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February, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edmond About Quotes Edmond About Novelist 1828
Casey Abrams Quotes Casey Abrams Musician 1991
Henry Adams Quotes Henry Adams Historian 1838
Stella Adler Quotes Stella Adler Actress 1901
Leon Battista Alberti Quotes Leon Battista Alberti Architect 1404
David Allan Artist 1744
Mel Allen Quotes Mel Allen Celebrity 1913
Judith Anderson Quotes Judith Anderson Actress 1897
Marian Anderson Quotes Marian Anderson Musician 1902
Prince Andrew Quotes Prince Andrew Royalty 1960
Rob Andrew Athlete 1963
Jennifer Aniston Quotes Jennifer Aniston Actress 1969
Susan B. Anthony Quotes Susan B. Anthony Activist 1820
David Antin Poet 1932
Michel Aoun Soldier 1935
Aharon Appelfeld Quotes Aharon Appelfeld Novelist 1932
Michael Apted Quotes Michael Apted Director 1941
Eddie Arcaro Quotes Eddie Arcaro Athlete 1916
Billie Joe Armstrong Quotes Billie Joe Armstrong Musician 1972
Darren Aronofsky Quotes Darren Aronofsky Director 1969
Jules Asner Quotes Jules Asner Model 1968
Christopher Atkins Quotes Christopher Atkins Actor 1961
Kevyn Aucoin Artist 1962
W. H. Auden Quotes W. H. Auden Poet 1907
Jean M. Auel Quotes Jean M. Auel Writer 1936
Leonard Bacon Clergyman 1802
Douglas Bader Quotes Douglas Bader Soldier 1910
Max Baer Quotes Max Baer Athlete 1909
Paul Bailey Novelist 1937
Tammy Baldwin Quotes Tammy Baldwin Politician 1962
William Baldwin Quotes William Baldwin Actor 1963
Billy Baldwin Designer 1963
Iain Banks Quotes Iain Banks Writer 1954
Elizabeth Banks Quotes Elizabeth Banks Actress 1974
Joseph Banks Quotes Joseph Banks Environmentalist 1743
Ehud Barak Quotes Ehud Barak Statesman 1942
Red Barber Quotes Red Barber Celebrity 1908
Gresham Barrett Quotes Gresham Barrett Politician 1961
John Barrymore Quotes John Barrymore Actor 1882
Alan Bates Quotes Alan Bates Actor 1934
Michael Bay Quotes Michael Bay Director 1965
Glenn Beck Quotes Glenn Beck Journalist 1964
Max Beckmann Quotes Max Beckmann Artist 1884
Bo Bennett Businessman 1972
Jack Benny Quotes Jack Benny Comedian 1894
Anna Benson Celebrity 1976
Jeremy Bentham Quotes Jeremy Bentham Philosopher 1748
Lloyd Bentsen Quotes Lloyd Bentsen Politician 1921
Lord Charles Beresford Quotes Lord Charles Beresford Politician 1846
Patty Berg Quotes Patty Berg Athlete 1918
Edgar Bergen Quotes Edgar Bergen Actor 1903
Peter Berger Theologian 1925
Carl Bernstein Quotes Carl Bernstein Journalist 1944
Danielle Berry Quotes Danielle Berry Celebrity 1949
Paul Biya Quotes Paul Biya Statesman 1933
Jimmy Carl Black Quotes Jimmy Carl Black Musician 1938
Otis Blackwell Musician 1932
Sara Blakely Quotes Sara Blakely Businesswoman 1971
Danny Blanchflower Quotes Danny Blanchflower Athlete 1926
Drew Bledsoe Quotes Drew Bledsoe Athlete 1972
Corbin Bleu Quotes Corbin Bleu Actor 1989
Claire Bloom Actress 1931
Michael Bloomberg Quotes Michael Bloomberg Politician 1942
Judy Blume Quotes Judy Blume Author 1938
Richard Blumenthal Quotes Richard Blumenthal Politician 1946
Erma Bombeck Quotes Erma Bombeck Journalist 1927
Sonny Bono Quotes Sonny Bono Musician 1935
Alex Borstein Quotes Alex Borstein Actress 1971
Bill Bowerman Quotes Bill Bowerman Coach 1911
Pat Bowlen Businessman 1944
