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January, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dogen Quotes Dogen Leader 1200
Lynn Abbey Author 1948
Jack Henry Abbott Author 1944
Goodman Ace Quotes Goodman Ace Writer 1899
John Acton Historian 1834
Lord Acton Quotes Lord Acton Historian 1834
Robert Adamson Philosopher 1852
Trace Adkins Quotes Trace Adkins Musician 1962
John Agar Actor 1921
Bill Alexander Politician 1934
Vittorio Alfieri Dramatist 1749
Horatio Alger Quotes Horatio Alger Author 1832
Muhammad Ali Quotes Muhammad Ali Athlete 1942
Ethan Allen Quotes Ethan Allen Revolutionary 1738
Paul Allen Quotes Paul Allen Businessman 1953
Debbie Allen Quotes Debbie Allen Actress 1950
Kirstie Alley Quotes Kirstie Alley Actress 1951
Eric Alterman Quotes Eric Alterman Writer 1960
Christiane Amanpour Quotes Christiane Amanpour Journalist 1958
Stephen Ambrose Quotes Stephen Ambrose Historian 1936
Brady Anderson Quotes Brady Anderson Athlete 1964
Philip Warren Anderson Quotes Philip Warren Anderson Scientist 1923
Giulio Andreotti Quotes Giulio Andreotti Politician 1919
Dana Andrews Quotes Dana Andrews Actor 1909
Naveen Andrews Quotes Naveen Andrews Actor 1969
Brody Armstrong Quotes Brody Armstrong Musician 1979
Gemma Arterton Quotes Gemma Arterton Actress 1986
Michael Aspel Journalist 1933
Dave Attell Quotes Dave Attell Comedian 1965
Max Azria Quotes Max Azria Designer 1949
Francis Bacon Quotes Francis Bacon Philosopher 1561
Roger Nash Baldwin Activist 1884
Tallulah Bankhead Quotes Tallulah Bankhead Actress 1903
Julian Barnes Writer 1946
Peter Barnes Playwright 1931
Sydney Biddle Barrows Celebrity 1952
Edmund Barton Quotes Edmund Barton Politician 1849
Bernard Barton Poet 1784
Martin Bashir Quotes Martin Bashir Journalist 1963
Jason Bateman Quotes Jason Bateman Actor 1969
Nina Bawden Writer 1925
Cecil Beaton Quotes Cecil Beaton Photographer 1904
Kabir Bedi Quotes Kabir Bedi Actor 1946
Carol Bellamy Educator 1942
Pat Benatar Quotes Pat Benatar Musician 1953
Henry Bessemer Quotes Henry Bessemer Scientist 1813
Jeff Bezos Quotes Jeff Bezos Businessman 1964
John Biddle Clergyman 1615
Traci Bingham Quotes Traci Bingham Actress 1968
Augustine Birrell Quotes Augustine Birrell Author 1850
Diane Black Quotes Diane Black Politician 1951
Mary J. Blige Quotes Mary J. Blige Musician 1971
Orlando Bloom Quotes Orlando Bloom Actor 1977
Roy Blunt Quotes Roy Blunt Politician 1950
Ray Bolger Quotes Ray Bolger Actor 1904
Julian Bond Quotes Julian Bond Activist 1940
John Boorman Quotes John Boorman Director 1933
Catherine Booth Quotes Catherine Booth Activist 1829
Anita Borg Scientist 1949
Leonard Boswell Quotes Leonard Boswell Politician 1934
Anatoli Boukreev Quotes Anatoli Boukreev Athlete 1958
Matthew Bourne Quotes Matthew Bourne Dancer 1960
Catherine Drinker Bowen Quotes Catherine Drinker Bowen Writer 1897
Charles Bowen Quotes Charles Bowen Judge 1835
Lakhdar Brahimi Quotes Lakhdar Brahimi Public Servant 1934
Stan Brakhage Quotes Stan Brakhage Director 1933
Drew Brees Quotes Drew Brees Athlete 1979
Sydney Brenner Quotes Sydney Brenner Scientist 1927
Lloyd Bridges Quotes Lloyd Bridges Actor 1913
Richard Briers Quotes Richard Briers Actor 1934
Anne Bronte Quotes Anne Bronte Novelist 1820
