Authors Born on January , 4th

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January, 4th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Elliott Abrams Quotes Elliott Abrams Lawyer 1948
Tatyana Ali Quotes Tatyana Ali Actress 1979
Eric Alterman Quotes Eric Alterman Writer 1960
Giulio Andreotti Quotes Giulio Andreotti Politician 1919
Jim Barksdale Businessman 1943
Sydney Biddle Barrows Celebrity 1952
Mischa Barton Quotes Mischa Barton Actress 1986
Jason Bateman Quotes Jason Bateman Actor 1969
Vicki Baum Quotes Vicki Baum Novelist 1888
Cecil Beaton Quotes Cecil Beaton Photographer 1904
Pierre Beaumarchais Inventor 1732
Carol Bellamy Educator 1942
John Belushi Quotes John Belushi Comedian 1949
John Biddle Clergyman 1615
Bob Black Quotes Bob Black Activist 1951
Julian Bond Quotes Julian Bond Activist 1940
Ernest Borgnine Quotes Ernest Borgnine Actor 1917
Stan Brakhage Quotes Stan Brakhage Director 1933
Jack Brickhouse Quotes Jack Brickhouse Celebrity 1916
Richard Briers Quotes Richard Briers Actor 1934
Dyan Cannon Actress 1937
Jane Welsh Carlyle Quotes Jane Welsh Carlyle Writer 1801
Deana Carter Musician 1966
Eugene Chadbourne Quotes Eugene Chadbourne Composer 1951
Harlan Coben Quotes Harlan Coben Author 1962
William Colby Quotes William Colby Public Servant 1920
Neil Diamond Quotes Neil Diamond Musician 1941
Everett Dirksen Quotes Everett Dirksen Politician 1896
Maureen Dowd Quotes Maureen Dowd Journalist 1952
Faye Dunaway Quotes Faye Dunaway Actress 1941
Justin Townes Earle Quotes Justin Townes Earle Musician 1982
Max Eastman Quotes Max Eastman Author 1883
Hermann Ebbinghaus Quotes Hermann Ebbinghaus Psychologist 1850
Adrian Edmondson Quotes Adrian Edmondson Actor 1957
Gennifer Flowers Celebrity 1950
Dave Foley Quotes Dave Foley Comedian 1963
Guy Forget Quotes Guy Forget Athlete 1965
Charles James Fox Quotes Charles James Fox Politician 1749
John Garamendi Quotes John Garamendi Politician 1945
David Gerrold Quotes David Gerrold Writer 1944
Beth Gibbons Quotes Beth Gibbons Musician 1965
Delphine de Girardin Novelist 1804
Carter Glass Quotes Carter Glass Politician 1858
Doris Kearns Goodwin Quotes Doris Kearns Goodwin Historian 1943
Bart Gordon Politician 1949
Dave Grohl Quotes Dave Grohl Musician 1969
Ed Helms Quotes Ed Helms Comedian 1974
George Herman Quotes George Herman Journalist 1920
Sterling Holloway Quotes Sterling Holloway Actor 1905
Michelle Hunziker Quotes Michelle Hunziker Actress 1977
LL Cool J Quotes LL Cool J Musician 1968
Helmut Jahn Architect 1940
Thomas Watson, Jr. Businessman 1914
Lawrence Kasdan Producer 1949
Nastassja Kinski Quotes Nastassja Kinski Actress 1959
Matthew Lillard Quotes Matthew Lillard Actor 1970
Hugh Lofting Author 1886
Pierre Loti Quotes Pierre Loti Writer 1850
Shannon Lucid Quotes Shannon Lucid Astronaut 1943
Callan McAuliffe Quotes Callan McAuliffe Actor 1995
Michael McCaul Quotes Michael McCaul Politician 1962
John McLaughlin Quotes John McLaughlin Musician 1942
David Millar Quotes David Millar Athlete 1977
Yukio Mishima Quotes Yukio Mishima Author 1925
Warren Mitchell Quotes Warren Mitchell Actor 1926
Berthe Morisot Quotes Berthe Morisot Artist 1841
Desmond Morris Quotes Desmond Morris Scientist 1928
Robert Motherwell Quotes Robert Motherwell Artist 1915
Aaron Neville Quotes Aaron Neville Musician 1941
Martin Niemoller Quotes Martin Niemoller Clergyman 1892
Henri Nouwen Quotes Henri Nouwen Clergyman 1932
Trevor Nunn Director 1940
Tillie Olsen Quotes Tillie Olsen Novelist 1913
Julia Ormond Quotes Julia Ormond Actress 1965
John Dos Passos Quotes John Dos Passos Novelist 1896
Floyd Patterson Quotes Floyd Patterson Athlete 1935
Gabe Paul Quotes Gabe Paul Businessman 1910
Bev Perdue Quotes Bev Perdue Politician 1947
Isaac Pitman Quotes Isaac Pitman Inventor 1813
C. L. R. James Quotes C. L. R. James Journalist 1901
Franklin Raines Quotes Franklin Raines Businessman 1949
Maureen Reagan Quotes Maureen Reagan Celebrity 1941
Mary Lou Retton Quotes Mary Lou Retton Athlete 1968
Slick Rick Quotes Slick Rick Musician 1965
Oral Roberts Quotes Oral Roberts Clergyman 1918
Carlos P. Romulo Quotes Carlos P. Romulo Politician 1899
Andy Rooney Quotes Andy Rooney Journalist 1919
Alice S. Rossi Quotes Alice S. Rossi Activist 1922
Harold Russell Quotes Harold Russell Soldier 1914
Albert Schweitzer Quotes Albert Schweitzer Theologian 1875
Don Shula Quotes Don Shula Coach 1930
Yakov Smirnoff Quotes Yakov Smirnoff Comedian 1951
Shepard Smith Quotes Shepard Smith Journalist 1964
Steven Soderbergh Quotes Steven Soderbergh Director 1963
Peter Steele Quotes Peter Steele Musician 1962
Ray Stevens Quotes Ray Stevens Musician 1939
Michael Stipe Quotes Michael Stipe Musician 1960
Sharon Tate Quotes Sharon Tate Actress 1943
Mike Thompson Politician 1951
Nina Totenberg Journalist 1944
Hendrik Willem Van Loon Quotes Hendrik Willem Van Loon Journalist 1882
John Vanbrugh Quotes John Vanbrugh Architect 1664
Nik Wallenda Quotes Nik Wallenda Entertainer 1979
Emily Watson Quotes Emily Watson Actress 1967
Edith Wharton Quotes Edith Wharton Author 1862
William Whipple Quotes William Whipple Politician 1730
Garry Winogrand Photographer 1928
Zakk Wylde Quotes Zakk Wylde Musician 1967
Gao Xingjian Quotes Gao Xingjian Novelist 1940
Warren Zevon Quotes Warren Zevon Musician 1947