Brandon Boyd Quotes Brandon Boyd Musician 1976
Kay Boyle Quotes Kay Boyle Writer 1902
Omar N. Bradley Quotes Omar N. Bradley Soldier 1893
Andrew Coyle Bradley Judge 1844
Constantin Brancusi Quotes Constantin Brancusi Sculptor 1876
Bertolt Brecht Quotes Bertolt Brecht Poet 1898
Andre Breton Quotes Andre Breton Poet 1896
William Throsby Bridges Quotes William Throsby Bridges Soldier 1861
Josh Brolin Quotes Josh Brolin Actor 1968
Van Wyck Brooks Quotes Van Wyck Brooks Critic 1886
Sarah Brown Actress 1975
Helen Gurley Brown Quotes Helen Gurley Brown Editor 1922
Jim Brown Quotes Jim Brown Athlete 1936
Arthur Bryant Historian 1899
Tim Buckley Quotes Tim Buckley Musician 1947
Jeremy Bulloch Quotes Jeremy Bulloch Actor 1945
LeVar Burton Quotes LeVar Burton Actor 1957
Cliff Burton Quotes Cliff Burton Musician 1962
Jeb Bush Politician 1953
Meg Cabot Quotes Meg Cabot Author 1967
Jeanne Calment Quotes Jeanne Calment Celebrity 1875
Richard Owen Cambridge Quotes Richard Owen Cambridge Poet 1717
Thomas Campion Composer 1567
James P. Cannon Activist 1890
Mel Carnahan Quotes Mel Carnahan Politician 1934
Mary Chapin Carpenter Quotes Mary Chapin Carpenter Musician 1958
Roger B. Chaffee Quotes Roger B. Chaffee Astronaut 1935
John Graham Chambers Celebrity 1843
Stockard Channing Quotes Stockard Channing Actress 1944
Francis James Child Educator 1825
Charlotte Church Quotes Charlotte Church Musician 1986
Abraham Clark Politician 1725
Adrienne Clarkson Quotes Adrienne Clarkson Journalist 1939
Edward Coke Quotes Edward Coke Businessman 1552
Thomas Cole Quotes Thomas Cole Artist 1801
Alex Comfort Quotes Alex Comfort Author 1920
Auguste Comte Quotes Auguste Comte Sociologist 1798
Fairfax Cone Businessman 1903
William Congreve Quotes William Congreve Poet 1670
Jilly Cooper Quotes Jilly Cooper Author 1937
Peter Cooper Quotes Peter Cooper Inventor 1791
Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes Nicolaus Copernicus Scientist 1473
John Corigliano Composer 1938
Don Coscarelli Director 1954
Jim Cramer Quotes Jim Cramer Businessman 1955
Sheryl Crow Quotes Sheryl Crow Musician 1962
Bill Cullen Quotes Bill Cullen Entertainer 1920
Tyne Daly Quotes Tyne Daly Actress 1946
Anthony Daniels Quotes Anthony Daniels Actor 1946
Jeff Daniels Quotes Jeff Daniels Actor 1955
Charles Darwin Quotes Charles Darwin Scientist 1809
Len Deighton Historian 1929
Leo Delibes Quotes Leo Delibes Composer 1836
Laura Dern Quotes Laura Dern Actress 1967
Janice Dickinson Quotes Janice Dickinson Model 1953
Matt Dillon Quotes Matt Dillon Actor 1964
Mary Docter Athlete 1961
Charles Van Doren Quotes Charles Van Doren Celebrity 1926
Frederick Douglass Quotes Frederick Douglass Author 1817
Hugh Downs Quotes Hugh Downs Entertainer 1921
Dr. Dre Quotes Dr. Dre Musician 1965
Todd Duncan Quotes Todd Duncan Actor 1903
Jimmy Durante Quotes Jimmy Durante Comedian 1893
Charles Eastman Quotes Charles Eastman Author 1858
Charles Alexander Eastman Quotes Charles Alexander Eastman Author 1858
Isabelle Eberhardt Quotes Isabelle Eberhardt Explorer 1877
Christopher Eccleston Quotes Christopher Eccleston Actor 1964
Thomas A. Edison Quotes Thomas A. Edison Inventor 1847
Warren Ellis Quotes Warren Ellis Author 1968
Eliot Engel Politician 1947
Michael Enzi Quotes Michael Enzi Politician 1944
