Authors Born on February , 4th

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February, 4th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edmond About Quotes Edmond About Novelist 1828
Leon Battista Alberti Quotes Leon Battista Alberti Architect 1404
Mel Allen Quotes Mel Allen Celebrity 1913
Mary Antin Activist 1909
Jules Asner Quotes Jules Asner Model 1968
Kevyn Aucoin Artist 1962
John Bachman Quotes John Bachman Clergyman 1790
Gresham Barrett Quotes Gresham Barrett Politician 1961
Jack Benny Quotes Jack Benny Comedian 1894
Carl Bernstein Quotes Carl Bernstein Journalist 1944
Ugo Betti Playwright 1892
Clint Black Quotes Clint Black Musician 1962
Drew Bledsoe Quotes Drew Bledsoe Athlete 1972
Michael Bloomberg Quotes Michael Bloomberg Politician 1942
Arrigo Boito Poet 1842
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes Dietrich Bonhoeffer Theologian 1906
Chastity Bono Quotes Chastity Bono Celebrity 1969
Barry Bostwick Quotes Barry Bostwick Actor 1946
Georg Brandes Quotes Georg Brandes Critic 1842
David Brenner Comedian 1945
Tim Buckley Quotes Tim Buckley Musician 1947
Hannibal Buress Quotes Hannibal Buress Comedian 1983
Judith Butler Quotes Judith Butler Philosopher 1956
Richard Owen Cambridge Quotes Richard Owen Cambridge Poet 1717
Mary Ellen Chase Educator 1887
Dominic Chianese Quotes Dominic Chianese Actor 1931
Chris Chocola Politician 1962
Arthur Cohn Quotes Arthur Cohn Producer 1927
Alice Cooper Quotes Alice Cooper Musician 1948
Robert Coover Quotes Robert Coover Author 1932
Rob Corddry Quotes Rob Corddry Comedian 1971
George William Curtis Quotes George William Curtis Author 1824
Kristin Davis Quotes Kristin Davis Actress 1965
Gavin DeGraw Quotes Gavin DeGraw Musician 1977
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Quotes Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Writer 1463
Frederick Douglass Quotes Frederick Douglass Author 1817
Hugh Downs Quotes Hugh Downs Entertainer 1921
Friedrich Ebert Quotes Friedrich Ebert Politician 1871
Ludwig Erhard Quotes Ludwig Erhard Politician 1897
Ralph Erskine Architect 1914
Ray Evans Musician 1915
Renee Fleming Quotes Renee Fleming Musician 1957
Betty Friedan Quotes Betty Friedan Activist 1921
Jeff Garcia Quotes Jeff Garcia Athlete 1970
Judd Gregg Quotes Judd Gregg Politician 1947
Winfield Scott Hancock Quotes Winfield Scott Hancock Soldier 1824
Henry Harland Quotes Henry Harland Novelist 1909
Michael Harrington Quotes Michael Harrington Writer 1928
Frank Harris Quotes Frank Harris Author 1856
Woody Hayes Quotes Woody Hayes Coach 1913
Mitch Hedberg Quotes Mitch Hedberg Comedian 1968
Florence Henderson Quotes Florence Henderson Actress 1934
Lleyton Hewitt Quotes Lleyton Hewitt Athlete 1981
Steven Hill Quotes Steven Hill Actor 1922
Gregory Hines Quotes Gregory Hines Actor 1945
Russell Hoban Quotes Russell Hoban Novelist 1925
Jimmy Hoffa Quotes Jimmy Hoffa Activist 1913
Rupert Holmes Composer 1947
Winslow Homer Quotes Winslow Homer Artist 1836
Chad Hugo Quotes Chad Hugo Musician 1974
Natalie Imbruglia Quotes Natalie Imbruglia Musician 1975
Steve Jobs Quotes Steve Jobs Businessman 1955
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Athlete 1977
