Authors Born on May , 3rd

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May, 3rd

Image Author Type Birthyear
Karl Abraham Quotes Karl Abraham Psychologist 1877
Henry Addington Quotes Henry Addington Statesman 1757
Mitch Albom Quotes Mitch Albom Writer 1958
Madeleine Albright Quotes Madeleine Albright Statesman 1937
Hannes Alfven Quotes Hannes Alfven Scientist 1908
Fred Allen Quotes Fred Allen Comedian 1894
Don Ameche Quotes Don Ameche Actor 1908
John Albion Andrew Quotes John Albion Andrew Politician 1818
Bea Arthur Quotes Bea Arthur Actress 1923
Mary Astor Quotes Mary Astor Actress 1906
Alfred Austin Quotes Alfred Austin Poet 1835
Johann Sebastian Bach Quotes Johann Sebastian Bach Composer 1685
Mikhail Bakunin Quotes Mikhail Bakunin Revolutionary 1814
Johnny Ball Entertainer 1938
Azealia Banks Quotes Azealia Banks Musician 1991
John Bardeen Quotes John Bardeen Scientist 1908
Clive Barnes Journalist 1927
Tom Berenger Actor 1949
Jayson Blair Journalist 1976
Mel Blanc Quotes Mel Blanc Actor 1908
James Blish Quotes James Blish Author 1921
Jim Bolger Quotes Jim Bolger Statesman 1935
John Bonham Quotes John Bonham Musician 1948
Phyllis Bottome Novelist 1884
Randolph Bourne Quotes Randolph Bourne Writer 1886
Jo Brand Quotes Jo Brand Comedian 1957
Bill Brandt Photographer 1904
Georges Braque Quotes Georges Braque Artist 1882
Larry Bucshon Quotes Larry Bucshon Politician 1962
Bernhard von Bulow Quotes Bernhard von Bulow Statesman 1849
Drew Carey Quotes Drew Carey Actor 1961
Hal Clement Writer 1922
Rosemary Clooney Quotes Rosemary Clooney Musician 1928
Stephen Colbert Quotes Stephen Colbert Comedian 1964
Joan Collins Quotes Joan Collins Actress 1933
Silvia Colloca Quotes Silvia Colloca Actress 1978
Norman Corwin Quotes Norman Corwin Writer 1910
Norman Cota Quotes Norman Cota Soldier 1893
Bing Crosby Quotes Bing Crosby Musician 1903
Christopher Cross Quotes Christopher Cross Musician 1951
Alphonse Daudet Quotes Alphonse Daudet Novelist 1840
Lea DeLaria Comedian 1958
Stephen R. Donaldson Quotes Stephen R. Donaldson Writer 1947
Giulio Douhet Soldier 1869
Edward Dowden Critic 1843
Karen Duffy Actress 1962
Keir Dullea Quotes Keir Dullea Actor 1936
Lena Dunham Quotes Lena Dunham Actress 1986
Clint Eastwood Quotes Clint Eastwood Actor 1930
Chris Elliott Quotes Chris Elliott Comedian 1960
Jennifer Ellison Quotes Jennifer Ellison Actress 1983
Ben Elton Quotes Ben Elton Comedian 1959
Benjamin Franklin Fairless Quotes Benjamin Franklin Fairless Businessman 1890
Colin Farrell Quotes Colin Farrell Actor 1976
Bill Ford Quotes Bill Ford Businessman 1957
Hans Frank Quotes Hans Frank Public Servant 1900
Al From Politician 1943
Margaret Fuller Quotes Margaret Fuller Critic 1810
Nina Garcia Quotes Nina Garcia Critic 1965
Steven Gerrard Quotes Steven Gerrard Athlete 1980
James Gleason Quotes James Gleason Actor 1882
Sharon Gless Quotes Sharon Gless Actress 1943
Bernard Goldberg Quotes Bernard Goldberg Writer 1945
Benny Goodman Quotes Benny Goodman Musician 1909
Mike Gravel Quotes Mike Gravel Politician 1930
Marvin Hagler Quotes Marvin Hagler Athlete 1954
Gregory Harrison Quotes Gregory Harrison Actor 1950
Corey Hart Quotes Corey Hart Musician 1962
Howard Hawks Quotes Howard Hawks Director 1896
Christina Hendricks Quotes Christina Hendricks Actress 1975
John S. Herrington Politician 1939
Dule Hill Quotes Dule Hill Actor 1974
Thomas Hood Quotes Thomas Hood Poet 1799
E. W. Howe Novelist 1853
Duncan Hunter Quotes Duncan Hunter Politician 1948
Charlie Hunter Quotes Charlie Hunter Musician 1967
Steve Israel Quotes Steve Israel Politician 1958
Henry M. Jackson Politician 1912
Ken Jennings Quotes Ken Jennings Celebrity 1974
John Jensen Quotes John Jensen Athlete 1965
Wynonna Judd Quotes Wynonna Judd Musician 1964
Anatoly Karpov Quotes Anatoly Karpov Celebrity 1951
John Kasich Quotes John Kasich Politician 1952
Harvey Keitel Quotes Harvey Keitel Actor 1939
Phil Keoghan Quotes Phil Keoghan Celebrity 1967
Jewel Kilcher Quotes Jewel Kilcher Musician 1974
Franz Kline Quotes Franz Kline Artist 1910
Jaron Lanier Quotes Jaron Lanier Artist 1960
Joshua Lederberg Quotes Joshua Lederberg Scientist 1925
Otto Lilienthal Quotes Otto Lilienthal Aviator 1848
