Authors Born on July , 9th

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July, 9th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Marc Almond Quotes Marc Almond Musician 1957
Fernando Alonso Quotes Fernando Alonso Celebrity 1981
Theda Bara Quotes Theda Bara Actress 1885
Jean Baudrillard Quotes Jean Baudrillard Sociologist 1929
William Beebe Quotes William Beebe Explorer 1877
Melvin Belli Lawyer 1907
Susan Blackmore Quotes Susan Blackmore Writer 1951
Franz Boas Quotes Franz Boas Scientist 1858
Lizzie Andrew Borden Quotes Lizzie Andrew Borden Celebrity 1860
Clara Bow Quotes Clara Bow Actress 1905
Anatole Broyard Quotes Anatole Broyard Critic 1920
Ken Burns Quotes Ken Burns Director 1953
Gary Busey Quotes Gary Busey Actor 1944
Barbara Cartland Quotes Barbara Cartland Novelist 1901
Victor Cherbuliez Novelist 1829
Chris Cooper Actor 1951
Irwin Corey Quotes Irwin Corey Actor 1914
Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes Benedict Cumberbatch Actor 1976
Simon Dach Poet 1605
Edgar Degas Quotes Edgar Degas Artist 1834
Elizabeth Dole Politician 1936
Stephen Dorff Quotes Stephen Dorff Actor 1973
Daniel Drew Quotes Daniel Drew Businessman 1797
Jennifer Dunn Politician 1941
Sanjay Dutt Quotes Sanjay Dutt Actor 1959
George Dzundza Actor 1945
Leslie Easterbrook Quotes Leslie Easterbrook Actress 1949
Anthony Edwards Quotes Anthony Edwards Actor 1962
Atom Egoyan Quotes Atom Egoyan Director 1960
Marlen Esparza Quotes Marlen Esparza Athlete 1989
Abel Ferrara Quotes Abel Ferrara Director 1951
Bill Forsyth Director 1946
Evelyn Glennie Quotes Evelyn Glennie Musician 1965
Roberto Goizueta Quotes Roberto Goizueta Businessman 1932
Alan Gorrie Musician 1946
Lindsey Graham Quotes Lindsey Graham Politician 1955
Michael Graves Architect 1934
Henry Hallam Quotes Henry Hallam Historian 1777
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat 1905
Tom Hanks Quotes Tom Hanks Actor 1956
Lee Hazlewood Quotes Lee Hazlewood Musician 1929
Edward Heath Quotes Edward Heath Leader 1916
Don Herold Writer 1889
David Hockney Quotes David Hockney Artist 1937
Jenny Holzer Quotes Jenny Holzer Artist 1950
King Hassan II Quotes King Hassan II Royalty 1929
Peter Jennings Journalist 1938
Eyvind Johnson Quotes Eyvind Johnson Author 1900
June Jordan Quotes June Jordan Writer 1936
Gottfried Keller Quotes Gottfried Keller Writer 1819
Dean Koontz Author 1945
Stanley Kunitz Quotes Stanley Kunitz Poet 1905
Geddy Lee Quotes Geddy Lee Musician 1953
Ted Lindsay Quotes Ted Lindsay Athlete 1925
Courtney Love Quotes Courtney Love Musician 1964
Chris Marker Director 1921
Don Marquis Quotes Don Marquis Poet 1878
Alvin Martin Quotes Alvin Martin Athlete 1958
Brian May Quotes Brian May Musician 1947
Vladimir Mayakovsky Quotes Vladimir Mayakovsky Poet 1893
Martina McBride Quotes Martina McBride Musician 1966
Kelly McGillis Quotes Kelly McGillis Actress 1957
George McGovern Quotes George McGovern Politician 1922
Dalton McGuinty Quotes Dalton McGuinty Politician 1955
Paul Merton Quotes Paul Merton Comedian 1957
Samuel E. Morison Quotes Samuel E. Morison Historian 1887
Benito Mussolini Quotes Benito Mussolini Politician 1883
Jan Myrdal Quotes Jan Myrdal Author 1927
Ilie Nastase Quotes Ilie Nastase Athlete 1946
Max Nordau Critic 1849
Kevin O'Leary Businessman 1954
Alexandra Paul Quotes Alexandra Paul Actress 1963
Mervyn Peake Quotes Mervyn Peake Writer 1911
Henry Peach Robinson Quotes Henry Peach Robinson Photographer 1830
Sigmund Romberg Quotes Sigmund Romberg Composer 1887
Cynthia Rowley Designer 1958
Donald Rumsfeld Quotes Donald Rumsfeld Politician 1932
Thomas J. Sargent Quotes Thomas J. Sargent Economist 1943
Fred Savage Actor 1976
Howard Schultz Quotes Howard Schultz Businessman 1953
Bon Scott Quotes Bon Scott Musician 1946
Campbell Scott Quotes Campbell Scott Actor 1961
William Scranton Quotes William Scranton Politician 1917
O. J. Simpson Quotes O. J. Simpson Athlete 1947
Keeth Smart Quotes Keeth Smart Athlete 1978
Jimmy Smits Quotes Jimmy Smits Actor 1955
Booth Tarkington Quotes Booth Tarkington Novelist 1869
Paul Taylor Dancer 1930
John Tesh Musician 1952
Dorothy Thompson Quotes Dorothy Thompson Journalist 1893
Alexis de Tocqueville Quotes Alexis de Tocqueville Historian 1805
Kathleen Turner Quotes Kathleen Turner Actress 1954
Diana Vreeland Quotes Diana Vreeland Editor 1906
David Warner Quotes David Warner Actor 1941
Wil Wheaton Quotes Wil Wheaton Actor 1972
John Archibald Wheeler Quotes John Archibald Wheeler Physicist 1911
Minor White Quotes Minor White Photographer 1908
Richard Wilson Actor 1936
Rosalyn S. Yalow Quotes Rosalyn S. Yalow Scientist 1921
Viktor Yanukovych Quotes Viktor Yanukovych Statesman 1950