Authors Born on September , 4th

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September, 4th

Image Author Type Birthyear
William Adams Explorer 1564
Khandi Alexander Dancer 1957
Pedro Almodovar Quotes Pedro Almodovar Director 1949
Tommy Armour Quotes Tommy Armour Athlete 1894
Antonin Artaud Quotes Antonin Artaud Dramatist 1896
Edward Bach Scientist 1886
Josiah Bailey Politician 1873
Eric Bentley Critic 1916
Wes Bentley Quotes Wes Bentley Actor 1978
Michael Berryman Quotes Michael Berryman Actor 1948
Alice Stone Blackwell Quotes Alice Stone Blackwell Journalist 1857
Allan Bloom Quotes Allan Bloom Philosopher 1930
William P. Bundy Historian 1917
Daniel Burnham Quotes Daniel Burnham Architect 1846
Phoebe Cary Quotes Phoebe Cary Poet 1824
Craig Claiborne Editor 1920
Jerry Coleman Quotes Jerry Coleman Athlete 1924
Alan Colmes Quotes Alan Colmes Journalist 1950
Cheryl Crawford Actress 1902
Mary Crosby Actress 1959
Jack Dee Quotes Jack Dee Comedian 1962
Max Delbruck Quotes Max Delbruck Scientist 1906
Edward Dmytryk Quotes Edward Dmytryk Director 1908
Bob Filner Quotes Bob Filner Politician 1942
Jessica Brown Findlay Actress 1989
F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald Author 1896
Ray Floyd Athlete 1942
Raymond Floyd Athlete 1942
Faith Ford Quotes Faith Ford Actress 1964
Dawn Fraser Quotes Dawn Fraser Athlete 1937
E. Franklin Frazier Quotes E. Franklin Frazier Sociologist 1894
Hamlin Garland Quotes Hamlin Garland Novelist 1860
John Gould Quotes John Gould Writer 1804
Mark Hanna Quotes Mark Hanna Businessman 1837
Marcus A. Hanna Quotes Marcus A. Hanna Politician 1837
Ken Harrelson Quotes Ken Harrelson Athlete 1941
Sydney J. Harris Journalist 1917
Sydney Harris Journalist 1917
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Quotes Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Writer 1934
Phil Hartman Quotes Phil Hartman Actor 1948
Paul Harvey Quotes Paul Harvey Journalist 1918
Jim Henson Quotes Jim Henson Entertainer 1936
A. P. Herbert Quotes A. P. Herbert Statesman 1890
Alan Patrick Herbert Quotes Alan Patrick Herbert Novelist 1890
Glenn Hubbard Economist 1958
Ivan Illich Quotes Ivan Illich Sociologist 1926
Robert Irvine Chef 1965
Joseph Jarman Musician 1937
Carmen Kass Quotes Carmen Kass Model 1978
Bernard Kerik Quotes Bernard Kerik Public Servant 1955
Lawrence R. Klein Economist 1920
Beyonce Knowles Quotes Beyonce Knowles Musician 1981
Walter Koenig Quotes Walter Koenig Actor 1936
Alberto Korda Quotes Alberto Korda Photographer 1928
Stephen Lawrence Quotes Stephen Lawrence Celebrity 1974
Melissa Leo Quotes Melissa Leo Actress 1960
Shane Leslie Diplomat 1885
Ron Lewis Politician 1946
William Lyons Businessman 1901
John Marshall Quotes John Marshall Judge 1755
Jan Masaryk Quotes Jan Masaryk Diplomat 1886
Linda McCartney Quotes Linda McCartney Photographer 1941
Robert McCloskey Author 1914
Jim McKay Quotes Jim McKay Journalist 1921
Darius Milhaud Quotes Darius Milhaud Composer 1892
Kate Millett Quotes Kate Millett Activist 1934
Stanford Moore Quotes Stanford Moore Scientist 1913
Clayton Moore Quotes Clayton Moore Actor 1914
Constance Baker Motley Activist 1921
Sam Neill Quotes Sam Neill Actor 1947
Rafael Palmeiro Quotes Rafael Palmeiro Athlete 1964
Ivan Pavlov Quotes Ivan Pavlov Psychologist 1849
Tyler Perry Quotes Tyler Perry Actor 1969
Renzo Piano Quotes Renzo Piano Architect 1937
Mike Piazza Quotes Mike Piazza Athlete 1968
Mary Renault Quotes Mary Renault Novelist 1905
Margaret Sanger Quotes Margaret Sanger Activist 1879
Brian Schweitzer Quotes Brian Schweitzer Politician 1955
Peter Scott Quotes Peter Scott Artist 1909
Albert Shanker Quotes Albert Shanker Educator 1928
Florence Scovel Shinn Quotes Florence Scovel Shinn Artist 1871
Ione Skye Quotes Ione Skye Actress 1971
Robert C. Solomon Educator 1942
Kevin Sorbo Quotes Kevin Sorbo Actor 1958
Kenzo Tange Quotes Kenzo Tange Architect 1913
Noah Taylor Actor 1969
Fritz Todt Quotes Fritz Todt Soldier 1891
Nia Vardalos Quotes Nia Vardalos Actress 1962
Walter Wager Quotes Walter Wager Novelist 1924
Horace Walpole Quotes Horace Walpole Author 1717
Mercy Otis Warren Quotes Mercy Otis Warren Playwright 1728
Tom Watson 1949
Damon Wayans Quotes Damon Wayans Comedian 1960
Anthony Weiner Quotes Anthony Weiner Politician 1964
Dallas Willard Quotes Dallas Willard Philosopher 1935
James Wilson Quotes James Wilson Politician 1742
Richard Wright Quotes Richard Wright Novelist 1908
Shinya Yamanaka Quotes Shinya Yamanaka Scientist 1962
Dick York Quotes Dick York Actor 1928
Cao Yu Quotes Cao Yu Playwright 1910