Gavin Bryars Quotes Gavin Bryars Composer 1943
Larry Buchanan Director 1923
Emma Bunton Quotes Emma Bunton Musician 1976
Edmund Burke Quotes Edmund Burke Statesman 1729
Boz Burrell Quotes Boz Burrell Musician 1946
Saffron Burrows Quotes Saffron Burrows Actress 1973
Jenson Button Quotes Jenson Button Athlete 1980
Wilhelm Canaris Quotes Wilhelm Canaris Soldier 1887
Eddie Cantor Quotes Eddie Cantor Comedian 1892
Lois Capps Quotes Lois Capps Politician 1938
Jane Welsh Carlyle Quotes Jane Welsh Carlyle Writer 1801
John Carpenter Quotes John Carpenter Director 1948
Georges Carpentier Quotes Georges Carpentier Athlete 1894
Howie Carr Quotes Howie Carr Author 1952
Jim Carrey Quotes Jim Carrey Comedian 1962
George Washington Carver Quotes George Washington Carver Scientist 1864
Paul Cezanne Quotes Paul Cezanne Artist 1839
Carol Channing Quotes Carol Channing Actress 1923
Salmon Portland Chase Politician 1808
Salmon P. Chase Politician 1808
Andrew Cherry Dramatist 1762
Morris Chestnut Quotes Morris Chestnut Actor 1969
Melanie Chisholm Quotes Melanie Chisholm Musician 1974
Jean Chretien Quotes Jean Chretien Statesman 1934
John Henrik Clarke Author 1915
Clarence Clemons Quotes Clarence Clemons Musician 1942
Nick Clooney Quotes Nick Clooney Politician 1934
Arthur Hugh Clough Quotes Arthur Hugh Clough Poet 1819
Shawn Colvin Quotes Shawn Colvin Artist 1958
Don Cooper Quotes Don Cooper Athlete 1957
Cat Cora Quotes Cat Cora Chef 1968
Ezra Cornell Quotes Ezra Cornell Businessman 1807
Jon Corzine Quotes Jon Corzine Politician 1947
Kevin Costner Quotes Kevin Costner Actor 1955
Pierre de Coubertin Quotes Pierre de Coubertin Leader 1863
Wayne Coyne Quotes Wayne Coyne Musician 1961
Edward Gordon Craig Quotes Edward Gordon Craig Actor 1872
Michael Crawford Quotes Michael Crawford Actor 1942
Ben Crenshaw Quotes Ben Crenshaw Athlete 1952
Jim Croce Quotes Jim Croce Musician 1943
Norm Crosby Quotes Norm Crosby Comedian 1927
Xavier Cugat Quotes Xavier Cugat Musician 1900
Elijah Cummings Politician 1951
Lord Curzon Quotes Lord Curzon Statesman 1859
Caleb Cushing Quotes Caleb Cushing Diplomat 1800
Ivica Dacic Quotes Ivica Dacic Politician 1966
Edwidge Danticat Quotes Edwidge Danticat Author 1969
Ruben Dario Quotes Ruben Dario Poet 1867
Jonathan Davis Quotes Jonathan Davis Musician 1971
Geena Davis Quotes Geena Davis Actress 1956
Chili Davis Athlete 1960
Elmer Davis Quotes Elmer Davis Journalist 1890
Mac Davis Quotes Mac Davis Musician 1942
Peter Dawson Quotes Peter Dawson Musician 1882
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes Pedro Calderon de la Barca Dramatist 1600
Javier Perez de Cuellar Quotes Javier Perez de Cuellar Diplomat 1920
Dizzy Dean Quotes Dizzy Dean Athlete 1910
Paula Deen Quotes Paula Deen Chef 1947
Gilles Deleuze Quotes Gilles Deleuze Philosopher 1925
Patrick Dempsey Quotes Patrick Dempsey Actor 1966
Tom Dempsey Quotes Tom Dempsey Athlete 1947
Nigel Dennis Writer 1912
Zooey Deschanel Quotes Zooey Deschanel Actress 1980
Christian Dior Quotes Christian Dior Designer 1905
Roy E. Disney Quotes Roy E. Disney Businessman 1930
Henry Austin Dobson Quotes Henry Austin Dobson Poet 1840
Bernadine Dohrn Quotes Bernadine Dohrn Educator 1942
Ray Dolby Inventor 1933
