Authors Born on December , 3rd

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December, 3rd

Image Author Type Birthyear
Cleveland Abbe Quotes Cleveland Abbe Scientist 1838
Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Quotes Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Royalty 1929
Summer Altice Quotes Summer Altice Model 1979
John Anderson 1954
Elizabeth Arden Quotes Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman 1878
John Atkinson Judge 1844
John Backus Scientist 1924
Gamaliel Bailey Quotes Gamaliel Bailey Journalist 1807
Chet Baker Quotes Chet Baker Musician 1929
Ella Baker Quotes Ella Baker Activist 1903
Gordon Banks Athlete 1937
Jason Behr Quotes Jason Behr Actor 1973
Adrian Belew Quotes Adrian Belew Musician 1949
Eleanor Robson Belmont Quotes Eleanor Robson Belmont Actress 1879
Robert Bloomfield Quotes Robert Bloomfield Poet 1766
Robert Bly Quotes Robert Bly Poet 1926
Herman Boerhaave Quotes Herman Boerhaave Scientist 1668
Suzy Bogguss Quotes Suzy Bogguss Musician 1956
Ato Boldon Quotes Ato Boldon Athlete 1973
Joseph Bologna Actor 1934
Omar Bongo Quotes Omar Bongo Statesman 1935
Paul Bowles Quotes Paul Bowles Composer 1910
Phillips Brooks Quotes Phillips Brooks Clergyman 1835
Emma Bull Quotes Emma Bull Writer 1954
Alan Bullock Historian 1914
Michael Burgess Celebrity 1950
Steve Buscemi Quotes Steve Buscemi Actor 1957
Herman Cain Quotes Herman Cain Businessman 1945
John Callahan Actor 1953
Peter Camejo Quotes Peter Camejo Businessman 1939
Emily Carr Quotes Emily Carr Artist 1871
Jacques Cartier Quotes Jacques Cartier Explorer 1491
Anna Chlumsky Actress 1980
Wesley Clark Quotes Wesley Clark Soldier 1944
Holly Marie Combs Quotes Holly Marie Combs Actress 1973
Joseph Conrad Quotes Joseph Conrad Novelist 1857
Doug Coupland Author 1961
Burton Cummings Quotes Burton Cummings Musician 1947
Charlotte Curtis Journalist 1928
John Davidson Celebrity 1941
David Davis Politician 1948
Tom DeLonge Quotes Tom DeLonge Musician 1975
John Denver Quotes John Denver Musician 1943
Bo Diddley Quotes Bo Diddley Musician 1928
Larry Doby Quotes Larry Doby Athlete 1923
Julie Doucet Artist 1965
Gabby Douglas Quotes Gabby Douglas Athlete 1995
Carol Ann Duffy Quotes Carol Ann Duffy Poet 1955
Eliza Dushku Quotes Eliza Dushku Actress 1980
Dick Van Dyke Quotes Dick Van Dyke Actor 1925
Alfred Einstein Quotes Alfred Einstein Writer 1880
Anna Eshoo Quotes Anna Eshoo Politician 1942
Alex Ferguson Quotes Alex Ferguson Coach 1941
James Thomas Fields Quotes James Thomas Fields Publisher 1817
Jeff Flake Quotes Jeff Flake Politician 1962
Steve Forbert Quotes Steve Forbert Musician 1955
Jamie Foxx Quotes Jamie Foxx Actor 1967
Brendan Fraser Quotes Brendan Fraser Actor 1968
Anna Freud Quotes Anna Freud Psychologist 1895
Diane von Furstenberg Quotes Diane von Furstenberg Designer 1946
John White Geary Quotes John White Geary Lawyer 1819
Tyrese Gibson Quotes Tyrese Gibson Actor 1978
Jean-Luc Godard Quotes Jean-Luc Godard Director 1930
Taylor Hackford Quotes Taylor Hackford Director 1944
Corey Haim Quotes Corey Haim Actor 1971
Daryl Hannah Quotes Daryl Hannah Actress 1960
Sean Hannity Quotes Sean Hannity Writer 1961
John Hartford Quotes John Hartford Musician 1937
Van Heflin Quotes Van Heflin Actor 1910
Heinrich Heine Quotes Heinrich Heine Poet 1797
William Alexander Henry Quotes William Alexander Henry Lawyer 1816
Stephanie Herseth Politician 1970
Tojo Hideki Quotes Tojo Hideki Statesman 1884
Rowland Hill Inventor 1795
Benny Hinn Quotes Benny Hinn Clergyman 1952
Anthony Hopkins Quotes Anthony Hopkins Actor 1937
Paul Hornung Quotes Paul Hornung Athlete 1935
Joseph Howe Quotes Joseph Howe Politician 1804
Asa Hutchinson Lawyer 1950
Scott Ian Quotes Scott Ian Musician 1963
Helge Ingstad Quotes Helge Ingstad Explorer 1899
LeBron James Quotes LeBron James Athlete 1984
Ferguson Jenkins Quotes Ferguson Jenkins Athlete 1943
Eddie Bernice Johnson Quotes Eddie Bernice Johnson Politician 1935
Davy Jones Musician 1945
Joseph Smith, Jr. Clergyman 1805
Alberto Juantorena Athlete 1950
Kim Dae Jung Quotes Kim Dae Jung Leader 1925
Yousuf Karsh Quotes Yousuf Karsh Photographer 1908
Lloyd Kaufman Quotes Lloyd Kaufman Director 1945
Jay Kay Quotes Jay Kay Musician 1969
Vanessa Kerry Quotes Vanessa Kerry Celebrity 1976
Johnny Kidd Musician 1939