Don Everly Quotes Don Everly Musician 1937
Eleanor Farjeon Writer 1881
Chris Farley Quotes Chris Farley Comedian 1964
King Farouk Quotes King Farouk Royalty 1920
Sherilyn Fenn Quotes Sherilyn Fenn Actress 1965
Enzo Ferrari Quotes Enzo Ferrari Designer 1898
Helen Fielding Quotes Helen Fielding Author 1958
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Quotes Dorothy Canfield Fisher Author 1879
Ronald Fisher Quotes Ronald Fisher Mathematician 1890
Jon Fishman Quotes Jon Fishman Musician 1965
Roberta Flack Quotes Roberta Flack Musician 1937
Renee Fleming Quotes Renee Fleming Musician 1957
Edward Forbes Quotes Edward Forbes Scientist 1815
Randy Forbes Politician 1952
Richard Ford Author 1944
Tennessee Ernie Ford Quotes Tennessee Ernie Ford Musician 1919
Milos Forman Quotes Milos Forman Director 1932
James Forrestal Quotes James Forrestal Public Servant 1892
Pim Fortuyn Quotes Pim Fortuyn Politician 1948
John Frankenheimer Quotes John Frankenheimer Director 1930
Oliver Franks Public Servant 1905
Cathy Freeman Quotes Cathy Freeman Athlete 1973
Amber Frey Celebrity 1975
Fred Frith Quotes Fred Frith Composer 1949
Clark Gable Quotes Clark Gable Actor 1901
Eva Gabor Quotes Eva Gabor Actress 1921
Peter Gabriel Quotes Peter Gabriel Musician 1950
Hans-Georg Gadamer Philosopher 1900
Galileo Galilei Quotes Galileo Galilei Scientist 1564
Joe Garagiola Quotes Joe Garagiola Athlete 1926
David Garrick Quotes David Garrick Actor 1717
David Geffen Businessman 1943
Paul Gillmor Politician 1939
Hubert de Givenchy Quotes Hubert de Givenchy Designer 1927
Fay Godwin Photographer 1931
Jerry Goldsmith Quotes Jerry Goldsmith Composer 1929
Roger Goodell Quotes Roger Goodell Businessman 1959
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Quotes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Actor 1981
Kelsey Grammer Quotes Kelsey Grammer Actor 1955
Anne Grant Poet 1755
Ashley Greene Quotes Ashley Greene Actress 1987
Judd Gregg Quotes Judd Gregg Politician 1947
Joyce Grenfell Quotes Joyce Grenfell Actress 1910
Raul Grijalva Quotes Raul Grijalva Politician 1948
Matt Groening Quotes Matt Groening Cartoonist 1954
Sacha Guitry Quotes Sacha Guitry Director 1885
Steve Hackett Quotes Steve Hackett Writer 1950
Ian Hacking Quotes Ian Hacking Philosopher 1936
Stephen Hadley Quotes Stephen Hadley Politician 1947
Ernst Haeckel Quotes Ernst Haeckel Scientist 1834
Peter Hain Quotes Peter Hain Politician 1950
G. Stanley Hall Quotes G. Stanley Hall Psychologist 1844
Arsenio Hall Quotes Arsenio Hall Comedian 1955
Granville Stanley Hall Quotes Granville Stanley Hall Psychologist 1844
Michael C. Hall Quotes Michael C. Hall Actor 1971
Laurell K. Hamilton Writer 1963
Sean Hampton Quotes Sean Hampton Actor 1981
Winfield Scott Hancock Quotes Winfield Scott Hancock Soldier 1824
Cedric Hardwicke Quotes Cedric Hardwicke Actor 1893
Alister Hardy Quotes Alister Hardy Scientist 1896
Phil Hare Politician 1949
Frank Harris Quotes Frank Harris Author 1856
Jerry Harrison Quotes Jerry Harrison Musician 1949
Margaux Hemingway Quotes Margaux Hemingway Actress 1955
Sherman Hemsley Quotes Sherman Hemsley Actor 1938
Florence Henderson Quotes Florence Henderson Actress 1934
Gilbert Hernandez Quotes Gilbert Hernandez Artist 1957
Omar Torrijos Herrera Quotes Omar Torrijos Herrera Soldier 1929