Placido Domingo Quotes Placido Domingo Musician 1941
Maureen Dowd Quotes Maureen Dowd Journalist 1952
Minnie Driver Quotes Minnie Driver Actress 1971
George Duke Quotes George Duke Musician 1946
Troy Dumais Athlete 1980
Faye Dunaway Quotes Faye Dunaway Actress 1941
Aynsley Dunbar Quotes Aynsley Dunbar Musician 1946
Steve Earle Quotes Steve Earle Musician 1955
Ashton Eaton Quotes Ashton Eaton Athlete 1988
Stefan Edberg Quotes Stefan Edberg Athlete 1966
Maria Edgeworth Quotes Maria Edgeworth Novelist 1767
George Alec Effinger Author 1947
Nicole Eggert Actress 1972
Jill Eikenberry Quotes Jill Eikenberry Actress 1947
Jane Elliot Actress 1947
Garth Ennis Quotes Garth Ennis Writer 1970
Jake Epstein Actor 1987
Shelley Fabares Quotes Shelley Fabares Actress 1944
Donald Fagen Quotes Donald Fagen Musician 1948
Asghar Farhadi Quotes Asghar Farhadi Director 1972
James L. Farmer, Jr. Activist 1920
Minnesota Fats Celebrity 1913
Morton Feldman Quotes Morton Feldman Composer 1926
Brian Ferneyhough Composer 1943
Paul Feyerabend Philosopher 1924
Ronald Firbank Novelist 1886
Grandmaster Flash Quotes Grandmaster Flash Musician 1958
Curt Flood Quotes Curt Flood Athlete 1938
George Foreman Quotes George Foreman Athlete 1949
E. M. Forster Quotes E. M. Forster Novelist 1879
Dian Fossey Quotes Dian Fossey Scientist 1932
A. J. Foyt Quotes A. J. Foyt Celebrity 1935
Benjamin Franklin Quotes Benjamin Franklin Politician 1706
James G. Frazer Quotes James G. Frazer Scientist 1854
Joe Frazier Quotes Joe Frazier Athlete 1944
John Charles Fremont Quotes John Charles Fremont Soldier 1813
Martin Frost Politician 1942
Aaron Funk Quotes Aaron Funk Musician 1975
Antoine Fuqua Quotes Antoine Fuqua Director 1966
Ernest Gaines Writer 1933
David Lloyd George Quotes David Lloyd George Statesman 1863
Dick Gephardt Quotes Dick Gephardt Politician 1941
Rob Glaser Businessman 1962
Philip Glass Quotes Philip Glass Composer 1937
Al Goldstein Quotes Al Goldstein Publisher 1936
Barry Goldwater Politician 1909
Kay Granger Politician 1943
Cary Grant Quotes Cary Grant Actor 1904
Zane Grey Quotes Zane Grey Author 1872
Franz Grillparzer Quotes Franz Grillparzer Poet 1791
Bo Gritz Soldier 1939
Dave Grohl Quotes Dave Grohl Musician 1969
Texas Guinan Businesswoman 1884
Luis de Guindos Quotes Luis de Guindos Politician 1960
George Gurdjieff Quotes George Gurdjieff Philosopher 1872
G. I. Gurdjieff Quotes G. I. Gurdjieff Educator 1872
Frank Hague Quotes Frank Hague Politician 1876
Ludovic Halevy Quotes Ludovic Halevy Author 1834
Alexander Hamilton Quotes Alexander Hamilton Politician 1755
Oliver Hardy Quotes Oliver Hardy Actor 1892
Ronnie Hawkins Quotes Ronnie Hawkins Musician 1935
Ira Hayes Quotes Ira Hayes Soldier 1923
Francis Bond Head Quotes Francis Bond Head Statesman 1793
Anthony Hecht Quotes Anthony Hecht Poet 1923
Tippi Hedren Quotes Tippi Hedren Actress 1931
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun Quotes Carolyn Gold Heilbrun Author 1926
Carolyn Heilbrun Quotes Carolyn Heilbrun Writer 1926
Liam Hemsworth Quotes Liam Hemsworth Actor 1990
George Herman Quotes George Herman Journalist 1920
Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel Educator 1907
Patricia Highsmith Quotes Patricia Highsmith Novelist 1921
