Authors Born on September , 16th

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September, 16th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Carl Andre Artist 1935
Marc Anthony Quotes Marc Anthony Musician 1969
Jean Arp Quotes Jean Arp Sculptor 1886
Lauren Bacall Quotes Lauren Bacall Actress 1924
Georges Bataille Quotes Georges Bataille Writer 1897
Elgin Baylor Athlete 1934
Clive Bell Quotes Clive Bell Critic 1881
Alexis Bledel Quotes Alexis Bledel Actress 1981
Marc Bolan Quotes Marc Bolan Musician 1977
Tommy Bond Actor 1926
Nadia Boulanger Quotes Nadia Boulanger Musician 1887
Breyten Breytenbach Quotes Breyten Breytenbach Writer 1939
Wilfred Burchett Journalist 1911
Charlie Byrd Quotes Charlie Byrd Musician 1925
Julian Castro Quotes Julian Castro Politician 1974
George Chakiris Quotes George Chakiris Dancer 1934
David Copperfield Quotes David Copperfield Celebrity 1956
Kirsty Coventry Athlete 1983
Jo Ann Emerson Quotes Jo Ann Emerson Politician 1950
Peter Falk Quotes Peter Falk Actor 1927
Robert Fortune Scientist 1812
Allen Funt Quotes Allen Funt Celebrity 1914
Henry Louis Gates Quotes Henry Louis Gates Critic 1950
Guy Hamilton Director 1922
Charles Haughey Politician 1925
Orel Hershiser Quotes Orel Hershiser Athlete 1958
James J. Hill Quotes James J. Hill Businessman 1838
Lewis Hine Quotes Lewis Hine Photographer 1874
Karen Horney Quotes Karen Horney Psychologist 1885
Henry St. John Quotes Henry St. John Politician 1678
B. B. King Quotes B. B. King Musician 1925
John Knowles Novelist 1926
Mikhail Kutuzov Quotes Mikhail Kutuzov Soldier 1745
Ricardo Flores Magon Quotes Ricardo Flores Magon Journalist 1874
Richard Marx Quotes Richard Marx Musician 1963
Eric Massa Politician 1959
Fatos Nano Quotes Fatos Nano Statesman 1952
Alfred Noyes Quotes Alfred Noyes Poet 1880
Francis Parkman Quotes Francis Parkman Historian 1823
James Cash Penney Quotes James Cash Penney Businessman 1875
Richard Perle Public Servant 1941
Laurence J. Peter Writer 1919
Amy Poehler Quotes Amy Poehler Comedian 1971
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Quotes Nathan Meyer Rothschild Businessman 1777
Mickey Rourke Quotes Mickey Rourke Actor 1956
Robert H. Schuller Quotes Robert H. Schuller Clergyman 1926
Molly Shannon Quotes Molly Shannon Actress 1964
Yuan Shikai Quotes Yuan Shikai Soldier 1859
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Quotes Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Scientist 1893
Jennifer Tilly Quotes Jennifer Tilly Actress 1958
Trisha Yearwood Quotes Trisha Yearwood Musician 1964
Robin Yount Quotes Robin Yount Athlete 1955