Jennifer Love Hewitt Quotes Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress 1979
Robert Higgs Quotes Robert Higgs Economist 1944
Aaron Hill Quotes Aaron Hill Poet 1685
Graham Hill Quotes Graham Hill Athlete 1929
Paris Hilton Quotes Paris Hilton Celebrity 1981
Gregory Hines Quotes Gregory Hines Actor 1945
Jimmy Hoffa Quotes Jimmy Hoffa Activist 1913
Hugo von Hofmannsthal Quotes Hugo von Hofmannsthal Novelist 1874
Douglas Hofstadter Quotes Douglas Hofstadter Writer 1945
Hal Holbrook Quotes Hal Holbrook Actor 1925
Amanda Holden Actress 1971
Peter Hook Quotes Peter Hook Musician 1956
David F. Houston Quotes David F. Houston Politician 1866
Kelly Hu Quotes Kelly Hu Actress 1968
Harold E. Hughes Quotes Harold E. Hughes Politician 1922
John Hughes Director 1950
Langston Hughes Quotes Langston Hughes Poet 1902
Barry Humphries Quotes Barry Humphries Entertainer 1934
H. L. Hunt Quotes H. L. Hunt Businessman 1889
Carl Icahn Businessman 1936
Bob Iger Quotes Bob Iger Businessman 1951
Robert Iger Quotes Robert Iger Businessman 1951
Kim Jong Il Quotes Kim Jong Il Leader 1942
Tony Iommi Quotes Tony Iommi Musician 1948
Michael Ironside Quotes Michael Ironside Actor 1950
Ernest Istook Politician 1950
Robert Jackson Statesman 1892
Arne Jacobsen Quotes Arne Jacobsen Architect 1902
Jaromir Jagr Quotes Jaromir Jagr Athlete 1972
Rick James Musician 1948
Virginia Johnson Psychologist 1925
Terry Jones Quotes Terry Jones Comedian 1942
Michael Jordan Quotes Michael Jordan Athlete 1963
Barbara Jordan Quotes Barbara Jordan Politician 1936
Otto Hermann Kahn Quotes Otto Hermann Kahn Businessman 1867
Herman Kahn Quotes Herman Kahn Scientist 1922
Fanny Kaplan Quotes Fanny Kaplan Activist 1890
Richard Karn Quotes Richard Karn Actor 1956
Leon Kass Quotes Leon Kass Educator 1939
Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes Nikos Kazantzakis Writer 1883
Kevin Keegan Quotes Kevin Keegan Coach 1951
Nancy Keenan Activist 1952
George F. Kennan Quotes George F. Kennan Historian 1904
George Kennedy Quotes George Kennedy Actor 1925
Graham Kennedy Entertainer 1934
Galway Kinnell Quotes Galway Kinnell Poet 1927
Alexander Kluge Quotes Alexander Kluge Director 1932
Ronald Knox Quotes Ronald Knox Theologian 1888
Barbara Kolb Composer 1939
E. L. Konigsburg Author 1930
Harvey Korman Actor 1927
Mike Krzyzewski Quotes Mike Krzyzewski Coach 1947
Ray Kurzweil Quotes Ray Kurzweil Inventor 1948
Nadine Labaki Quotes Nadine Labaki Actress 1974
Skylar Laine Musician 1994
Charles Lamb Quotes Charles Lamb Critic 1775
Nick Lampson Quotes Nick Lampson Politician 1945
Sonny Landham Actor 1941
Frank Lane Businessman 1896
Tom Lantos Quotes Tom Lantos Diplomat 1928
Robert Lanza Quotes Robert Lanza Scientist 1956
Bill Laswell Quotes Bill Laswell Musician 1955
Henri Laurens Sculptor 1885
Taylor Lautner Quotes Taylor Lautner Actor 1992
Matthew Lawrence Quotes Matthew Lawrence Actor 1980
Mike Leavitt Quotes Mike Leavitt Politician 1951
Brandon Lee Quotes Brandon Lee Actor 1965
Jonathan Lethem Quotes Jonathan Lethem Writer 1964
Damian Lewis Actor 1971
John Lewis Quotes John Lewis Politician 1940
John L. Lewis Quotes John L. Lewis Leader 1880
Robert Ley Quotes Robert Ley Soldier 1890
Wendy Liebman Comedian 1961
Abraham Lincoln Quotes Abraham Lincoln President 1809