Jim Hightower Quotes Jim Hightower Activist 1943
Utada Hikaru Quotes Utada Hikaru Musician 1983
Benny Hill Quotes Benny Hill Comedian 1924
Walter Hill Director 1942
Etty Hillesum Lawyer 1914
Arlie Russell Hochschild Educator 1940
Susanna Hoffs Quotes Susanna Hoffs Musician 1959
Albert Hofmann Quotes Albert Hofmann Scientist 1906
Eric Holder Quotes Eric Holder Public Servant 1951
Chris Van Hollen Quotes Chris Van Hollen Politician 1959
Ernest F. Hollings Quotes Ernest F. Hollings Politician 1922
Fritz Hollings Quotes Fritz Hollings Politician 1922
J. Edgar Hoover Quotes J. Edgar Hoover Public Servant 1895
Richard Henry Horne Quotes Richard Henry Horne Poet 1803
Marilyn Horne Quotes Marilyn Horne Musician 1934
David Horowitz Quotes David Horowitz Writer 1939
Jane Horrocks Actress 1964
Bill Huizenga Quotes Bill Huizenga Politician 1969
John Hume Quotes John Hume Politician 1937
James Huneker Writer 1857
William Hung Quotes William Hung Entertainer 1983
Robert M. Hutchins Educator 1899
Don Hutson Quotes Don Hutson Athlete 1913
Douglas Hyde Quotes Douglas Hyde Politician 1860
Jacky Ickx Quotes Jacky Ickx Celebrity 1945
Tokugawa Ieyasu Quotes Tokugawa Ieyasu Leader 1543
Michael Imperioli Quotes Michael Imperioli Actor 1966
Laura Ingraham Quotes Laura Ingraham Celebrity 1963
LL Cool J Quotes LL Cool J Musician 1968
Wolfman Jack Quotes Wolfman Jack Entertainer 1938
Stonewall Jackson Quotes Stonewall Jackson Soldier 1824
William James Quotes William James Philosopher 1842
Frank James Quotes Frank James Celebrity 1843
Derek Jarman Quotes Derek Jarman Director 1942
Thomas Jordan Jarvis Quotes Thomas Jordan Jarvis Politician 1836
Jam Master Jay Quotes Jam Master Jay Musician 1965
Shawn Johnson Quotes Shawn Johnson Athlete 1992
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Educator 1890
John H. Johnson Quotes John H. Johnson Businessman 1918
Louis A. Johnson Public Servant 1891
Adam Jones Musician 1965
James Earl Jones Quotes James Earl Jones Actor 1931
Stan Jones Politician 1943
Janis Joplin Quotes Janis Joplin Musician 1943
David Starr Jordan Quotes David Starr Jordan Writer 1851
Thomas Watson, Jr. Businessman 1914
Naomi Judd Quotes Naomi Judd Musician 1946
Carl Karcher Quotes Carl Karcher Businessman 1917
Lawrence Kasdan Producer 1949
Terry Kath Quotes Terry Kath Musician 1946
Andy Kaufman Quotes Andy Kaufman Comedian 1949
Danny Kaye Quotes Danny Kaye Actor 1913
Paul Keating Quotes Paul Keating Politician 1944
Patsy Kelly Quotes Patsy Kelly Comedian 1910
Thomas Kincade Quotes Thomas Kincade Artist 1958
Regina King Quotes Regina King Actress 1971
Martin Luther King, Jr. Leader 1929
Thomas Kinkade Quotes Thomas Kinkade Artist 1958
Takeshi Kitano Quotes Takeshi Kitano Actor 1947
Eartha Kitt Quotes Eartha Kitt Actress 1927
Frank Knox Quotes Frank Knox Public Servant 1874
Donald Knuth Quotes Donald Knuth Scientist 1938
Jeff Koons Quotes Jeff Koons Artist 1955
Sofia Kovalevskaya Quotes Sofia Kovalevskaya Mathematician 1850
Gene Krupa Quotes Gene Krupa Musician 1909
Warren De la Rue Quotes Warren De la Rue Scientist 1815
Zack de la Rocha Quotes Zack de la Rocha Musician 1970
Christine Lagarde Quotes Christine Lagarde Politician 1956
Emile Lahoud Quotes Emile Lahoud Statesman 1936
