Authors Born on November , 9th

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November, 9th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Gary Ackerman Quotes Gary Ackerman Politician 1942
Spiro T. Agnew Quotes Spiro T. Agnew Politician 1918
Mark Akenside Quotes Mark Akenside Poet 1721
Louisa May Alcott Quotes Louisa May Alcott Novelist 1832
Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes Amos Bronson Alcott Educator 1799
Charles Anthon Quotes Charles Anthon Writer 1797
Erich Auerbach Quotes Erich Auerbach Writer 1892
Bille August Quotes Bille August Director 1948
Benjamin Banneker Quotes Benjamin Banneker Scientist 1731
John D. Barrow Scientist 1952
Martha Beck Author 1962
Busby Berkeley Quotes Busby Berkeley Director 1895
Diego Boneta Quotes Diego Boneta Musician 1990
Jo Bonner Politician 1959
Amado Boudou Quotes Amado Boudou Businessman 1963
Sherrod Brown Quotes Sherrod Brown Politician 1952
Carter Burwell Composer 1955
Roy Campanella Quotes Roy Campanella Athlete 1921
Jack Carroll Politician 1942
Dick Cavett Quotes Dick Cavett Entertainer 1936
Don Cheadle Quotes Don Cheadle Actor 1964
Jacques Chirac Quotes Jacques Chirac Statesman 1932
George Rogers Clark Quotes George Rogers Clark Soldier 1752
Joel Coen Quotes Joel Coen Director 1954
Ann Curry Quotes Ann Curry Journalist 1956
Jill Dando Quotes Jill Dando Journalist 1961
Kim Delaney Quotes Kim Delaney Actress 1961
Taisen Deshimaru Philosopher 1914
Gail Devers Athlete 1966
Wilhelm Dilthey Quotes Wilhelm Dilthey Historian 1833
Rocco DiSpirito Quotes Rocco DiSpirito Celebrity 1966
Marie Dressler Quotes Marie Dressler Actress 1869
Peter Drucker Quotes Peter Drucker Businessman 1909
David Duval Quotes David Duval Athlete 1971
Lindsay Ellingson Quotes Lindsay Ellingson Model 1986
Rahm Emanuel Quotes Rahm Emanuel Politician 1959
Harry Essex Writer 1910
Anna Faris Quotes Anna Faris Actress 1976
Lou Ferrigno Quotes Lou Ferrigno Actor 1952
John Ambrose Fleming Quotes John Ambrose Fleming Inventor 1849
Jodie Foster Quotes Jodie Foster Actress 1962
Robert Frank Photographer 1924
Indira Gandhi Quotes Indira Gandhi Statesman 1917
James A. Garfield Quotes James A. Garfield President 1831
Bob Gibson Quotes Bob Gibson Athlete 1935
Ryan Giggs Quotes Ryan Giggs Athlete 1973
Cass Gilbert Quotes Cass Gilbert Architect 1859
George Gilder Quotes George Gilder Writer 1939
Delta Goodrem Quotes Delta Goodrem Actress 1984
Bob Graham Quotes Bob Graham Politician 1936
Alex Grey Quotes Alex Grey Artist 1953
Tom Harkin Quotes Tom Harkin Politician 1939
Ronald Harwood Playwright 1934
Ofra Haza Quotes Ofra Haza Musician 1957
Whitey Herzog Quotes Whitey Herzog Athlete 1931
Jim Hodges Quotes Jim Hodges Politician 1956
Muhammad Iqbal Quotes Muhammad Iqbal Poet 1877
Allison Janney Quotes Allison Janney Actress 1960
William L. Jenkins Politician 1936
Petra Kelly Quotes Petra Kelly Politician 1947
Larry King Quotes Larry King Entertainer 1933
Jeane Kirkpatrick Quotes Jeane Kirkpatrick Diplomat 1926
Calvin Klein Quotes Calvin Klein Designer 1942
Nick Lachey Quotes Nick Lachey Musician 1973
Imre Lakatos Quotes Imre Lakatos Philosopher 1922
Hedy Lamarr Quotes Hedy Lamarr Actress 1914
Jerry Lawler Quotes Jerry Lawler Entertainer 1949
Yuan T. Lee Quotes Yuan T. Lee Scientist 1936
Hugh Leonard Quotes Hugh Leonard Dramatist 1926
Julie de Lespinasse Author 1732
C. S. Lewis Quotes C. S. Lewis Author 1898
Steven Lopez Quotes Steven Lopez Athlete 1978
Chuck Mangione Quotes Chuck Mangione Musician 1940
John Mayall Quotes John Mayall Musician 1933
Andrew McCarthy Quotes Andrew McCarthy Actor 1962
Roger McGough Quotes Roger McGough Poet 1937
Jean Monnet Quotes Jean Monnet Politician 1888
Ronnie Montrose Quotes Ronnie Montrose Musician 1947
Willie Morris Writer 1934
Ryan Murphy Quotes Ryan Murphy Writer 1965
Janet Napolitano Quotes Janet Napolitano Politician 1957
Gena Lee Nolin Quotes Gena Lee Nolin Actress 1971
Frances O'Grady Activist 1959
Sharon Olds Poet 1942
Joy Page Actress 1924
Arthur Peacocke Theologian 1924
Wendell Phillips Quotes Wendell Phillips Activist 1811
Andy Pick Coach 1963
Alessandro Del Piero Quotes Alessandro Del Piero Athlete 1974
Big Pun Quotes Big Pun Musician 1971
Carroll Quigley Quotes Carroll Quigley Writer 1910
Kathleen Quinlan Actress 1954
John Ray Quotes John Ray Environmentalist 1627
Frank Reynolds Quotes Frank Reynolds Journalist 1923
Ron Rice Quotes Ron Rice Athlete 1972
Dayron Robles Quotes Dayron Robles Athlete 1986
Meg Ryan Quotes Meg Ryan Actress 1961
Carl Sagan Quotes Carl Sagan Scientist 1934
James Schuyler Quotes James Schuyler Poet 1923
Giles Gilbert Scott Quotes Giles Gilbert Scott Architect 1880
Vin Scully Quotes Vin Scully Celebrity 1927
Anne Sexton Quotes Anne Sexton Poet 1928
Garry Shandling Quotes Garry Shandling Comedian 1949
Sargent Shriver Quotes Sargent Shriver Politician 1915
Lamar S. Smith Quotes Lamar S. Smith Politician 1947
Ezra Stiles Quotes Ezra Stiles Clergyman 1727
Billy Strayhorn Quotes Billy Strayhorn Composer 1915
Billy Sunday Quotes Billy Sunday Clergyman 1862
Allen Tate Quotes Allen Tate Poet 1899
John Templeton Businessman 1912
Bryn Terfel Quotes Bryn Terfel Musician 1965
Tommy Thompson Quotes Tommy Thompson Politician 1941
Kay Thompson Quotes Kay Thompson Author 1909
Gene Tierney Quotes Gene Tierney Actress 1920
Merle Travis Quotes Merle Travis Musician 1917
Ted Turner Quotes Ted Turner Businessman 1938
Richard Virenque Quotes Richard Virenque Athlete 1969
Marina Warner Novelist 1946
Jack Welch Quotes Jack Welch Businessman 1935
Hermann Weyl Quotes Hermann Weyl Mathematician 1885
Michael Wilbon Quotes Michael Wilbon Journalist 1958
Ed Wynn Quotes Ed Wynn Entertainer 1886
Alan Young Quotes Alan Young Actor 1919