Authors Born on May , 4th

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May, 4th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Agha Hasan Abedi Businessman 1922
Francesca Annis Actress 1944
Will Arnett Quotes Will Arnett Actor 1970
Nickolas Ashford Musician 1941
Jason Babin Quotes Jason Babin Athlete 1980
Lance Bass Quotes Lance Bass Musician 1979
Gary Bauer Quotes Gary Bauer Public Servant 1946
Cate Blanchett Quotes Cate Blanchett Actress 1969
Frederick William Borden Quotes Frederick William Borden Politician 1847
Hal Borland Author 1900
Belle Boyd Quotes Belle Boyd Celebrity 1844
Jim Broadbent Quotes Jim Broadbent Actor 1949
Joseph Brodsky Quotes Joseph Brodsky Poet 1940
Paul Broun Quotes Paul Broun Politician 1946
Harold Budd Quotes Harold Budd Composer 1936
Gary Burghoff Quotes Gary Burghoff Actor 1943
Jane Byrne Quotes Jane Byrne Politician 1934
Hall Caine Quotes Hall Caine Novelist 1853
Eric Cantona Quotes Eric Cantona Athlete 1966
Roger Caras Activist 1928
Benjamin Cardozo Quotes Benjamin Cardozo Judge 1870
Ron Carter Quotes Ron Carter Musician 1937
Rosanne Cash Quotes Rosanne Cash Musician 1955
Michael Chabon Quotes Michael Chabon Author 1963
Tommy Chong Quotes Tommy Chong Actor 1938
William Kingdon Clifford Quotes William Kingdon Clifford Mathematician 1845
Tom Cochrane Quotes Tom Cochrane Musician 1953
Sofia Coppola Quotes Sofia Coppola Director 1971
El Cordobes Quotes El Cordobes Athlete 1936
Dick Dale Quotes Dick Dale Musician 1937
Bobby Darin Quotes Bobby Darin Musician 1936
Charlie Dent Quotes Charlie Dent Politician 1960
Andrew Denton Quotes Andrew Denton Comedian 1960
Byron Dorgan Quotes Byron Dorgan Politician 1942
Bob Dylan Quotes Bob Dylan Musician 1941
Kurt Eisner Quotes Kurt Eisner Politician 1867
Julian Eltinge Quotes Julian Eltinge Actor 1881
William Emerson Mathematician 1701
Maynard Ferguson Quotes Maynard Ferguson Musician 1928
Ruth First Activist 1925
B. C. Forbes Quotes B. C. Forbes Journalist 1880
Harry Emerson Fosdick Quotes Harry Emerson Fosdick Clergyman 1878
Thomas Gainsborough Quotes Thomas Gainsborough Artist 1727
Ana Gasteyer Quotes Ana Gasteyer Comedian 1967
Paul Gleason Quotes Paul Gleason Actor 1944
David Guterson Author 1956
Keith Haring Quotes Keith Haring Artist 1958
Lou Harrison Quotes Lou Harrison Composer 1917
Audrey Hepburn Quotes Audrey Hepburn Actress 1929
Eddie House Quotes Eddie House Athlete 1978
Thomas Huxley Quotes Thomas Huxley Scientist 1825
Jackie Jackson Musician 1951
Robert Jarvik Inventor 1946
John Jewel Clergyman 1522
Lincoln Kirstein Quotes Lincoln Kirstein Dancer 1906
Heather Kozar Model 1976
Patti LaBelle Quotes Patti LaBelle Musician 1944
James Levine Musician 1943
George Lucas Quotes George Lucas Director 1944
Horace Mann Quotes Horace Mann Educator 1796
Gabriel Mann Actor 1972
Jean-Paul Marat Quotes Jean-Paul Marat Scientist 1743
Elsa Maxwell Quotes Elsa Maxwell Writer 1883
Rory McIlroy Quotes Rory McIlroy Athlete 1989
Wilbur Mills Quotes Wilbur Mills Politician 1909
Alfred Molina Quotes Alfred Molina Actor 1953
Alan Mollohan Politician 1943
Eric Morecambe Quotes Eric Morecambe Comedian 1926
Hosni Mubarak Quotes Hosni Mubarak Statesman 1928
Robert Owen Quotes Robert Owen Writer 1771
Amos Oz Quotes Amos Oz Writer 1939
Lilli Palmer Quotes Lilli Palmer Actress 1914
William Pennington Quotes William Pennington Lawyer 1796
Tony Perez Quotes Tony Perez Athlete 1942
Arthur Wing Pinero Quotes Arthur Wing Pinero Actor 1855
Priscilla Presley Quotes Priscilla Presley Actress 1945
John C. Reilly Quotes John C. Reilly Actor 1965
Tim Roth Quotes Tim Roth Actor 1961
John Rowland Politician 1957
Raphael Saadiq Quotes Raphael Saadiq Musician 1966
Afif Safieh Diplomat 1950
Georgia Salpa Quotes Georgia Salpa Model 1985
Archie Shepp Quotes Archie Shepp Musician 1937
Norodom Sihamoni Quotes Norodom Sihamoni Royalty 1953
Charlotte Smith Poet 1749
Francis Cardinal Spellman Quotes Francis Cardinal Spellman Clergyman 1889
W. Clement Stone Quotes W. Clement Stone Businessman 1902
Graham Swift Author 1949
Amber Tamblyn Quotes Amber Tamblyn Actress 1983
Helen B. Taussig Quotes Helen B. Taussig Scientist 1898
Kristin Scott Thomas Quotes Kristin Scott Thomas Actress 1960
Randy Travis Quotes Randy Travis Musician 1959
William Trevor Writer 1928
Franjo Tudjman Quotes Franjo Tudjman Statesman 1922
Marguerite de Valois Quotes Marguerite de Valois Royalty 1553
Queen Victoria Quotes Queen Victoria Royalty 1819
David Viscott Quotes David Viscott Psychologist 1938
Arnold Wesker Quotes Arnold Wesker Dramatist 1932
William Whewell Quotes William Whewell Philosopher 1794
Coleman Young Quotes Coleman Young Politician 1918
Pia Zadora Actress 1953
Robert Zemeckis Quotes Robert Zemeckis Director 1952
Mark Zuckerberg Quotes Mark Zuckerberg Businessman 1984