Val Kilmer Quotes Val Kilmer Actor 1959
Ben Kingsley Quotes Ben Kingsley Actor 1943
Rudyard Kipling Quotes Rudyard Kipling Writer 1865
Kristin Kreuk Quotes Kristin Kreuk Actress 1982
Bill Kristol Quotes Bill Kristol Politician 1952
Jeff Landry Quotes Jeff Landry Politician 1970
Matt Lauer Quotes Matt Lauer Celebrity 1957
Stephen Leacock Quotes Stephen Leacock Economist 1869
Charles Lederer Quotes Charles Lederer Director 1906
Amy Lee Quotes Amy Lee Musician 1981
Gong Li Quotes Gong Li Actress 1964
Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes Mary Todd Lincoln First Lady 1818
Jack Lord Quotes Jack Lord Actor 1928
Susan Lucci Quotes Susan Lucci Actress 1947
Jeff Lynne Quotes Jeff Lynne Musician 1947
Norman Maclean Author 1902
Wendie Malick Quotes Wendie Malick Actress 1950
George C. Marshall Quotes George C. Marshall Soldier 1880
Tim Matheson Quotes Tim Matheson Actor 1947
Henri Matisse Quotes Henri Matisse Artist 1869
George B. McClellan Quotes George B. McClellan Soldier 1826
George McClellan Quotes George McClellan Soldier 1826
Rose McGowan Quotes Rose McGowan Actress 1974
Rick Mears Quotes Rick Mears Celebrity 1951
Marty Meehan Quotes Marty Meehan Politician 1956
Sarah Miles Quotes Sarah Miles Actress 1941
William Henry Moody Quotes William Henry Moody Politician 1853
Julianne Moore Quotes Julianne Moore Actress 1960
Archie Moore Quotes Archie Moore Athlete 1913
Michael Musto Quotes Michael Musto Writer 1955
Michael Nesmith Quotes Michael Nesmith Musician 1942
Bebe Neuwirth Quotes Bebe Neuwirth Actress 1958
Ted Nugent Quotes Ted Nugent Musician 1948
Kate O'Brien Novelist 1897
Ozzy Osbourne Quotes Ozzy Osbourne Musician 1948
Talcott Parsons Quotes Talcott Parsons Sociologist 1902
John Henry Patterson Businessman 1844
John Philips Poet 1676
Henri Pirenne Historian 1862
Christopher Plummer Quotes Christopher Plummer Actor 1929
Rajendra Prasad Quotes Rajendra Prasad Statesman 1884
Al Purdy Quotes Al Purdy Poet 1918
Robert Quine Musician 1942
Ralph Regula Quotes Ralph Regula Politician 1924
Jim Renacci Quotes Jim Renacci Politician 1958
Bill Rodgers Athlete 1947
James Roosevelt Quotes James Roosevelt Politician 1907
Barney Ross Quotes Barney Ross Athlete 1909
J. Philippe Rushton Psychologist 1943
Alicia Sacramone Quotes Alicia Sacramone Athlete 1987
George Schultz Quotes George Schultz Public Servant 1920
Joan Severance Actress 1958
Amanda Seyfried Quotes Amanda Seyfried Actress 1985
Del Shannon Quotes Del Shannon Musician 1934
Harry Shearer Quotes Harry Shearer Actor 1943
Ryan Sheckler Quotes Ryan Sheckler Athlete 1989
David K. Shipler Author 1942
George P. Shultz Quotes George P. Shultz Public Servant 1920
Samuel Smiles Quotes Samuel Smiles Author 1812
W. Eugene Smith Photographer 1918
Al Smith Quotes Al Smith Politician 1873
Alfred Emanuel Smith Quotes Alfred Emanuel Smith Politician 1873
Horace Smith Quotes Horace Smith Poet 1779
Alexander Smith Poet 1830
Alfred E. Smith Quotes Alfred E. Smith Politician 1873
Mel Smith Quotes Mel Smith Actor 1952
Nicholas Sparks Quotes Nicholas Sparks Author 1965
Mark Stevens Actor 1916
James Stockdale Quotes James Stockdale Soldier 1923
Bjarne Stroustrup Quotes Bjarne Stroustrup Scientist 1950
Donna Summer Quotes Donna Summer Musician 1948
Andy Summers Quotes Andy Summers Musician 1942
Taylor Swift Musician 1989
Donna Tartt Novelist 1963
George Thorogood Quotes George Thorogood Musician 1950
Hideki Tojo Quotes Hideki Tojo Soldier 1884
Mel Torme Quotes Mel Torme Musician 1925
Tracey Ullman Quotes Tracey Ullman Comedian 1959
Eddie Vedder Quotes Eddie Vedder Musician 1964
Tom Vilsack Quotes Tom Vilsack Politician 1950
Thomas Vilsack Quotes Thomas Vilsack Politician 1950
Fred Ward Actor 1942
Estella Warren Quotes Estella Warren Model 1978
Paul Westerberg Quotes Paul Westerberg Musician 1960
Simon Wiesenthal Quotes Simon Wiesenthal Activist 1908
Andy Williams Quotes Andy Williams Musician 1927
Connie Willis Quotes Connie Willis Writer 1945
Heather Wilson Quotes Heather Wilson Politician 1960
Arthur Wimperis Artist 1874
Henry A. Wise Quotes Henry A. Wise Statesman 1806
Katarina Witt Quotes Katarina Witt Athlete 1965
Tiger Woods Quotes Tiger Woods Athlete 1975
Richard D. Zanuck Quotes Richard D. Zanuck Producer 1934
PSY Quotes PSY Musician 1977
Akihito Quotes Akihito Statesman 1933