Emile Lahud Quotes Emile Lahud Statesman 1936
Frank Langella Quotes Frank Langella Actor 1940
Irving Langmuir Quotes Irving Langmuir Scientist 1881
Anthony LaPaglia Quotes Anthony LaPaglia Actor 1959
James Larkin Quotes James Larkin Activist 1875
John Lasseter Quotes John Lasseter Director 1957
Robert E. Lee Quotes Robert E. Lee Soldier 1807
Coco Lee Musician 1975
Sheila Jackson Lee Quotes Sheila Jackson Lee Politician 1950
Keith Lehrer Philosopher 1936
Aldo Leopold Quotes Aldo Leopold Environmentalist 1887
Richard Lester Director 1932
Philip Levine Poet 1928
Shari Lewis Quotes Shari Lewis Entertainer 1933
Eric Liddell Quotes Eric Liddell Athlete 1902
Rush Limbaugh Quotes Rush Limbaugh Entertainer 1951
Laura Lippman Quotes Laura Lippman Author 1959
Marie Lloyd Quotes Marie Lloyd Musician 1870
Gary Locke Quotes Gary Locke Politician 1950
Hugh Lofting Author 1886
Phyllis Logan Actress 1956
Bernard Loiseau Quotes Bernard Loiseau Celebrity 1951
Alan Lomax Quotes Alan Lomax Writer 1915
Jack London Quotes Jack London Novelist 1876
Pierre Loti Quotes Pierre Loti Writer 1850
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Quotes Julia Louis-Dreyfus Actress 1961
Seth Low Quotes Seth Low Educator 1850
Chad Lowe Actor 1968
Shannon Lucid Quotes Shannon Lucid Astronaut 1943
Peter Lynch Businessman 1944
Kelly Lynch Actress 1959
Robert MacNeil Journalist 1931
Guy Madison Quotes Guy Madison Actor 1922
Norman Mailer Quotes Norman Mailer Novelist 1923
Zayn Malik Quotes Zayn Malik Musician 1993
Christian Marclay Quotes Christian Marclay Artist 1955
Steve Marriott Quotes Steve Marriott Musician 1945
Ralph Marston Writer 1955
Andrea Martin Quotes Andrea Martin Actor 1947
Robert Martin Politician 1947
Olivier Martinez Actor 1966
Drea De Matteo Quotes Drea De Matteo Actress 1972
Thom Mayne Quotes Thom Mayne Architect 1942
Michael McCaul Quotes Michael McCaul Politician 1962
Susannah McCorkle Quotes Susannah McCorkle Musician 1946
Catherine McCormack Actress 1972
John McDonald Leader 1815
Mary McKillop Quotes Mary McKillop Clergyman 1842
Jay McShann Quotes Jay McShann Musician 1916
Robert Menendez Quotes Robert Menendez Politician 1954
Ethel Merman Quotes Ethel Merman Musician 1908
Thomas Merton Quotes Thomas Merton Author 1915
Mark Messier Quotes Mark Messier Athlete 1961
Penelope Ann Miller Quotes Penelope Ann Miller Actress 1964
Alice Miller Psychologist 1923
Heather Mills Quotes Heather Mills Activist 1968
Irving Mills Musician 1894
A. A. Milne Quotes A. A. Milne Author 1882
Ronnie Milsap Quotes Ronnie Milsap Musician 1943
Sal Mineo Quotes Sal Mineo Actor 1939
Ruth Ann Minner Quotes Ruth Ann Minner Politician 1935
Newton N. Minow Quotes Newton N. Minow Lawyer 1926
Yukio Mishima Quotes Yukio Mishima Author 1925
Warren Mitchell Quotes Warren Mitchell Actor 1926
Eleanor Mondale Quotes Eleanor Mondale Actress 1960
Charles Edward Montague Journalist 1867
Baron de Montesquieu Quotes Baron de Montesquieu Philosopher 1689
Charles de Montesquieu Quotes Charles de Montesquieu Philosopher 1689
Garry Moore Quotes Garry Moore Celebrity 1915
Berthe Morisot Quotes Berthe Morisot Artist 1841
Jim Morris Athlete 1964
Gouverneur Morris Quotes Gouverneur Morris Statesman 1752
Denise Morrison Businesswoman 1954
