1930
Dorothy Stratten Quotes Dorothy Stratten Celebrity 1960
Robert Strauss Actor 1975
Levi Strauss Quotes Levi Strauss Businessman 1829
Tara Strong Actress 1973
Bart Stupak Politician 1952
Theodore Sturgeon Quotes Theodore Sturgeon Writer 1918
Harry Stack Sullivan Psychologist 1892
John Sutter Quotes John Sutter Celebrity 1809
David Sylvian Quotes David Sylvian Musician 1958
Arthur Symons Quotes Arthur Symons Poet 1865
Elizabeth Taylor Quotes Elizabeth Taylor Actress 1932
Lili Taylor Actress 1967
John Tenniel Quotes John Tenniel Artist 1820
Ellen Terry Quotes Ellen Terry Actress 1847
Mike Tice Coach 1959
Carrot Top Quotes Carrot Top Comedian 1967
Boris Trajkovski Quotes Boris Trajkovski Statesman 2004
Leopold Trepper Celebrity 1904
Forrest Tucker Quotes Forrest Tucker Actor 1919
Tommy Tune Quotes Tommy Tune Dancer 1939
John Turturro Quotes John Turturro Actor 1957
Bobby Unser Celebrity 1934
Gloria Vanderbilt Quotes Gloria Vanderbilt Designer 1924
Michael Vartan Quotes Michael Vartan Actor 1968
Abe Vigoda Quotes Abe Vigoda Actor 1921
Edna St. Vincent Millay Quotes Edna St. Vincent Millay Author 1892
Judith Viorst Author 1932
Vincent Voiture Poet 1597
Gijs de Vries Politician 1956
Peter De Vries Quotes Peter De Vries Novelist 1910
Honus Wagner Quotes Honus Wagner Athlete 1874
Jane Wagner Quotes Jane Wagner Comedian 1935
David Foster Wallace Quotes David Foster Wallace Writer 1962
Malcolm Wallop Politician 1933
Julie Walters Actress 1950
An Wang Businessman 1920
George Washington Quotes George Washington President 1732
Tom Wesselmann Quotes Tom Wesselmann Artist 1931
Emma Willard Activist 1787
Saul Williams Quotes Saul Williams Musician 1972
Kenneth Williams Quotes Kenneth Williams Actor 1926
Jayson Williams Athlete 1968
Eric Wilson Musician 1969
Malcolm Wilson Politician 1914
Tony Wilson Quotes Tony Wilson Journalist 1950
David J. Wineland Quotes David J. Wineland Scientist 1944
Louise Woodward Celebrity 1978
Joanne Woodward Quotes Joanne Woodward Actress 1930
James Worthy Quotes James Worthy Athlete 1961
Viktor Yushchenko Quotes Viktor Yushchenko Statesman 1954
Paula Zahn Quotes Paula Zahn Journalist 1956
Billy Zane Quotes Billy Zane Actor 1966
Panayiotis Zavos Scientist 1944
Franco Zeffirelli Quotes Franco Zeffirelli Director 1923
Balthus Quotes Balthus Artist 1908
Rihanna Quotes Rihanna Musician 1988