Authors Born on February , 6th

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February, 6th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Henry Adams Quotes Henry Adams Historian 1838
Aharon Appelfeld Quotes Aharon Appelfeld Novelist 1932
Tex Avery Quotes Tex Avery Cartoonist 1908
Paul Bailey Novelist 1937
Iain Banks Quotes Iain Banks Writer 1954
Bo Bennett Businessman 1972
Edgar Bergen Quotes Edgar Bergen Actor 1903
Elizabeth Bibesco Quotes Elizabeth Bibesco Poet 1897
Buffalo Bill Quotes Buffalo Bill Celebrity 1846
Otis Blackwell Musician 1932
Steve Blake Quotes Steve Blake Athlete 1980
Lionel Blue Clergyman 1930
Michael Bolton Quotes Michael Bolton Musician 1954
Sonny Bono Quotes Sonny Bono Musician 1935
Sarah Brady Activist 1942
Eva Braun Quotes Eva Braun Celebrity 1912
Peter Brock Quotes Peter Brock Celebrity 1945
Tom Brokaw Quotes Tom Brokaw Journalist 1940
Van Wyck Brooks Quotes Van Wyck Brooks Critic 1886
Jeremy Bulloch Quotes Jeremy Bulloch Actor 1945
Aaron Burr Quotes Aaron Burr Politician 1756
LeVar Burton Quotes LeVar Burton Actor 1957
Jonathan Cain Quotes Jonathan Cain Musician 1950
Johnny Cash Quotes Johnny Cash Musician 1932
John Edward Christopher Hill Historian 1912
Helen Clark Quotes Helen Clark Statesman 1950
Natalie Cole Quotes Natalie Cole Musician 1950
John Corigliano Composer 1938
Emile Coue Quotes Emile Coue Psychologist 1857
Ahmet Davutoglu Quotes Ahmet Davutoglu Diplomat 1959
Timothy Dolan Quotes Timothy Dolan Clergyman 1950
Mamie Van Doren Quotes Mamie Van Doren Actress 1931
Louis Dudek Poet 1918
Christopher Eccleston Quotes Christopher Eccleston Actor 1964
Warren Ellis Quotes Warren Ellis Author 1968
Recep Tayyip Erdogan Quotes Recep Tayyip Erdogan Politician 1954
William M. Evarts Quotes William M. Evarts Lawyer 1818
Mike Farrell Quotes Mike Farrell Actor 1939
Richard Ford Author 1944
Oliver Franks Public Servant 1905
Cathy Freeman Quotes Cathy Freeman Athlete 1973
Zsa Zsa Gabor Quotes Zsa Zsa Gabor Actress 1917
Megan Gallagher Actress 1960
Elizabeth George Author 1949
James Goldsmith Businessman 1933
John Brown Gordon Quotes John Brown Gordon Soldier 1832
Ernst Haeckel Quotes Ernst Haeckel Scientist 1834
Peter Hain Quotes Peter Hain Politician 1950
Claude Adrien Helvetius Quotes Claude Adrien Helvetius Philosopher 1715
Margaux Hemingway Quotes Margaux Hemingway Actress 1955
Amanda Holden Actress 1971
Victor Hugo Quotes Victor Hugo Author 1802
Betty Hutton Quotes Betty Hutton Actress 1921
Carl Icahn Businessman 1936
Kim Jong Il Quotes Kim Jong Il Leader 1942
Henry Irving Quotes Henry Irving Actor 1838
Tim Kaine Quotes Tim Kaine Politician 1958
John Harvey Kellogg Quotes John Harvey Kellogg Businessman 1852
George F. Kennan Quotes George F. Kennan Historian 1904
Marta Kristen Actress 1945
Robert M. La Follette Quotes Robert M. La Follette Politician 1895
Mary Leakey Quotes Mary Leakey Scientist 1913
Dave Lombardo Quotes Dave Lombardo Musician 1965
Patrick Macnee Quotes Patrick Macnee Actor 1922
Bob Marley Quotes Bob Marley Musician 1945
Christopher Marlowe Quotes Christopher Marlowe Dramatist 1564
John McEnroe Quotes John McEnroe Athlete 1959
Philipp Melanchthon Quotes Philipp Melanchthon Theologian 1497
Duong Van Minh Politician 1916
Octave Mirbeau Quotes Octave Mirbeau Writer 1848
Li Na Quotes Li Na Athlete 1982
Kathy Najimy Quotes Kathy Najimy Actress 1957
John George Nicolay Writer 1832
Louis Nizer Lawyer 1902
Denis Norden Writer 1922
Robert Novak Quotes Robert Novak Journalist 1931
Bob Novak Quotes Bob Novak Entertainer 1931
Teresa Palmer Quotes Teresa Palmer Actress 1986
Walter B. Pitkin Philosopher 1878
Arthur Ponsonby Quotes Arthur Ponsonby Politician 1871
Gerald Priestland Journalist 1927
Tony Randall Quotes Tony Randall Actor 1920
Ronald Reagan Quotes Ronald Reagan President 1911
Sanya Richards-Ross Quotes Sanya Richards-Ross Athlete 1985
Axl Rose Quotes Axl Rose Musician 1962
Valentino Rossi Quotes Valentino Rossi Athlete 1979
Nate Ruess Quotes Nate Ruess Musician 1982
Charles Taze Russell Quotes Charles Taze Russell Clergyman 1852
Babe Ruth Quotes Babe Ruth Athlete 1895
John Schlesinger Director 1925
Levi Strauss Quotes Levi Strauss Businessman 1829
Theodore Sturgeon Quotes Theodore Sturgeon Writer 1918
Ice T Quotes Ice T Musician 1958
Andy Taylor Musician 1961
Rip Torn Quotes Rip Torn Actor 1931
Boris Trajkovski Quotes Boris Trajkovski Statesman 2004
G. M. Trevelyan Quotes G. M. Trevelyan Historian 1876
Francois Truffaut Quotes Francois Truffaut Director 1932
Sergei Udaltsov Quotes Sergei Udaltsov Activist 1977
Keith Waterhouse Writer 1929
Adam Weishaupt Quotes Adam Weishaupt Clergyman 1748
Roberta Williams Designer 1953
Malcolm Wilson Politician 1914
Henry Wilson Quotes Henry Wilson Politician 1812
Daniel Yergin Quotes Daniel Yergin Author 1947