Gary Lockwood Quotes Gary Lockwood Actor 1937
Dave Lombardo Quotes Dave Lombardo Musician 1965
Alice Roosevelt Longworth Quotes Alice Roosevelt Longworth Author 1884
Audre Lorde Quotes Audre Lorde Poet 1934
Tina Louise Quotes Tina Louise Actress 1934
Carol Lynley Quotes Carol Lynley Actress 1942
Ernst Mach Quotes Ernst Mach Physicist 1838
Harold MacMillan Quotes Harold MacMillan Politician 1894
Rick Majerus Quotes Rick Majerus Coach 1948
Thomas Malthus Quotes Thomas Malthus Economist 1766
Melissa Manchester Quotes Melissa Manchester Musician 1951
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Quotes Joseph L. Mankiewicz Writer 1909
Ray Manzarek Quotes Ray Manzarek Musician 1939
Joshua Micah Marshall Politician 1969
Henry Martyn Quotes Henry Martyn Clergyman 1781
Lee Marvin Quotes Lee Marvin Actor 1924
Cotton Mather Quotes Cotton Mather Theologian 1663
Harry Mathews Quotes Harry Mathews Author 1930
Valeria Mazza Quotes Valeria Mazza Model 1974
Rue McClanahan Quotes Rue McClanahan Actress 1934
Scott McClellan Quotes Scott McClellan Politician 1968
Carson McCullers Quotes Carson McCullers Novelist 1917
John McEnroe Quotes John McEnroe Athlete 1959
Steve McManaman Quotes Steve McManaman Athlete 1972
Alexander Meiklejohn Quotes Alexander Meiklejohn Philosopher 1872
Philipp Melanchthon Quotes Philipp Melanchthon Theologian 1497
Larry Merchant Writer 1931
George Meredith Quotes George Meredith Novelist 1828
Duane Michals Quotes Duane Michals Photographer 1932
George Mikes Writer 1912
George Miller Comedian 1950
Duong Van Minh Politician 1916
Octave Mirbeau Quotes Octave Mirbeau Writer 1848
Mary Ann Mobley Actress 1939
Christopher Monckton Quotes Christopher Monckton Politician 1952
Roy Moore Quotes Roy Moore Judge 1947
Chloe Moretz Quotes Chloe Moretz Actress 1997
Mark de Mori Athlete 1982
Toni Morrison Quotes Toni Morrison Novelist 1931
Vic Morrow Actor 1929
Randy Moss Quotes Randy Moss Athlete 1977
Robert Mugabe Quotes Robert Mugabe Statesman 1924
Bill Mumy Quotes Bill Mumy Actor 1954
Ajay Naidu Actor 1972
Sarojini Naidu Quotes Sarojini Naidu Politician 1879
George Jean Nathan Editor 1882
David Naughton Actor 1951
Richard Neal Quotes Richard Neal Politician 1949
Gary Neville Quotes Gary Neville Athlete 1975
John Henry Newman Quotes John Henry Newman Clergyman 1801
Huey Newton Quotes Huey Newton Activist 1942
Juice Newton Quotes Juice Newton Musician 1952
Leslie Nielsen Quotes Leslie Nielsen Actor 1926
Anais Nin Quotes Anais Nin Author 1903
Tricia Nixon Quotes Tricia Nixon Celebrity 1946
Greg Norman Quotes Greg Norman Athlete 1955
Andre Norton Quotes Andre Norton Writer 1912
Brandy Norwood Quotes Brandy Norwood Musician 1979
Kim Novak Quotes Kim Novak Actress 1933
Merle Oberon Quotes Merle Oberon Actress 1911
Conor Oberst Quotes Conor Oberst Musician 1980
Jerry O'Connell Actor 1974
Renee O'Connor Actress 1971
Susan Oliver Quotes Susan Oliver Actress 1932
Yoko Ono Quotes Yoko Ono Artist 1933
Michael Oxley Politician 1944
Chuck Palahniuk Quotes Chuck Palahniuk Novelist 1961
Sarah Palin Quotes Sarah Palin Politician 1964
Alan Parker Quotes Alan Parker Director 1944
Dave Parnas Quotes Dave Parnas Scientist 1941
Boris Pasternak Quotes Boris Pasternak Novelist 1890
Elliot Paul Journalist 1891
