Authors Born on November , 6th

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November, 6th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Chinua Achebe Quotes Chinua Achebe Writer 1930
Michael Arlen Writer 1895
Nnamdi Azikiwe Quotes Nnamdi Azikiwe Statesman 1904
Oksana Baiul Athlete 1977
Sidney Blumenthal Quotes Sidney Blumenthal Journalist 1948
Lisa Bonet Quotes Lisa Bonet Actress 1967
John Bright Quotes John Bright Politician 1811
Frank Bruno Quotes Frank Bruno Athlete 1961
Steve Buyer Politician 1958
Frank Carson Quotes Frank Carson Comedian 1926
John Carter Politician 1941
Colley Cibber Quotes Colley Cibber Playwright 1671
Guy Clark Quotes Guy Clark Musician 1941
Karl Von Clausewitz Quotes Karl Von Clausewitz Soldier 1831
Eddie Condon Quotes Eddie Condon Musician 1904
Ray Conniff Quotes Ray Conniff Musician 1916
William Cowper Quotes William Cowper Poet 1731
Michael Cunningham Quotes Michael Cunningham Writer 1952
Cyril Cusack Quotes Cyril Cusack Actor 1910
Elizabeth Drew Journalist 1935
Arne Duncan Quotes Arne Duncan Public Servant 1964
Sally Field Quotes Sally Field Actress 1946
Edsel Ford Quotes Edsel Ford Businessman 1893
Glenn Frey Quotes Glenn Frey Musician 1948
Johnny Giles Soldier 1940
Lefty Gomez Quotes Lefty Gomez Athlete 1908
Dwight Gooden Quotes Dwight Gooden Athlete 1964
Herman Gorter Quotes Herman Gorter Poet 1864
Porter Goss Quotes Porter Goss Public Servant 1938
Robert Goulet Quotes Robert Goulet Musician 1933
Celia Green Author 1935
Maggie Gyllenhaal Quotes Maggie Gyllenhaal Actress 1977
William Christopher Handy Quotes William Christopher Handy Musician 1873
Jonathan Harris Quotes Jonathan Harris Actor 1914
Ethan Hawke Quotes Ethan Hawke Actor 1970
Paul Hindemith Musician 1895
Eugene Ionesco Quotes Eugene Ionesco Dramatist 1912
Ron Johnson Politician 1966
Walter Johnson Quotes Walter Johnson Athlete 1887
George S. Kaufman Quotes George S. Kaufman Dramatist 1889
Jerry Kleczka Politician 1943
Diana Krall Quotes Diana Krall Musician 1964
Thomas Kyd Dramatist 1558
Rich Little Quotes Rich Little Comedian 1938
Taryn Manning Quotes Taryn Manning Actress 1978
Jack Markell Quotes Jack Markell Politician 1960
Harvey Martin Athlete 1950
Mark McCormack Businessman 1930
James McHenry Quotes James McHenry Politician 1753
Terence McKenna Quotes Terence McKenna Writer 1946
Shigeru Miyamoto Quotes Shigeru Miyamoto Designer 1952
Oswald Mosley Quotes Oswald Mosley Politician 1896
Robert Musil Quotes Robert Musil Writer 1880
James Naismith Quotes James Naismith Inventor 1861
Thandie Newton Quotes Thandie Newton Actress 1972
Mike Nichols Quotes Mike Nichols Director 1931
Charles Eliot Norton Quotes Charles Eliot Norton Writer 1827
Robert Nozick Quotes Robert Nozick Philosopher 1938
Rita Ora Quotes Rita Ora Musician 1990
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Quotes Ignacy Jan Paderewski Artist 1860
Bruce Paltrow Producer 1943
Daniel Petrie Director 1920
Martha Plimpton Quotes Martha Plimpton Model 1970
Frederik Pohl Quotes Frederik Pohl Writer 1919
Carl Rakosi Poet 1903
Rebecca Romijn Quotes Rebecca Romijn Actress 1972
Harold Ross Quotes Harold Ross Editor 1892
Dennis Ross Quotes Dennis Ross Diplomat 1948
Doug Sahm Athlete 1941
Herbert Samuel Quotes Herbert Samuel Statesman 1870
Jose Saramago Quotes Jose Saramago Writer 1922
Ferdinand de Saussure Quotes Ferdinand de Saussure Educator 1857
Charles M. Schulz Quotes Charles M. Schulz Cartoonist 1922
Roman Sebrle Quotes Roman Sebrle Athlete 1974
George Seldes Quotes George Seldes Journalist 1890
Eric Sevareid Quotes Eric Sevareid Journalist 1912
Art Shell Athlete 1946
Kevin Shelley Politician 1955
Maria Shriver Quotes Maria Shriver Journalist 1955
Josh Silver Musician 1962
John Philip Sousa Quotes John Philip Sousa Musician 1854
Emma Stone Quotes Emma Stone Actress 1988
Major Taylor Quotes Major Taylor Athlete 1878
Tina Turner Quotes Tina Turner Musician 1939
Ellen G. White Quotes Ellen G. White Writer 1827
Sue Wicks Quotes Sue Wicks Athlete 1966
Norbert Wiener Quotes Norbert Wiener Mathematician 1894
William Griffith Wilson Quotes William Griffith Wilson Celebrity 1895
Joseph C. Wilson Public Servant 1949
Jerry Yang Businessman 1968
Zig Ziglar Quotes Zig Ziglar Author 1926
John Zimmerman Quotes John Zimmerman Athlete 1973