Authors Born on August , 7th

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August, 7th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Luther Allison Quotes Luther Allison Musician 1939
Ibrahim Babangida Quotes Ibrahim Babangida Statesman 1941
Abu Bakar Bashir Activist 1938
Marion Berry Politician 1942
Abebe Bikila Quotes Abebe Bikila Athlete 1932
Brand Blanshard Quotes Brand Blanshard Philosopher 1892
Mikhail Botvinnik Quotes Mikhail Botvinnik Celebrity 1911
Ralph Bunche Quotes Ralph Bunche Diplomat 1904
Billie Burke Quotes Billie Burke Actress 1885
Columba Bush Quotes Columba Bush Celebrity 1953
Mangosuthu Buthelezi Quotes Mangosuthu Buthelezi Leader 1928
Austin Butler Actor 1991
William Carey Clergyman 1761
Belinda Carlisle Quotes Belinda Carlisle Musician 1958
Sarah Chalke Quotes Sarah Chalke Actress 1976
Sri Chinmoy Quotes Sri Chinmoy Philosopher 1931
Powell Clayton Quotes Powell Clayton Politician 1833
Norm Coleman Politician 1949
Jim Courier Quotes Jim Courier Athlete 1970
Robin Cousins Athlete 1957
Davy Crockett Quotes Davy Crockett Explorer 1786
Sidney Crosby Quotes Sidney Crosby Athlete 1987
Charles G. Dawes Quotes Charles G. Dawes Vice President 1865
Bruce Dickinson Quotes Bruce Dickinson Musician 1958
Lloyd C. Douglas Clergyman 1877
Theodore Dreiser Quotes Theodore Dreiser Novelist 1871
Henry Drummond Writer 1851
David Duchovny Quotes David Duchovny Actor 1960
Bernard Ebbers Businessman 1941
Edwin Edwards Quotes Edwin Edwards Politician 1927
Edwin W. Edwards Quotes Edwin W. Edwards Politician 1927
Larry Ellison Quotes Larry Ellison Businessman 1944
Bob Etheridge Politician 1941
W. Mark Felt Quotes W. Mark Felt Public Servant 1913
Tom Ford Quotes Tom Ford Designer 1961
Jonathan Franzen Quotes Jonathan Franzen Novelist 1959
Antonia Fraser Quotes Antonia Fraser Author 1932
Frank Kelly Freas Quotes Frank Kelly Freas Writer 1922
Stan Freberg Quotes Stan Freberg Actor 1926
Nancy Friday Author 1933
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosopher 1770
Marcus Garvey Quotes Marcus Garvey Publisher 1887
John Glover Actor 1944
Samuel Goldwyn Producer 1882
Nelson Goodman Philosopher 1906
Frederick The Great Quotes Frederick The Great Royalty 1786
Johann Georg Hamann Quotes Johann Georg Hamann Philosopher 1730
Mata Hari Quotes Mata Hari Dancer 1876
John C. Hawkes Novelist 1925
William Least Heat-Moon Quotes William Least Heat-Moon Writer 1939
Thierry Henry Quotes Thierry Henry Athlete 1977
Kristin Hersh Quotes Kristin Hersh Musician 1966
Harry Hopkins Quotes Harry Hopkins Diplomat 1890
Frederick II Quotes Frederick II Royalty 1786
Alice James Writer 1848
Lyndon B. Johnson Quotes Lyndon B. Johnson President 1908
Dave Jones Coach 1956
Walid Jumblatt Quotes Walid Jumblatt Politician 1949
Garrison Keillor Quotes Garrison Keillor Writer 1942
Bob Kerrey Quotes Bob Kerrey Politician 1943
Alan Keyes Quotes Alan Keyes Politician 1950
Gustav Krupp Quotes Gustav Krupp Businessman 1870
Bernhard Langer Quotes Bernhard Langer Athlete 1957
Don Larsen Quotes Don Larsen Athlete 1929
Frank Leahy Quotes Frank Leahy Coach 1908
Louis Leakey Quotes Louis Leakey Scientist 1903
Ira Levin Novelist 1929
Alex Lifeson Quotes Alex Lifeson Musician 1953
Ben Maddow Dramatist 1909
Julia Marlowe Quotes Julia Marlowe Actress 1866
Josh McDowell Quotes Josh McDowell Writer 1939
Alan Minter Athlete 1951
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes Kenji Miyazawa Poet 1896
Mark Mobius Businessman 1936
Robert Mueller Quotes Robert Mueller Public Servant 1944
V. S. Naipaul Novelist 1932
Emil Nolde Quotes Emil Nolde Artist 1867
Adam Oates Quotes Adam Oates Athlete 1962
Christine O'Donnell Politician 1969
Maureen O'Hara Actress 1920
Elinor Ostrom Quotes Elinor Ostrom Economist 1933
Aaron Paul Quotes Aaron Paul Actor 1979
Sean Penn Quotes Sean Penn Actor 1960
Harold Perrineau Quotes Harold Perrineau Actor 1963
Roger Peyrefitte Diplomat 1907
Nelson Piquet Quotes Nelson Piquet Celebrity 1952
Jorge Posada Quotes Jorge Posada Athlete 1971
Jerry Pournelle Quotes Jerry Pournelle Journalist 1933
David E. Price Quotes David E. Price Politician 1940
Giuliana Rancic Quotes Giuliana Rancic Journalist 1974
James Randi Quotes James Randi Entertainer 1928
Man Ray Quotes Man Ray Photographer 1890
Paul Reubens Quotes Paul Reubens Comedian 1952
Larry Rivers Quotes Larry Rivers Musician 1923
Larry J. Sabato Quotes Larry J. Sabato Educator 1952
Alberto Salazar Quotes Alberto Salazar Athlete 1958
Alexei Sayle Comedian 1952
Alfred Sutro Novelist 1863
Charlize Theron Quotes Charlize Theron Actress 1975
Jim Thome Quotes Jim Thome Athlete 1970
Alexa Vega Quotes Alexa Vega Actress 1988
Donnie Wahlberg Quotes Donnie Wahlberg Actor 1969
Jimmy Wales Quotes Jimmy Wales Businessman 1966
Mark Webber Quotes Mark Webber Celebrity 1976
Mae West Quotes Mae West Actress 1893
John Hay Whitney Publisher 1905
Jeanette Winterson Quotes Jeanette Winterson Novelist 1959
Dornford Yates Quotes Dornford Yates Novelist 1885
Jiang Zemin Quotes Jiang Zemin Leader 1926