Authors Born on September , 7th

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September, 7th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Diane Abbott Quotes Diane Abbott Politician 1953
Samuel Adams Quotes Samuel Adams Revolutionary 1722
Greg Akcelrod Actor 1982
James Van Allen Quotes James Van Allen Physicist 1914
Henri Frederic Amiel Quotes Henri Frederic Amiel Philosopher 1821
Dario Argento Quotes Dario Argento Director 1940
Laura Ashley Quotes Laura Ashley Designer 1925
Louis Auchincloss Quotes Louis Auchincloss Novelist 1917
Randy Bachman Quotes Randy Bachman Musician 1943
Anne Bancroft Quotes Anne Bancroft Actress 1931
Tristan Bernard Quotes Tristan Bernard Playwright 1866
Corbin Bernsen Quotes Corbin Bernsen Actor 1954
George Blanda Quotes George Blanda Athlete 1927
Jacques Bossuet Quotes Jacques Bossuet Clergyman 1627
Malcolm Bradbury Quotes Malcolm Bradbury Novelist 1932
Wilford Brimley Actor 1924
John Brough Quotes John Brough Politician 1811
Paul Brown Quotes Paul Brown Coach 1908
Carrie Brownstein Quotes Carrie Brownstein Musician 1974
Warren E. Burger Quotes Warren E. Burger Judge 1907
Taylor Caldwell Quotes Taylor Caldwell Author 1900
Henry Campbell-Bannerman Quotes Henry Campbell-Bannerman Politician 1836
Ed Case Quotes Ed Case Politician 1952
Shaun Cassidy Musician 1958
Kyle Chandler Quotes Kyle Chandler Actor 1965
Marquis de Condorcet Quotes Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher 1743
Don Cornelius Quotes Don Cornelius Director 1936
Grazia Deledda Quotes Grazia Deledda Writer 1871
Shannon Elizabeth Quotes Shannon Elizabeth Actress 1976
Albert Ellis Quotes Albert Ellis Psychologist 1913
Michael Emerson Quotes Michael Emerson Actor 1954
William Empson Quotes William Empson Poet 1906
Sam Ervin Quotes Sam Ervin Politician 1896
Angie Everhart Quotes Angie Everhart Model 1969
Doug E. Fresh Quotes Doug E. Fresh Musician 1966
Toshihiko Fukui Quotes Toshihiko Fukui Public Servant 1935
Sunil Gangopadhyay Quotes Sunil Gangopadhyay Poet 1934
Gloria Gaynor Quotes Gloria Gaynor Musician 1949
Paul Getty Businessman 1932
Charles Grassley Quotes Charles Grassley Politician 1933
Chuck Grassley Quotes Chuck Grassley Politician 1933
Gabriel Heatter Journalist 1890
Chaim Herzog Quotes Chaim Herzog Statesman 1918
Damon Hill Quotes Damon Hill Athlete 1960
Buddy Holly Quotes Buddy Holly Musician 1936
Samuel Hopkins Clergyman 1721
Oliver Hudson Quotes Oliver Hudson Actor 1976
Clara Hughes Quotes Clara Hughes Athlete 1972
Chrissie Hynde Quotes Chrissie Hynde Musician 1951
Elizabeth I Quotes Elizabeth I Royalty 1533
Daniel Inouye Quotes Daniel Inouye Politician 1924
Phil Jackson Quotes Phil Jackson Coach 1945
Stephan Jenkins Quotes Stephan Jenkins Musician 1964
Paula Jones Celebrity 1966
Elia Kazan Quotes Elia Kazan Director 1909
Steve Kerr Quotes Steve Kerr Athlete 1965
Ken Kesey Quotes Ken Kesey Author 1935
Joe Klein Quotes Joe Klein Journalist 1946
Christian Lous Lange Quotes Christian Lous Lange Politician 1869
Andy Lau Quotes Andy Lau Actor 1961
Avril Lavigne Quotes Avril Lavigne Musician 1984
Jacob Lawrence Quotes Jacob Lawrence Artist 1917
Alphonsus Liguori Quotes Alphonsus Liguori Clergyman 1696
Meat Loaf Quotes Meat Loaf Musician 1951
Peter MacKay Quotes Peter MacKay Politician 1965
Marc Maron Quotes Marc Maron Entertainer 1963
Bob Matsui Politician 1941
Robert Matsui Politician 1941
Roddy McDowall Quotes Roddy McDowall Actor 1928
Al McGuire Coach 1928
Jayne Meadows Quotes Jayne Meadows Actress 1920
Little Milton Quotes Little Milton Musician 1934
Grandma Moses Quotes Grandma Moses Artist 1860
Stirling Moss Quotes Stirling Moss Celebrity 1929
George Muller Clergyman 1805
Peggy Noonan Quotes Peggy Noonan Writer 1950
Donald O'Connor Musician 2003
Frank O'Connor Author 1903
Lupe Ontiveros Quotes Lupe Ontiveros Actress 1942
David Packard Quotes David Packard Businessman 1912
Clementine Paddleford Journalist 1898
Gwyneth Paltrow Quotes Gwyneth Paltrow Actress 1972
Robert B. Parker Quotes Robert B. Parker Writer 1932
Charles H. Percy Quotes Charles H. Percy Politician 1919
Cassandra Peterson Quotes Cassandra Peterson Comedian 1949
Guy Picciotto Musician 1965
Samuel Prout Quotes Samuel Prout Artist 1783
Hesham Qandil Quotes Hesham Qandil Politician 1962
Anthony Quayle Quotes Anthony Quayle Actor 1913
Francisco de Quevedo Quotes Francisco de Quevedo Writer 1580
Myrtle Reed Author 1874
John Ritter Quotes John Ritter Actor 1948
Jim Rohn Businessman 1930
Sonny Rollins Quotes Sonny Rollins Musician 1930
Rita Rudner Quotes Rita Rudner Comedian 1955
John Rutledge Quotes John Rutledge Politician 1739
Martin Ryle Scientist 1918
Devon Sawa Actor 1978
Dick Schaap Journalist 1934
Mike Schmidt Quotes Mike Schmidt Athlete 1949
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quotes Debbie Wasserman Schultz Politician 1966
Dinah Sheridan Quotes Dinah Sheridan Actress 1920
Bryan Singer Quotes Bryan Singer Director 1965
Edith Sitwell Quotes Edith Sitwell Poet 1887
Josef Skvorecky Quotes Josef Skvorecky Writer 1924
Vic Snyder Politician 1947
David H. Souter Quotes David H. Souter Judge 1939
Peter Storey Athlete 1945
Cheryl Strayed Quotes Cheryl Strayed Writer 1968
Benmont Tench Quotes Benmont Tench Musician 1953
Lil Wayne Quotes Lil Wayne Musician 1982
Irvine Welsh Quotes Irvine Welsh Novelist 1961
Hank Williams Quotes Hank Williams Musician 1923
Evan Rachel Wood Quotes Evan Rachel Wood Actress 1987
Elinor Wylie Quotes Elinor Wylie Poet 1885
Todor Zhivkov Politician 1911
Anthony Zinni Quotes Anthony Zinni Statesman 1943
Anastacia Quotes Anastacia Musician 1973