Carolus Linnaeus Quotes Carolus Linnaeus Scientist 1707
Joe Louis Quotes Joe Louis Athlete 1914
Humphrey Lyttelton Quotes Humphrey Lyttelton Musician 1921
Robert A. M. Stern Architect 1939
Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes Niccolo Machiavelli Writer 1469
Stephen Malkmus Quotes Stephen Malkmus Musician 1966
Manning Marable Quotes Manning Marable Educator 1950
Herbert Marshall Quotes Herbert Marshall Actor 1890
Natalie Massenet Businesswoman 1965
Armistead Maupin Quotes Armistead Maupin Novelist 1944
Daphne du Maurier Quotes Daphne du Maurier Novelist 1907
Marissa Mayer Quotes Marissa Mayer Businesswoman 1975
Gary McCord Quotes Gary McCord Athlete 1948
Ted McGinley Actor 1958
Martin McGuinness Quotes Martin McGuinness Politician 1950
Colm Meaney Quotes Colm Meaney Actor 1953
Golda Meir Quotes Golda Meir Leader 1898
Fred Melamed Quotes Fred Melamed Actor 1956
Robert Moog Quotes Robert Moog Inventor 1934
Tom Morello Quotes Tom Morello Musician 1964
Samantha Morton Quotes Samantha Morton Actress 1977
Joe Murray Artist 1961
Joe Namath Quotes Joe Namath Athlete 1943
John Newcombe Quotes John Newcombe Athlete 1944
Peter Oliver Artist 1908
George Osborne Quotes George Osborne Politician 1971
Butch Otter Quotes Butch Otter Politician 1942
Michael Palin Quotes Michael Palin Comedian 1943
Archie Panjabi Quotes Archie Panjabi Actress 1972
Robert Pattinson Quotes Robert Pattinson Actor 1986
Johnny Paycheck Quotes Johnny Paycheck Musician 1938
Norman Vincent Peale Quotes Norman Vincent Peale Clergyman 1898
Alan Garcia Perez Quotes Alan Garcia Perez Statesman 1949
Witold Pilecki Quotes Witold Pilecki Soldier 1901
John Prescott Quotes John Prescott Politician 1938
Martin Puryear Sculptor 1941
Sun Ra Quotes Sun Ra Musician 1993
Jacob Riis Quotes Jacob Riis Journalist 1849
Jacob August Riis Quotes Jacob August Riis Journalist 1849
Jake Roberts Quotes Jake Roberts Celebrity 1955
Sugar Ray Robinson Quotes Sugar Ray Robinson Athlete 1921
William Heath Robinson Quotes William Heath Robinson Cartoonist 1872
John Buchanan Robinson Politician 1846
Dennis Rodman Quotes Dennis Rodman Athlete 1961
Ronald Ross Quotes Ronald Ross Scientist 1857
Darius Rucker Quotes Darius Rucker Musician 1966
Antonis Samaras Politician 1951
May Sarton Quotes May Sarton Poet 1912
Gale Sayers Quotes Gale Sayers Athlete 1943
Pete Seeger Quotes Pete Seeger Musician 1919
Athene Seyler Actress 1889
Horatio Seymour Quotes Horatio Seymour Politician 1810
Artie Shaw Quotes Artie Shaw Musician 1910
Brooke Shields Quotes Brooke Shields Actress 1965
Bill Sienkiewicz Quotes Bill Sienkiewicz Artist 1958
Cornelia Otis Skinner Actress 1901
Alfred P. Sloan Businessman 1875
Joe Slovo Politician 1926
Huston Smith Quotes Huston Smith Theologian 1919
Dodie Smith Quotes Dodie Smith Dramatist 1896
Frank Snepp Journalist 1943
Mike Stoller Musician 1933
Gregor Strasser Quotes Gregor Strasser Soldier 1892
Arthur Sullivan Quotes Arthur Sullivan Composer 1842
Irving Thalberg Quotes Irving Thalberg Producer 1899
Lea Thompson Quotes Lea Thompson Actress 1961
Ludwig Tieck Quotes Ludwig Tieck Poet 1773
Stephen Tobolowsky Quotes Stephen Tobolowsky Actor 1951
Tatyana Tolstaya Quotes Tatyana Tolstaya Writer 1951
Frankie Valli Quotes Frankie Valli Musician 1937
Agnes Varda Quotes Agnes Varda Director 1928
Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Quotes Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Statesman 1753
David Vitter Quotes David Vitter Politician 1961
Marianne Vos Quotes Marianne Vos Athlete 1987
Terry Waite Author 1939
Clint Walker Quotes Clint Walker Actor 1927
Zoe Wanamaker Actress 1949
Steven Weinberg Quotes Steven Weinberg Scientist 1933
Kim Weston Photographer 1953
Walt Whitman Quotes Walt Whitman Poet 1819
Edward Bennett Williams Quotes Edward Bennett Williams Lawyer 1920
Wesley Willis Quotes Wesley Willis Musician 1963
Stevie Wonder Quotes Stevie Wonder Musician 1950
Judith Wright Poet 1915
Ron Wyden Quotes Ron Wyden Politician 1949
Peter Yarrow Quotes Peter Yarrow Musician 1938
Roger Zelazny Quotes Roger Zelazny Writer 1937
Barry Zito Quotes Barry Zito Athlete 1978
Jewel Quotes Jewel Musician 1974