Authors Born on May , 12th

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May, 12th

Image Author Type Birthyear
Malin Akerman Quotes Malin Akerman Actress 1978
Mary Kay Ash Quotes Mary Kay Ash Businesswoman 1918
Mackenzie Astin Actor 1973
Burt Bacharach Quotes Burt Bacharach Composer 1928
Stephen Baldwin Quotes Stephen Baldwin Actor 1966
Robert Baldwin Quotes Robert Baldwin Politician 1804
Paul Begala Quotes Paul Begala Journalist 1961
Yogi Berra Quotes Yogi Berra Athlete 1925
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist 1921
Jason Biggs Quotes Jason Biggs Actor 1978
Bruce Boxleitner Quotes Bruce Boxleitner Actor 1950
Gabriel Byrne Quotes Gabriel Byrne Actor 1950
George Carlin Quotes George Carlin Comedian 1937
Leslie Charteris Quotes Leslie Charteris Writer 1907
James S. Coleman Sociologist 1926
Indra Devi Quotes Indra Devi Celebrity 1899
Im Dong-Hyun Athlete 1986
Thomas Dooley Athlete 1961
Ian Dury Quotes Ian Dury Musician 1942
Lincoln Ellsworth Quotes Lincoln Ellsworth Explorer 1880
Emilio Estevez Quotes Emilio Estevez Actor 1962
Otto Frank Quotes Otto Frank Celebrity 1889
Nadia Giosia Chef 1980
Domhnall Gleeson Quotes Domhnall Gleeson Actor 1983
Susan Hampshire Actress 1937
Tony Hancock Quotes Tony Hancock Comedian 1924
Tony Hawk Quotes Tony Hawk Athlete 1968
Dave Heineman Quotes Dave Heineman Politician 1948
Katharine Hepburn Quotes Katharine Hepburn Actress 1907
Michael Ignatieff Quotes Michael Ignatieff Politician 1947
Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes Jiddu Krishnamurti Philosopher 1895
Edward Lear Quotes Edward Lear Artist 1812
Robert N. Lee Writer 1890
Daniel Libeskind Quotes Daniel Libeskind Architect 1946
Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes Henry Cabot Lodge Politician 1850
Jonah Lomu Quotes Jonah Lomu Athlete 1975
Jamie Luner Quotes Jamie Luner Actress 1971
Jules Massenet Quotes Jules Massenet Composer 1842
Samantha Mathis Actress 1970
Bruce McCulloch Actor 1961
Florence Nightingale Quotes Florence Nightingale Activist 1820
Chris Patten Quotes Chris Patten Politician 1944
Theodor Reik Psychologist 1888
Ving Rhames Actor 1959
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Quotes Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet 1828
Howard K. Smith Quotes Howard K. Smith Journalist 1914
L. Neil Smith Writer 1946
Tom Snyder Quotes Tom Snyder Celebrity 1936
Frank Stella Quotes Frank Stella Artist 1936
Kurt Student Quotes Kurt Student Soldier 1890
Paul Tournier Quotes Paul Tournier Author 1898
Emily VanCamp Quotes Emily VanCamp Actress 1986
Mike Weir Quotes Mike Weir Athlete 1970
George C. Williams Quotes George C. Williams Scientist 1926
Robert Charles Winthrop Quotes Robert Charles Winthrop Politician 1809
Steve Winwood Quotes Steve Winwood Musician 1948
Philip Wylie Quotes Philip Wylie Writer 1902
Aaron Yoo Quotes Aaron Yoo Actor 1979
Ron Ziegler Politician 1939