Alexander Payne Quotes Alexander Payne Director 1961
George Peabody Quotes George Peabody Businessman 1795
Sam Peckinpah Director 1925
Simon Pegg Quotes Simon Pegg Comedian 1970
S. J. Perelman Writer 1904
William Petersen Quotes William Petersen Actor 1953
Lou Diamond Phillips Quotes Lou Diamond Phillips Actor 1962
Mark Pincus Quotes Mark Pincus Businessman 1966
Gene Pitney Quotes Gene Pitney Musician 1941
Arthur Ponsonby Quotes Arthur Ponsonby Politician 1871
Chaim Potok Quotes Chaim Potok Author 1929
Stephen Potter Quotes Stephen Potter Author 1900
Lisa Marie Presley Quotes Lisa Marie Presley Musician 1968
Leontyne Price Quotes Leontyne Price Musician 1927
Reynolds Price Quotes Reynolds Price Novelist 1933
Mary Quant Quotes Mary Quant Designer 1934
Raymond Queneau Quotes Raymond Queneau Poet 1903
Edgar Quinet Historian 1803
John Rawls Quotes John Rawls Educator 1921
Oliver Reed Quotes Oliver Reed Actor 1938
Tracy Reese Quotes Tracy Reese Designer 1964
Ruth Rendell Quotes Ruth Rendell Writer 1930
Burt Reynolds Quotes Burt Reynolds Actor 1936
Christina Ricci Quotes Christina Ricci Actress 1980
Denise Richards Quotes Denise Richards Actress 1972
Alan Rickman Quotes Alan Rickman Actor 1946
Molly Ringwald Quotes Molly Ringwald Actress 1968
Jason Ritter Quotes Jason Ritter Actor 1980
Thelma Ritter Quotes Thelma Ritter Actress 1905
Smokey Robinson Quotes Smokey Robinson Musician 1940
Bobby Robson Quotes Bobby Robson Athlete 1933
Judith Rodriguez Poet 1936
Henry Rollins Quotes Henry Rollins Musician 1961
Cesar Romero Quotes Cesar Romero Actor 1907
Elihu Root Quotes Elihu Root Lawyer 1845
Valentino Rossi Quotes Valentino Rossi Athlete 1979
Kelly Rowland Quotes Kelly Rowland Musician 1981
Charles Taze Russell Quotes Charles Taze Russell Clergyman 1852
Bill Russell Quotes Bill Russell Athlete 1934
Mark Rutte Quotes Mark Rutte Politician 1967
Aaron Sanchez Quotes Aaron Sanchez Chef 1976
Justin Sane Quotes Justin Sane Musician 1973
Jessica Savitch Journalist 1947
Greta Scacchi Quotes Greta Scacchi Actress 1960
Richard Schickel Author 1933
John Schlesinger Director 1925
Charles Schwab Businessman 1862
Charles M. Schwab Quotes Charles M. Schwab Businessman 1862
Lisa See Quotes Lisa See Writer 1955
George Segal Quotes George Segal Actor 1934
Andres Segovia Quotes Andres Segovia Musician 1893
Asne Seierstad Quotes Asne Seierstad Journalist 1970
Jane Seymour Quotes Jane Seymour Actress 1951
Shanina Shaik Model 1991
Donna Shalala Quotes Donna Shalala Public Servant 1941
Anna Howard Shaw Quotes Anna Howard Shaw Activist 1847
Sidney Sheldon Novelist 1917
Cybill Shepherd Quotes Cybill Shepherd Actress 1950
John Shimkus Quotes John Shimkus Politician 1958
Mike Shinoda Quotes Mike Shinoda Musician 1977
John Shirley Author 1953
Pauly Shore Quotes Pauly Shore Comedian 1968
Clare Short Quotes Clare Short Politician 1946
Emperor Sigismund Quotes Emperor Sigismund Statesman 1368
Georges Simenon Quotes Georges Simenon Writer 1903
Rob Simmons Quotes Rob Simmons Politician 1943
Julian Lincoln Simon Educator 1932
Nina Simone Quotes Nina Simone Musician 1933
Peter Slipper Politician 1950
Eddie Slovik Soldier 1920
Richard Snelling Quotes Richard Snelling Politician 1927
Olympia Snowe Quotes Olympia Snowe Politician 1947
Muriel Spark Quotes Muriel Spark Novelist 1918
