Authors Born on March , 7th

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March, 7th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kevin J. Anderson Quotes Kevin J. Anderson Writer 1962
Milton Avery Artist 1885
Brian Baird Politician 1956
Tammy Faye Bakker Quotes Tammy Faye Bakker Celebrity 1942
David Baltimore Quotes David Baltimore Scientist 1938
Carl Barks Quotes Carl Barks Artist 1901
Sammy Baugh Quotes Sammy Baugh Athlete 1914
Peter L. Berger Sociologist 1929
Thomas Boston Quotes Thomas Boston Clergyman 1676
Jesse Brown Quotes Jesse Brown Politician 1944
Luther Burbank Quotes Luther Burbank Environmentalist 1849
James Callaghan Quotes James Callaghan Leader 1912
Thomas Chalmers Quotes Thomas Chalmers Clergyman 1780
Nat King Cole Quotes Nat King Cole Musician 1919
Anthony Comstock Quotes Anthony Comstock Politician 1844
Billy Corgan Quotes Billy Corgan Musician 1967
Caroline Corr Quotes Caroline Corr Musician 1973
Brittany Daniel Quotes Brittany Daniel Actress 1976
Taylor Dayne Quotes Taylor Dayne Musician 1962
Michael Eisner Quotes Michael Eisner Businessman 1942
Bret Easton Ellis Quotes Bret Easton Ellis Author 1964
Shusaku Endo Author 1923
Ranulph Fiennes Quotes Ranulph Fiennes Explorer 1944
Elton Gallegly Quotes Elton Gallegly Politician 1944
William Gibson Quotes William Gibson Writer 1948
Julian Glover Quotes Julian Glover Actor 1935
Daniel Goleman Quotes Daniel Goleman Author 1946
Kate Greenaway Quotes Kate Greenaway Writer 1846
Charlie Haas Quotes Charlie Haas Athlete 1972
Mia Hamm Athlete 1972
Franco Harris Quotes Franco Harris Athlete 1950
Michael Hayden Public Servant 1945
John Herschel Quotes John Herschel Scientist 1792
Walter Rudolf Hess Quotes Walter Rudolf Hess Scientist 1881
Miller Huggins Quotes Miller Huggins Athlete 1879
Rex Hunt Entertainer 1949
King James I Quotes King James I Royalty 1625
Jean Ingelow Quotes Jean Ingelow Poet 1820
James Irwin Quotes James Irwin Astronaut 1930
Bobby Jones Athlete 1902
Mark Boone Junior Quotes Mark Boone Junior Actor 1955
Edwin Henry Landseer Quotes Edwin Henry Landseer Artist 1802
Katie Ledecky Quotes Katie Ledecky Athlete 1997
Ivan Lendl Quotes Ivan Lendl Athlete 1960
Siegfried Lenz Quotes Siegfried Lenz Writer 1926
Penelope Lively Quotes Penelope Lively Author 1933
Rob Lowe Quotes Rob Lowe Actor 1964
Anna Magnani Quotes Anna Magnani Actress 1908
Heinrich Mann Quotes Heinrich Mann Novelist 1871
Golo Mann Quotes Golo Mann Historian 1909
Reginald Maudling Quotes Reginald Maudling Politician 1917
Cynthia McKinney Quotes Cynthia McKinney Politician 1955
Alexander McQueen Quotes Alexander McQueen Designer 1969
Piet Mondrian Quotes Piet Mondrian Artist 1872
Elizabeth Moon Quotes Elizabeth Moon Author 1945
Donna Murphy Quotes Donna Murphy Actress 1959
Alfred Newman Composer 1900
Harold Nicholas Quotes Harold Nicholas Dancer 1921
Mary Teresa Norton Writer 1875
Rudolf Nureyev Quotes Rudolf Nureyev Dancer 1938
Keith O'Brien Clergyman 1938
Daniel D. Palmer Celebrity 1845
Karl Pearson Quotes Karl Pearson Mathematician 1857
Pauley Perrette Quotes Pauley Perrette Actress 1969
Laura Prepon Quotes Laura Prepon Actress 1980
Mariano Rajoy Quotes Mariano Rajoy Politician 1955
Maurice Ravel Quotes Maurice Ravel Composer 1875
Stuart Rose Businessman 1949
Kurt Russell Quotes Kurt Russell Actor 1951
Bayard Rustin Quotes Bayard Rustin Leader 1910
Peter Sarsgaard Actor 1971
Eisaku Sato Quotes Eisaku Sato Politician 1901
Hank Sauer Quotes Hank Sauer Athlete 1917
Stanley Schmidt Writer 1944
Budd Schulberg Quotes Budd Schulberg Writer 1914
Willard Scott Quotes Willard Scott Entertainer 1934
John Sebastian Quotes John Sebastian Musician 1944
Jules Shear Musician 1952
Gary Sinise Quotes Gary Sinise Actor 1955
Thorne Smith Writer 1892
Edward Steichen Quotes Edward Steichen Photographer 1879
Leigh Steinberg Quotes Leigh Steinberg Businessman 1949
Lynn Swann Quotes Lynn Swann Athlete 1952
Gloria Swanson Quotes Gloria Swanson Actress 1899
Wanda Sykes Quotes Wanda Sykes Comedian 1964
Al-Waleed bin Talal Businessman 1955
Quentin Tarantino Quotes Quentin Tarantino Director 1963
William Hepworth Thompson Quotes William Hepworth Thompson Educator 1810
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Architect 1886
Cyrus Vance Quotes Cyrus Vance Statesman 1917
Sarah Vaughan Quotes Sarah Vaughan Musician 1924
Matthew Vaughn Quotes Matthew Vaughn Producer 1971
Alfred de Vigny Poet 1797
James D. Watkins Quotes James D. Watkins Soldier 1927
Ben Webster Quotes Ben Webster Musician 1909
Gene Ween Quotes Gene Ween Musician 1970
Rachel Weisz Quotes Rachel Weisz Actress 1971
Mary Beth Whitehead Quotes Mary Beth Whitehead Celebrity 1986
Stephen Samuel Wise Clergyman 1874
Cale Yarborough Quotes Cale Yarborough Celebrity 1939
Townes Van Zandt Quotes Townes Van Zandt Musician 1944