Dwight Morrow Quotes Dwight Morrow Businessman 1873
Walter Mosley Quotes Walter Mosley Novelist 1952
Kate Moss Quotes Kate Moss Model 1974
Samantha Mumba Quotes Samantha Mumba Musician 1983
Marcus Mumford Quotes Marcus Mumford Musician 1987
Haruki Murakami Quotes Haruki Murakami Writer 1949
Alva Myrdal Diplomat 1902
John Naisbitt Businessman 1929
David Nalbandian Quotes David Nalbandian Athlete 1982
Gamal Abdel Nasser Quotes Gamal Abdel Nasser Leader 1918
Joanna Newsom Quotes Joanna Newsom Musician 1982
William Nicholson Writer 1948
Jack Nicklaus Quotes Jack Nicklaus Athlete 1940
Martin Niemoller Quotes Martin Niemoller Clergyman 1892
Paul Nitze Quotes Paul Nitze Writer 1907
Dorothy Nolte Writer 1924
Don Novello Writer 1943
Ivor Novello Quotes Ivor Novello Musician 1893
Trevor Nunn Director 1940
Johnny Oates Athlete 1946
Michelle Obama Quotes Michelle Obama First Lady 1964
Margaret O'Brien Actress 1937
Billy Ocean Quotes Billy Ocean Musician 1950
Kenzaburo Oe Quotes Kenzaburo Oe Writer 1935
John O'Hara Writer 1905
Hakeem Olajuwon Quotes Hakeem Olajuwon Athlete 1963
Tillie Olsen Quotes Tillie Olsen Novelist 1913
Martin O'Malley Politician 1963
Aristotle Onassis Quotes Aristotle Onassis Businessman 1906
David Ortiz Quotes David Ortiz Athlete 1975
Joe Orton Quotes Joe Orton Playwright 1933
Robert Palmer Quotes Robert Palmer Musician 1949
Sylvia Pankhurst Quotes Sylvia Pankhurst Activist 1882
Rod Parsley Celebrity 1957
Dolly Parton Quotes Dolly Parton Musician 1946
Joe Pass Quotes Joe Pass Musician 1929
John Dos Passos Quotes John Dos Passos Novelist 1896
Alan Paton Quotes Alan Paton Novelist 1903
Alice Paul Quotes Alice Paul Activist 1885
Anna Pavlova Quotes Anna Pavlova Dancer 1882
Amanda Peet Quotes Amanda Peet Actress 1972
Bev Perdue Quotes Bev Perdue Politician 1947
Charles Perrault Quotes Charles Perrault Author 1628
Johann Pestalozzi Quotes Johann Pestalozzi Educator 1746
Kim Philby Quotes Kim Philby Celebrity 1912
Mary Pierce Quotes Mary Pierce Athlete 1975
John Piper Clergyman 1946
Jacques Plante Quotes Jacques Plante Athlete 1929
Oliver Platt Quotes Oliver Platt Actor 1960
David Pleat Athlete 1945
John Podesta Quotes John Podesta Lawyer 1949
Edgar Allan Poe Quotes Edgar Allan Poe Poet 1809
Maury Povich Quotes Maury Povich Celebrity 1939
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Quotes Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Economist 1809
Mark Pryor Quotes Mark Pryor Politician 1963
Trevor Rabin Quotes Trevor Rabin Musician 1955
Bobby Rahal Quotes Bobby Rahal Athlete 1953
Ziaur Rahman Quotes Ziaur Rahman Politician 1936
Franklin Raines Quotes Franklin Raines Businessman 1949
Robert Rainy Clergyman 1826
John Raitt Quotes John Raitt Actor 1917
A. Philip Randolph Quotes A. Philip Randolph Activist 1889
Arthur Ransome Quotes Arthur Ransome Author 1884
Johannes Rau Quotes Johannes Rau Statesman 1931
Johnnie Ray Quotes Johnnie Ray Musician 1927
Charles Nelson Reilly Quotes Charles Nelson Reilly Actor 1931
George Reisman Quotes George Reisman Economist 1937
Buddy Rice Quotes Buddy Rice Celebrity 1976
Slick Rick Quotes Slick Rick Musician 1965
Laura Riding Poet 1901
Max Roach Quotes Max Roach Musician 1924
Jackie Robinson Quotes Jackie Robinson Athlete 1919
