Authors Born on July , 7th

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July, 7th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Berenice Abbott Quotes Berenice Abbott Photographer 1898
Elena Anaya Quotes Elena Anaya Actress 1975
Dick Armey Quotes Dick Armey Politician 1940
John Jacob Astor Quotes John Jacob Astor Businessman 1763
Norman Ralph Augustine Quotes Norman Ralph Augustine Author 1935
Berenice Bejo Quotes Berenice Bejo Actress 1976
Hilaire Belloc Quotes Hilaire Belloc Poet 1870
Julie Bishop Quotes Julie Bishop Politician 1956
Geezer Butler Quotes Geezer Butler Musician 1949
James Cagney Quotes James Cagney Actor 1899
Thomas Campbell Poet 1777
Vincent Canby Critic 1924
Pierre Cardin Quotes Pierre Cardin Designer 1922
Diahann Carroll Quotes Diahann Carroll Actress 1935
Marc Chagall Quotes Marc Chagall Artist 1887
Arthur Christiansen Journalist 1904
Cassandra Clare Author 1973
Robert Cormier Quotes Robert Cormier Author 1925
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Quotes Maria Grazia Cucinotta Actress 1969
George Cukor Quotes George Cukor Producer 1899
Phyllis Diller Quotes Phyllis Diller Comedian 1917
Cory Doctorow Quotes Cory Doctorow Journalist 1971
Jo Durie Quotes Jo Durie Athlete 1960
Leo Durocher Quotes Leo Durocher Athlete 1905
Shelley Duvall Actress 1949
David Eddings Quotes David Eddings Author 1931
Donald Evans Quotes Donald Evans Public Servant 1946
Lion Feuchtwanger Quotes Lion Feuchtwanger Novelist 1884
Peggy Fleming Quotes Peggy Fleming Athlete 1948
C. S. Forester Quotes C. S. Forester Novelist 1899
Jorja Fox Quotes Jorja Fox Actress 1968
Bobbie Gentry Musician 1944
Elbridge Gerry Quotes Elbridge Gerry Politician 1744
Gordon Gould Quotes Gordon Gould Physicist 1920
Philip Guston Quotes Philip Guston Artist 1913
Gary Gygax Quotes Gary Gygax Inventor 1938
Jessica Hahn Celebrity 1959
Natasha Hamilton Quotes Natasha Hamilton Musician 1982
Elizabeth Hardwick Critic 1916
David Hasselhoff Quotes David Hasselhoff Actor 1952
Juliana Hatfield Quotes Juliana Hatfield Musician 1967
Robert A. Heinlein Quotes Robert A. Heinlein Writer 1907
Jack Higgins Novelist 1929
Douglas Horton Clergyman 1891
Anne Hutchinson Quotes Anne Hutchinson Clergyman 1591
William Kunstler Quotes William Kunstler Activist 1919
Michelle Kwan Quotes Michelle Kwan Athlete 1980
Norman Lear Quotes Norman Lear Producer 1922
Carol Leifer Quotes Carol Leifer Comedian 1956
John Leonard Poet 1965
Lisa Leslie Quotes Lisa Leslie Athlete 1972
Ben Linder Quotes Ben Linder Celebrity 1959
Hamish Linklater Quotes Hamish Linklater Actor 1976
Art Linkletter Quotes Art Linkletter Journalist 1912
Gustav Mahler Quotes Gustav Mahler Composer 1860
David McCullough Quotes David McCullough Historian 1933
Julian McMahon Quotes Julian McMahon Actor 1968
Gian Carlo Menotti Quotes Gian Carlo Menotti Composer 1911
Angela Merkel Quotes Angela Merkel Statesman 1954
Joseph Mitchell Writer 1908
Charlie Norwood Quotes Charlie Norwood Politician 1941
Satchel Paige Quotes Satchel Paige Athlete 1906
Molly Parker Quotes Molly Parker Actress 1972
Troy Perry Quotes Troy Perry Clergyman 1940
Alex Rodriguez Quotes Alex Rodriguez Athlete 1975
Leonard Rose Quotes Leonard Rose Musician 1918
Maya Rudolph Quotes Maya Rudolph Actress 1972
Steven Runciman Historian 1903
Joe Sakic Quotes Joe Sakic Athlete 1969
Juan Antonio Samaranch Quotes Juan Antonio Samaranch Celebrity 1920
Yahoo Serious Director 1953
Doc Severinsen Quotes Doc Severinsen Musician 1927
Vittorio De Sica Quotes Vittorio De Sica Director 1901
Joel Siegel Critic 1943
Ringo Starr Quotes Ringo Starr Musician 1940
Mattie Stepanek Poet 1990
Emanuel Steward Quotes Emanuel Steward Athlete 1944
J. Michael Straczynski Quotes J. Michael Straczynski Producer 1954
Donald Sutherland Quotes Donald Sutherland Actor 1935
David Swift Director 1919
Jeff Vandermeer Quotes Jeff Vandermeer Writer 1968
Margaret Walker Quotes Margaret Walker Poet 1915
Isaac Watts Quotes Isaac Watts Politician 1674
Warren Weaver Scientist 1894
Jerry Weller Politician 1957
Shirley Williams Quotes Shirley Williams Politician 1930
Alex Winter Quotes Alex Winter Actor 1965
Donnie Yen Quotes Donnie Yen Actor 1963