Kevin Keegan Quotes Kevin Keegan Coach 1951
Nancy Keenan Activist 1952
Alexander Kluge Quotes Alexander Kluge Director 1932
Phil Knight Quotes Phil Knight Businessman 1938
Philip Knight Quotes Philip Knight Businessman 1938
Nick Lampson Quotes Nick Lampson Politician 1945
Jonathan Larson Quotes Jonathan Larson Composer 1960
David Lavender Quotes David Lavender Historian 1910
Denis Law Quotes Denis Law Athlete 1940
Fernand Leger Quotes Fernand Leger Artist 1881
Michel Legrand Quotes Michel Legrand Composer 1932
Erich Leinsdorf Celebrity 1912
Joe Lieberman Quotes Joe Lieberman Politician 1942
Charles Lindbergh Quotes Charles Lindbergh Aviator 1902
Samuel Lover Artist 1797
Ida Lupino Quotes Ida Lupino Actress 1914
Harry Mathews Quotes Harry Mathews Author 1930
Scott McClellan Quotes Scott McClellan Politician 1968
Sid Meier Quotes Sid Meier Scientist 1954
Zell Miller Quotes Zell Miller Politician 1932
Christopher Monckton Quotes Christopher Monckton Politician 1952
George A. Moore Quotes George A. Moore Novelist 1852
Vic Morrow Actor 1929
Eddie Murray Quotes Eddie Murray Athlete 1956
Jerry Nachman Journalist 1946
George Jean Nathan Editor 1882
Richard Neal Quotes Richard Neal Politician 1949
Byron Nelson Quotes Byron Nelson Athlete 1912
Chester W. Nimitz Quotes Chester W. Nimitz Soldier 1885
Edward James Olmos Quotes Edward James Olmos Actor 1947
Alan Parker Quotes Alan Parker Director 1944
Rosa Parks Quotes Rosa Parks Activist 1913
Carly Patterson Quotes Carly Patterson Athlete 1988
Simon Pegg Quotes Simon Pegg Comedian 1970
Jacques Prevert Quotes Jacques Prevert Poet 1900
Alain Prost Quotes Alain Prost Celebrity 1955
Laisenia Qarase Politician 1941
Dan Quayle Quotes Dan Quayle Vice President 1947
Jane Bryant Quinn Journalist 1939
Jean Richepin Poet 1849
Thelma Ritter Quotes Thelma Ritter Actress 1905
Emmanuelle Riva Quotes Emmanuelle Riva Actress 1927
George A. Romero Quotes George A. Romero Director 1940
Mark Rutte Quotes Mark Rutte Politician 1967
George Ryan Quotes George Ryan Politician 1934
Zachary Scott Quotes Zachary Scott Actor 1914
Terry Semel Quotes Terry Semel Businessman 1943
Donna Shalala Quotes Donna Shalala Public Servant 1941
Anna Howard Shaw Quotes Anna Howard Shaw Activist 1847
Hartley William Shawcross Quotes Hartley William Shawcross Lawyer 1902
Jenny Shipley Quotes Jenny Shipley Statesman 1952
Michelle Shocked Quotes Michelle Shocked Musician 1962
Emperor Sigismund Quotes Emperor Sigismund Statesman 1368
Peter Slipper Politician 1950
Walter Smith Athlete 1948
Jim Sullivan Musician 1941
Lawrence Taylor Quotes Lawrence Taylor Athlete 1959
Ken Thompson Quotes Ken Thompson Scientist 1943
Joseph Thomson Explorer 1858
Meg Tilly Actress 1960
Clyde Tombaugh Quotes Clyde Tombaugh Scientist 1906
Paul Tsongas Quotes Paul Tsongas Politician 1941
Abe Vigoda Quotes Abe Vigoda Actor 1921
Vincent Voiture Poet 1597
Honus Wagner Quotes Honus Wagner Athlete 1874
David J. Wineland Quotes David J. Wineland Scientist 1944
Norman Wisdom Quotes Norman Wisdom Comedian 1915
Paula Zahn Quotes Paula Zahn Journalist 1956
Billy Zane Quotes Billy Zane Actor 1966
Israel Zangwill Quotes Israel Zangwill Novelist 1864
Fritz Zwicky Quotes Fritz Zwicky Scientist 1898