Bryan Robson Quotes Bryan Robson Athlete 1957
Kid Rock Quotes Kid Rock Musician 1971
Paul Rodriguez Quotes Paul Rodriguez Comedian 1955
Artur Rodzinski Quotes Artur Rodzinski Musician 1892
Carlos P. Romulo Quotes Carlos P. Romulo Politician 1899
Andy Rooney Quotes Andy Rooney Journalist 1919
Alfred Rosenberg Quotes Alfred Rosenberg Soldier 1893
Betsy Ross Quotes Betsy Ross Celebrity 1752
Charlotte Ross Quotes Charlotte Ross Actress 1968
Portia de Rossi Quotes Portia de Rossi Actress 1973
Arnold Rothstein Businessman 1882
Johnny Rotten Quotes Johnny Rotten Musician 1956
Johnny Rotton Quotes Johnny Rotton Musician 1956
Richard Roxburgh Quotes Richard Roxburgh Actor 1962
Rachel Roy Quotes Rachel Roy Designer 1974
David Ruffin Quotes David Ruffin Musician 1941
Ibrahim Rugova Quotes Ibrahim Rugova Statesman 2006
Harold Russell Quotes Harold Russell Soldier 1914
Nolan Ryan Quotes Nolan Ryan Athlete 1947
Mark Rylance Actor 1960
Katey Sagal Quotes Katey Sagal Athlete 1954
J. D. Salinger Quotes J. D. Salinger Novelist 1919
Rupert Sanders Quotes Rupert Sanders Director 1971
William Sanderson Actor 1948
Julian Sands Quotes Julian Sands Actor 1958
Rick Santelli Journalist 1953
John Singer Sargent Quotes John Singer Sargent Artist 1856
Vidal Sassoon Quotes Vidal Sassoon Businessman 1928
Telly Savalas Quotes Telly Savalas Actor 1924
Arthur Scargill Quotes Arthur Scargill Politician 1938
Sydney Schanberg Journalist 1934
Maria Schell Quotes Maria Schell Actress 1926
Michael Schenker Quotes Michael Schenker Musician 1955
Laura Schlessinger Quotes Laura Schlessinger Writer 1947
Joe Schmidt Quotes Joe Schmidt Athlete 1932
Bruce Schneier Quotes Bruce Schneier Scientist 1963
Franz Schubert Quotes Franz Schubert Composer 1797
Albert Schweitzer Quotes Albert Schweitzer Theologian 1875
Paul Scofield Quotes Paul Scofield Actor 1922
L'Wren Scott Designer 1967
Junior Seau Quotes Junior Seau Athlete 1969
Charles de Secondat Quotes Charles de Secondat Philosopher 1689
Jason Segel Quotes Jason Segel Actor 1980
Robert W. Service Quotes Robert W. Service Poet 1874
Terri Sewell Quotes Terri Sewell Politician 1965
Charles Seymour Historian 1885
Carroll Shelby Quotes Carroll Shelby Designer 1923
Caroll Shelby Quotes Caroll Shelby Businessman 1923
Cindy Sherman Photographer 1954
Bill Shuster Politician 1961
Nate Silver Quotes Nate Silver Writer 1978
James Sinegal Businessman 1936
Erinn Smart Quotes Erinn Smart Athlete 1980
Shepard Smith Quotes Shepard Smith Journalist 1964
Vernon L. Smith Quotes Vernon L. Smith Economist 1927
Steven Soderbergh Quotes Steven Soderbergh Director 1963
Lysander Spooner Quotes Lysander Spooner Philosopher 1808
Robert Stack Quotes Robert Stack Actor 1919
William Stafford Poet 1914
Lionel Stander Quotes Lionel Stander Actor 1908
Constantin Stanislavski Quotes Constantin Stanislavski Actor 1863
Jean Stapleton Quotes Jean Stapleton Actress 1923
Freya Stark Quotes Freya Stark Writer 1893
Edwin Starr Quotes Edwin Starr Musician 1942
Peer Steinbruck Quotes Peer Steinbruck Politician 1947
Howard Stern Quotes Howard Stern Entertainer 1954
Rod Stewart Quotes Rod Stewart Musician 1945
Tom Stewart Politician 1892
Alfred Stieglitz Quotes Alfred Stieglitz Photographer 1864