Arlen Specter Quotes Arlen Specter Politician 1930
Regina Spektor Quotes Regina Spektor Musician 1980
Art Spiegelman Quotes Art Spiegelman Artist 1948
Mark Spitz Quotes Mark Spitz Athlete 1950
Jerry Springer Quotes Jerry Springer Celebrity 1944
Wallace Stegner Quotes Wallace Stegner Novelist 1909
George Stephanopoulos Quotes George Stephanopoulos Journalist 1961
Alexander Hamilton Stephens Quotes Alexander Hamilton Stephens Politician 1812
Howard Stringer Quotes Howard Stringer Businessman 1942
Tara Strong Actress 1973
Harry Styles Quotes Harry Styles Musician 1994
Harry Stack Sullivan Psychologist 1892
Jim Sullivan Musician 1941
Mats Sundin Quotes Mats Sundin Athlete 1971
John Surtees Quotes John Surtees Athlete 1934
Leo Szilard Quotes Leo Szilard Scientist 1898
Ice T Quotes Ice T Musician 1958
Amy Tan Quotes Amy Tan Novelist 1952
Frank Tashlin Quotes Frank Tashlin Artist 1913
Andy Taylor Musician 1961
Craig L. Thomas Politician 1933
Joseph Thomson Explorer 1858
Bill Tilden Quotes Bill Tilden Athlete 1893
Meg Tilly Actress 1960
Peter Tork Quotes Peter Tork Musician 1942
Benicio Del Toro Quotes Benicio Del Toro Actor 1967
John Travolta Quotes John Travolta Actor 1954
G. M. Trevelyan Quotes G. M. Trevelyan Historian 1876
Gloria Trevi Quotes Gloria Trevi Musician 1968
Margaret Truman Quotes Margaret Truman Novelist 1924
Bess Truman Quotes Bess Truman First Lady 1885
Paul Tsongas Quotes Paul Tsongas Politician 1941
Forrest Tucker Quotes Forrest Tucker Actor 1919
Sergei Udaltsov Quotes Sergei Udaltsov Activist 1977
Peter Utley Journalist 1921
Gene Vincent Quotes Gene Vincent Musician 1935
Vernor Vinge Quotes Vernor Vinge Writer 1944
Robert Wagner Quotes Robert Wagner Actor 1930
David Foster Wallace Quotes David Foster Wallace Writer 1962
John Warner Quotes John Warner Politician 1927
Rau'Shee Warren Athlete 1987
Thomas J. Watson Quotes Thomas J. Watson Scientist 1874
Richard Whately Quotes Richard Whately Writer 1787
Bryan White Quotes Bryan White Musician 1974
Vanna White Quotes Vanna White Celebrity 1957
William Allen White Quotes William Allen White Editor 1868
Alfred North Whitehead Quotes Alfred North Whitehead Mathematician 1861
Wendell L. Wilkie Quotes Wendell L. Wilkie Lawyer 1892
Robbie Williams Quotes Robbie Williams Musician 1974
Roberta Williams Designer 1953
Wendell Willkie Quotes Wendell Willkie Lawyer 1892
Eric Wilson Musician 1969
Henry Wilson Quotes Henry Wilson Politician 1812
Niklaus Wirth Quotes Niklaus Wirth Scientist 1934
John Witherspoon Quotes John Witherspoon Politician 1723
Steve Womack Quotes Steve Womack Politician 1957
Grant Wood Quotes Grant Wood Artist 1892
Rob Woodall Quotes Rob Woodall Politician 1970
Leonard Woodcock Quotes Leonard Woodcock Activist 1911
Mo Yan Quotes Mo Yan Novelist 1955
Chuck Yeager Quotes Chuck Yeager Aviator 1923
Boris Yeltsin Statesman 1931
Yevgeny Zamyatin Quotes Yevgeny Zamyatin Novelist 1884
Israel Zangwill Quotes Israel Zangwill Novelist 1864
Franco Zeffirelli Quotes Franco Zeffirelli Director 1923
Anders Zorn Quotes Anders Zorn Artist 1860
Fritz Zwicky Quotes Fritz Zwicky Scientist 1898
Geronimo Quotes Geronimo Statesman 1909
Ramakrishna Quotes Ramakrishna Leader 1836
Seal Quotes Seal Musician 1963
Marta Quotes Marta Athlete 1986