George Stigler Quotes George Stigler Economist 1911
Jodie Sweetin Quotes Jodie Sweetin Actress 1982
Jodi Sweetin Quotes Jodi Sweetin Actress 1982
Rip Taylor Quotes Rip Taylor Comedian 1934
Mick Taylor Quotes Mick Taylor Musician 1948
Rod Taylor Quotes Rod Taylor Actor 1930
Edward Teller Quotes Edward Teller Physicist 1908
Justin Timberlake Quotes Justin Timberlake Musician 1981
Grant Tinker Musician 1925
Ieyasu Tokugawa Quotes Ieyasu Tokugawa Statesman 1543
Bill Toomey Athlete 1939
Nina Totenberg Journalist 1944
Hugh Trevor-Roper Quotes Hugh Trevor-Roper Historian 1914
Marie Trintignant Quotes Marie Trintignant Actress 1962
Verne Troyer Quotes Verne Troyer Actor 1969
Stanley Tucci Quotes Stanley Tucci Actor 1960
Sophie Tucker Quotes Sophie Tucker Entertainer 1884
Stewart Udall Quotes Stewart Udall Politician 1920
Hendrik Willem Van Loon Quotes Hendrik Willem Van Loon Journalist 1882
Tabare Vazquez Quotes Tabare Vazquez Statesman 1940
Evangelos Venizelos Quotes Evangelos Venizelos Politician 1957
Gwen Verdon Quotes Gwen Verdon Dancer 1925
Gilles Villeneuve Quotes Gilles Villeneuve Celebrity 1950
Swami Vivekananda Quotes Swami Vivekananda Clergyman 1863
Don Van Vliet Quotes Don Van Vliet Artist 1941
Bernard De Voto Quotes Bernard De Voto Writer 1897
Dwyane Wade Quotes Dwyane Wade Athlete 1982
Greg Walden Quotes Greg Walden Politician 1957
Jessica Walter Quotes Jessica Walter Actress 1940
Tom Ward Actor 1971
Rodger Ward Celebrity 1921
Kerry Washington Quotes Kerry Washington Actress 1977
Pete Waterman Quotes Pete Waterman Producer 1947
Emily Watson Quotes Emily Watson Actress 1967
Shawn Wayans Quotes Shawn Wayans Actor 1971
Anthony Wayne Quotes Anthony Wayne Soldier 1745
Fritz Weaver Actor 1926
Daniel Webster Quotes Daniel Webster Statesman 1782
Brooke Foss Westcott Quotes Brooke Foss Westcott Theologian 1825
Jerry Wexler Musician 1917
William Whipple Quotes William Whipple Politician 1730
Edmund White Quotes Edmund White Novelist 1940
Ken Wilber Quotes Ken Wilber Philosopher 1949
Douglas Wilder Quotes Douglas Wilder Politician 1931
Doug Wilder Quotes Doug Wilder Politician 1931
John Wilkins Quotes John Wilkins Clergyman 1614
Dominique Wilkins Quotes Dominique Wilkins Athlete 1960
Dontrelle Willis Quotes Dontrelle Willis Athlete 1982
Ruth Wilson Actress 1982
Michael G. Wilson Quotes Michael G. Wilson Writer 1942
Robert W. Wilson Quotes Robert W. Wilson Scientist 1936
Robert Anton Wilson Quotes Robert Anton Wilson Writer 1932
Garry Winogrand Photographer 1928
John Winthrop Quotes John Winthrop Celebrity 1587
Frederick Wiseman Quotes Frederick Wiseman Director 1930
Markus Wolf Public Servant 1923
Albert Wolff Musician 1884
Alexander Woollcott Quotes Alexander Woollcott Critic 1887
John Wozniak Musician 1971
Zakk Wylde Quotes Zakk Wylde Musician 1967
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Philosopher 1917
Jong-yong Yun Businessman 1944
Edward Zander Quotes Edward Zander Businessman 1947
Dogen Zenji Quotes Dogen Zenji Philosopher 1200
Xu Zhimo Quotes Xu Zhimo Poet 1893
Don Zimmer Quotes Don Zimmer Athlete 1931
Rob Zombie Quotes Rob Zombie Musician 1966
Aaliyah Quotes Aaliyah Musician 1979
Moliere Quotes Moliere Playwright 1622
Pitbull Quotes Pitbull Musician 1981